Can erosive gastritis emaciate

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I used to be a little fat, because I can eat more, and I don't like sports. But in the past year, I suddenly lost a lot of weight. I usually have no appetite to eat, and my stomach is often very painful. It's useless to take stomach medicine. Later, I learned that I had erosive gastritis. Today, let me share with you whether erosive gastritis will lose weight.

Can erosive gastritis emaciate

First: got erosive gastritis, empty traditional Chinese medicine will lead to physical emaciation, can not, traditional Chinese medicine before meals to take good absorption. Can be combined with abdominal massage, 20 minutes each time. It can strengthen the spleen. The effect is good. Avoid spicy food, raw and cold. Fried, grilled. Keep your stool unblocked and your mood happy.

Second: erosive gastritis due to gastric mucosa has been damaged, the digestion and absorption of the stomach is poor, in order not to lose weight down must be treated in time. In the daily diet should pay attention not to eat spicy food, eat easy to digest. Such as noodles, millet porridge.

Third: take bismuth potassium citrate + amoxicillin + metronidazole and omeprazole properly. No smoking, no alcohol, no coffee, no spicy food. Eat less starchy foods, such as potato, taro, vermicelli, vermicelli, sweet potato and so on. Don't eat soda biscuits and so on. Eat less and more meals. Eat regularly. Don't eat too hard and indigestible food.

matters needing attention

Erosive gastritis is the need for comprehensive treatment in many ways, diet attention at the same time, to pay attention to the law of life and to maintain a good state of mind is also very important, otherwise it will increase the burden of the digestive tract, eat more will cause indigestion, but also increase blood lipids, adverse to health.