After the onset of eczema, the symptoms of children with mild to nothing, generally its regularity is more obvious, as long as the parents of children with eczema, can pay more attention to the health status of children, can know whether the symptoms of eczema appear, and whether under the control

What is abnormal liver function caused by

Abnormal liver function means that when the liver is damaged by some pathogenic factors, it can cause the destruction of liver morphology and abnormal metabolism of liver function. If the damage is serious and extensive (once or long-term repeated damage), causing obvious material metabolism

How is the disease hair of psoriasis caused

I am usually in good health, that is, I have some skin diseases. I am a patient with psoriasis. I often discuss the causes of psoriasis with some of my patients. At the same time, I have self-taught experts' related problems. Now I will share our own experience with you. How is the disease hair of

How to cure the symptoms of ichthyosis

Two crus have in the same position, the area is not big, just a little bit, do not scratch not itch, my leg has ichthyosis, saw the doctor, the situation seems to be better, about the symptoms of ichthyosis how to cure it, do you understand? Let's talk about how to cure the symptoms of ichthyosis

Vitiligo is a chronic disease, treatment is more difficult, need long-term treatment, as long as find the cause of vitiligo, symptomatic treatment, choose a better treatment period, adhere to the treatment, vitiligo is basically able to restore health. Let's understand how to adjust the psychology

Does haemorrhoid do operation ache

Often out of a lot of blood, a lot of meat out of the buttocks after defecation, the hospital said it was hemorrhoids, took a lot of medicine, the body is good, do you want to know hemorrhoids surgery pain? Let me talk about the pain of hemorrhoids operation. Does haemorrhoid do operation ache

Do you know how to treat vitiligo best

It was not long ago that I found that my arms suddenly appeared a lot of white piece by piece, which was white, but some colors were really red, a little dark red. At the same time, my skin began to itch continuously, which was very uncomfortable, sometimes accompanied by severe alopecia areata, and

Can advanced liver cancer chemotherapy be good

Uncle often insomnia at night, always gum bleeding, nosebleed, always say bloating, because usually the elderly love to drink, so colleagues suspected liver disease, to the hospital a check is liver cancer, now the disease has a certain control, for liver cancer advanced treatment problems, let me

Every time in the period before and after that time, girls will feel particularly weak, a wind and grass may catch a cold and get angry. In the face of such a situation, how to adjust your body from the diet in order to make you carefree before and after the special period of each month, so let's

Many people have a lot of questions about psoriasis. They don't know what symptoms psoriasis begins with. Recently, I've studied it and I'll share with you what symptoms psoriasis begins with, What symptom does psoriasis begin to have Symptom 1: the predilection site of psoriasis in the early stage

How is lung cancer chest ache to return a responsibility?

Suffering from lung cancer is also very painful, bronchial lung cancer refers to the primary cancer in bronchial mucosa and alveoli, often caused by fire, is one of the most common malignant tumors. In the past half century, the incidence rate and mortality rate of lung cancer in many countries and

What are the causes of leukoplakia

I recently suffered from leukoplakia, mainly in the back. At that time, it was only a very small piece. Due to the early detection of the disease, now the control is very stable. Let's take a look at the causes of leukoplakia. What are the causes of leukoplakia Reason 1: leukoplakia patients disease

If we don't have effective treatment for rectal cancer in the early and middle stages, the situation in the late stage will be very serious. My colleague's mother just died of advanced rectal cancer, and the treatment methods are very limited. Let's see where to treat advanced rectal cancer better

Can flat wart be treated

How to treat skin disease verruca plana has attracted much attention. It is a viral skin neoplasm that occurs in the superficial skin. Single on the wart itself, does not cause pain, prognosis is mostly good, but it occurs in the exposed parts of the human body, damage appearance, the following to

What are the symptoms of breast cancer recurrence

It's been eight years since I had my nose cut. Today, let me learn about the symptoms of breast cancer recurrence What are the symptoms of breast cancer recurrence First: recurrence is the most prone to pain and breast deformation. It is easy to relapse within three years after treatment. Chinese

What medicine does spleen stomach weak pouch dropsy take

Nowadays, people have insomnia. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main culprit of insomnia is the deficiency cold of spleen and stomach. In addition to mental factors, modern people's insomnia is caused by too busy meals, working late to eat, and not eating dinner in order to lose

My grandmother is 65 years old this year. My grandmother was found to have pancreatic cancer some time ago. In order to prevent the spread of pancreatic cancer, my grandmother went to have a pancreatic cancer resection operation. Now my grandmother is very anxious and thinks that she may not have

How to treat white spot disease on the hand

A few weeks ago, I found a piece of white spot on my hand, which is as big as corn kernels. Recently, there are signs of increase. Now let's discuss how to treat white spot on my hand. How to treat white spot disease on the hand First: after the discovery of leukoplakia, do not panic, early

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes

Patients with diabetes mellitus before pregnancy are called diabetes mellitus complicated with pregnancy. The clinical course of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus is complicated. It has great harm to mother and infant, so we must pay attention to it. Diabetes diet is also to pay special

How does fatty liver get rid of

I've been drinking and eating meat for a long time. Fatty liver is caused by obesity. Now I really want to cure my disease as soon as possible. After treatment, I'm basically recovering. Now I'd like to share with you about how to remove fatty liver. How does fatty liver get rid of Method 1: