What is the symptom of early psoriasis like

I have a friend, suffering from psoriasis, who has been to the hospital for treatment. At first, the situation improved, but then it got worse. The failure of his treatment made him very upset, so he went to the hospital and asked the doctor who treated him. Today, let me share with you the symptoms

How is constipation to return a responsibility?

For many patients suffering from constipation disease friends, as soon as possible treatment, let your body recover as soon as possible, normal life. Because of my work, my diet has been abnormal, so I always have constipation, but I don't think it's very serious, so I haven't cared about it all the

It took a few days to get allergic after eating seafood

People with allergic constitution should pay special attention, because sometimes the allergic reaction is not caused by the seafood itself, but by the substances in the process of seafood protein decomposition. Therefore, diet needs to be paid attention to very much. Therefore, in our life, we

What is the treatment and diet of hypertension

A few years ago, when my unit took physical examination, I found that my blood pressure was a little high, but I didn't care. Recently, I found that my blood pressure was relatively high, systolic blood pressure was about 140, diastolic blood pressure was about 90. The doctor asked me to take

How much does nasopharyngeal carcinoma need to be treated

I am a very good smoker. I have been smoking since I was young. Now I have an uncomfortable nose. My nose is itchy, and I sneeze and have a runny nose. Later, my wife won't let me smoke any more. If I get nasopharyngeal carcinoma, let's learn how much it costs to treat nasopharyngeal carcinoma. How

How does body prosperous and kidney empty return a responsibility?

Porridge is a very practical food in any season. As long as we find out the cause of the disease, then often the treatment is not very difficult. For example, when cooking porridge, add a few sparrows or a few pieces of cashew, its taste is better, and kidney, really kill two birds with one stone

How is melancholia caused

Thinking, slow movement or agitation, people with severe depression have slow thinking, slow or no response to external stimuli, and the associated body movements also slow down, unable to concentrate and forgetful, so some patients ask how depression is caused. How is melancholia caused One reason:

What is the cause of skin shedding in acrotype psoriasis

These days, I found a lot of white spots on my body, especially ugly and itchy. I tried my best to scratch them with my hands, and they were almost broken. Moreover, my colleagues and family were afraid of infection, so I went to do a blood gas analysis and routine examination. Better after

Fracture what should eat

Fracture occurs from time to time in daily life, and it takes a period of time to recover. During this period, many friends are more concerned about what to eat. Now let's introduce the common problem of what to eat! Fracture what should eat 1: Balanced diet is very important. It needs more

Why can lung cancer patient giddy

My grandfather found out lung cancer a year ago, and has been treated in recent years, but the effect has not been very good. Moreover, the doctor said that it is advanced lung cancer, and it seems to be serious recently. He always feels dizzy, especially uncomfortable. Today, let me share with you

How does haemorrhoid prolapse deal with

To treat hemorrhoids, female patients either feel indifferent, or feel embarrassed, or fear the pain of treatment, most of them can't see a doctor in time. Then some patients put forward how to deal with hemorrhoids prolapse. How does haemorrhoid prolapse deal with Treatment 1: diet and daily life

How to treat asthma

Asthma often occurs in children, and often accompanied by cough, chest tightness and other symptoms, and asthma treatment is more difficult, not easy to get a radical cure, the following will give some suggestions to treat asthma. How to treat asthma Method 1: the treatment principle of Western

Primary liver cancer can't catch a cold

Recently, I had been thirsty, had no strength all over the body, had a sore back, had no appetite, and was very unstable. I went to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed with liver cancer. After a period of treatment, I feel much better now. Let's talk about the problem that primary liver

How does afternoon halitosis return a responsibility?

Many people don't know about halitosis. In the past, people thought that it must be treated in time. The cause of halitosis is the failure of digestive organs. But today, science has proved that the odor in the mouth is emitted by microorganisms living on the tongue, teeth and gums. Like humans

Intravenous treatment of bronchitis

The incidence rate of acute bronchitis has been increasing continuously for many years, which has seriously endangered people's health. This disease can occur at any age. There is no gender difference. It can happen throughout the year, and is more frequent in autumn and winter. For patients with

Find the cause of psoriasis

My friend is suffering from psoriasis. He has several white plaques on his arm. When he is serious, he will lose skin. Recently, he went to the hospital for treatment. The doctor also told us about the cause of psoriasis. For patients with psoriasis, do you want to know the cause of psoriasis? Find

Can vitiligo be cured

My colleague got vitiligo for five years, what method has been used, but there is no curative effect, he is very distressed, for patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, now I will tell you about suffering from vitiligo can be cured. Can vitiligo be cured Treatment 1: the

See alcohol liver division which hospital is good

Last week, I went to the hospital to have a physical examination. I ran into a friend who paid in the hospital. After chatting with her, I learned that his family had alcoholic liver disease. The doctor suggested that he planned to have surgery to treat the disease effectively. Now let me tell you

What fruit does heavy fatty liver eat

Fatty liver refers to the pathological changes of excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells caused by various reasons. Under normal circumstances, the liver maintains a dynamic balance in a series of delicate and complex operations, such as decomposition, synthesis, detoxification and fat

What should nasopharyngeal carcinoma eat

It's better to have a barbecue every day for NPC patients, because the reason why they don't have a hot pot surgery is that they don't need to have a healthy diet! What should nasopharyngeal carcinoma eat Diet 1: nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients drink more water is more conducive to the recovery of