TCM treatment of fatty liver

I've been drinking and eating meat for a long time, and fatty liver is caused by obesity. Now I really want to cure my disease as soon as possible. After taking medicine for two days, I obviously feel that it has improved. Let me share with you my experience in treating fatty liver with traditional

What can child constipation eat alleviate

My baby is easy to constipate when he is very young. I think he is very worried about constipation. I'm afraid that if he doesn't defecate all the time, he will make his stomach unbearable. Later, he got rid of constipation through diet. Let's share with you what can relieve his constipation. What

Can renal cancer be cured

A few days ago because of abdominal pain to check, diagnosed with early renal cancer, the doctor suggested surgery, this disease can be cured early. Through treatment, now the condition is stable. In order to prevent you from the same disease, let me introduce whether renal cancer can be cured. Can

How to treat advanced renal cell carcinoma

My friend has been suffering from kidney cancer for half a year. He called me today and said that he would remember to put incense on his grave next year. I was too sad to say anything. I planned to visit him at his home, but he said not to come. He was afraid that this disease would infect me. Now

What can the person of ankylosing spondylitis eat

What food does the patient that suffers from ankylosing spondylitis eat have benefit to health? Which foods are helpful for patients with ankylosing spondylitis? If you don't know what to eat when suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, you can take a look at the following article at this time. I

What does senile psoriasis diet treatment have

Psoriasis is easy to occur in the elderly, often appear itching, red spots, dandruff, although it is difficult to heal, but patient treatment, or can be improved, the following to explore the elderly psoriasis diet treatment. What does senile psoriasis diet treatment have First: Patients with

How is eczema caused

Some time ago, I felt that there was a small itch near my liver door, and some red spots grew. I thought it was skin allergy, so I went to scratch. However, after a few days, these small points not only did not get better, but also more and more, and began to flow, more itchy, it is really very

What does tuberculosis eat good faster

Tuberculosis patients need to eat well and have a good rest. Therefore, people often say that tuberculosis is a disease of wealth that can be eaten but not done. Now let's talk about tuberculosis. What's better to eat? It's faster. What does tuberculosis eat good faster First, we should pay

Cost of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of early hand vitiligo

I have a person with vitiligo, he said that this disease is difficult to treat, his white spots in the calf, he treated for a long time, but no effect, for patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, now I will tell you about the cost of TCM treatment of early hand vitiligo

What symptom does gastroenteric type cold have

Gastrointestinal cold is one of the common diseases in our daily life. Its etiology is mainly caused by viral infection or bacterial mixed infection, and its inducement is external stimulation and so on. And the symptoms of the disease can also cause some problems to the quality of life and health

Is the best medicine for vitiligo

I was going to have a child, but now I got vitiligo, my husband advised me not to have a child, now in the hospital treatment, recently improved, do you want to know the best medicine for vitiligo? Today let me talk about the best medicine for vitiligo. Is the best medicine for vitiligo First:

Children's manicure

Our children have been in kindergarten. Recently, they found that the surface of fingernails is uneven, and some fingernails become thicker. They don't look dirty and can't be washed off. So they began to worry about it. After taking the children to see it, they knew it was grey nails. Now let's

How is liver hamartoma treated?

Hepatic hamartoma is a kind of benign tumor, which is characterized by dysplasia of embryo. The disease mostly occurs in infants, mostly in 4 months to 2 years old, usually before the age of 5 years old, more common in men, adult onset is extremely rare. Many people can't cure for a long time, not

How to recuperate intestines and stomach

Diarrhea, commonly known as diarrhea, is a common symptom. Although it seems to be a simple disease, it is painful and sometimes embarrassing to attack. The disease is often accompanied by symptoms such as urgent defecation, anal discomfort and incontinence. It's hot in summer. In order to cool

How does pregnant woman upper respiratory tract infection do

In our life, although science and technology are constantly updated and developed every day, the speed is faster and faster, which solves many problems that we can not solve before, and also knows many things that we didn't know before, but we still have many problems that we don't know how to solve

Effect of anal preservation in rectal cancer

Patient, female, 36 years old, usually likes spicy food. Recently, it was found that there was blood in the stool. So she went to the hospital. After examination, the doctor finally diagnosed it as a fat tumor on the rectum. After the operation, the tumor was sent to the hospital for pathological

How to cure chest vitiligo

I used to work a colleague, we met in a children's clothing store, work feeling is very good, later for a long time no see, this time home gathered a ha, I see she did not eat a lot of things, I want to ask a ha, she said she suffered from vitiligo, now in treatment, about how to cure chest

Where is the best hospital to treat pancreatic cancer

On the 17th of last month, my girlfriend's mother got pancreatic cancer. Later, she controlled her condition in the hospital. Let me introduce to you the best hospital for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, which is a problem of concern. Where is the best hospital to treat pancreatic cancer Method

How does fish scale skin disease cause

It's been a long time since I felt itchy on my hands, but it hasn't been very serious. Moreover, I feel that the skin on my hands is drier than that in other places. Recently, the situation has worsened. The skin on my hands is like dehydration, and there are lines on it. The itching has also

How does 6 years old child halitosis return a responsibility?

Many of our friends have had halitosis in their lives. They require patients to pay enough attention to the treatment of this disease. Halitosis has brought great inconvenience to our life and work, and even makes it difficult for you to speak. What's wrong with 6-year-old children's halitosis? This