When nasopharyngeal carcinoma was detected, surgery was performed in the early stage, and chemotherapy, and now there is spread and recurrence. Let's share which hospital is good for treating nasopharyngeal carcinoma Which hospital is good for nasopharyngeal carcinoma First, radiotherapy is a good

I believe everyone has heard of diabetes, which is very harmful. Many patients will look powerless and sick all day, which seriously affects the normal life of patients. Many diseases are also caused by diabetes. Can diabetes be cured? I have accumulated some experience in diabetes, and hope to help

Rectal cancer patients need to pay attention to a lot of things, my grandmother is suffering from rectal cancer, do postoperative adjustment measures, for the stability of the disease has a promoting role. Now let's see if you can drink tea after rectal cancer surgery. Can rectum cancer drink tea

There are no more than two kinds of endogenous diseases: deficiency and excess. The excess of Yang Qi, the transformation of evil Qi into fire, or the transformation of five wills into fire are the main causes of fire. Its onset is more acute, the course of disease is shorter, what is the symptom of

At this stage, breast cancer is one of the most common gynecological diseases in women. With more and more women suffering from breast cancer, the problem of why women get breast cancer has also been concerned. Let's understand the reasons why women get breast cancer. Why do women get breast cancer

What is the cause of children's psoriasis? I think this is a problem that parents are more concerned about. Looking at their children with psoriasis, parents must be particularly worried and anxious. They all want to know the causes of children's psoriasis. There are many causes of children's

Cold is a very painful disease, but it is inevitable, and usually at the turn of the season, patients usually have a lot of symptoms. Today, let me share with you the symptoms of cold. What symptom does cold have before Symptom 1: after getting a cold, there will be runny nose, nasal congestion

A friend of mine recently suffered from breast cancer, which is advanced. It's very depressing. She's depressed every day now. She feels like death is coming. I don't know how to comfort her. In fact, some breast cancer patients can be treated well. Today, let me share with you what professional

In the comprehensive physical examination a week ago, I accidentally found that I had herpes zoster, but I didn't find it at all. Fortunately, the doctor told me that my symptoms were mild. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce how to deal with herpes zoster. Got herpes zoster

How should external mole be treated? Have you ever been bothered by this problem? At that time, I was so anxious that I would like to share my experience on how to treat external nevus. How should external mole be treated Maintain normal defecation habits. Good to develop the habit of regular

When brushing teeth with cold water, the teeth will ache. It may be the patient's own dentin allergy, or it may be the patient's tooth decay, and there may be pain in the gums muscle. When the patient brushes teeth with cold water, the pain will be aggravated, or the patient's own teeth have become

When she had abdominal pain and back pain, she was ready to cut off the spleen. As a result, the local hospital sutured after the operation. At that time, the slice of the case said that the malignant tumor was pancreatic cancer, and the cause of pancreatic cancer. In January this year, Aunt Li went

The risk of any heart disease is very large. But the incidence rate of coronary heart disease has been increasing. Therefore, prevention is very necessary. Coronary heart disease is the highest incidence rate of cardiovascular disease. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living

Yesterday, I went to the hospital for reexamination. The doctor said that the child's hand foot mouth disease was getting better soon, but there was a herpangina. The doctor didn't prescribe medicine, so he said to pay more attention to hygiene. The doctor said that doing a good job in disease

I've had constipation for a long time, and it's very difficult to go to the toilet every day. It's been like this for more than half a year, and I have to sit for a long time at work. Now my body is getting fatter and fatter. After treatment, it's much better now. Here I'd like to share with you my

Some time ago, my grandfather often felt pain in the waist, sometimes for a while, sometimes for a long time, in addition, he always felt dizzy and nauseous. To the hospital examination, found out had hypertension nephropathy. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I

Chylothorax is caused by the rupture or obstruction of thoracic duct caused by different reasons, which makes chylous fluid overflow into the chest. The thoracic duct is the largest lymphatic vessel in the body, with a total length of 30-40 cm. It originates from the chylous cistern in front of the

What are the main dietary items after thyroid cancer surgery? Thyroid cancer brings a lot of pain to patients. The diet of patients with thyroid cancer after operation can play a certain role in the recovery of patients. If we don't pay attention to the diet of patients with thyroid cancer after

At the end of the year, the company is very busy and has to work overtime and socialize. In such a busy situation, I have more dandruff. Every time I touch my hair, there will be dandruff falling down. It really affects the image of a man who wants to socialize. Let's talk about the reason why men

Uremia will seriously endanger people's life and work. Because for uremic patients, professional treatment is very important, the same, uremic diet therapy can not be ignored. Diet is the key to the quality of life of hemodialysis patients. Now let's take a look at the vegetables that uremia can