Herpangina just found how to treat

The hospital said that the baby has viral angina, but now the baby's whole body is full of red rashes. I didn't see the baby scratch, so it should not itch. The water hung yesterday, but the fever subsided today. Doctors say that doing a good job in disease prevention can effectively reduce the

Treatment of esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer is a rather terrible disease. The harm caused by esophageal cancer to patients is relatively serious. Some time ago, my uncle detected esophageal cancer. For patients with esophageal cancer, I will tell you about the treatment of esophageal cancer. Treatment of esophageal cancer

Treatment of anal fissure

Anal fissure refers to the anal skin rupture and ulcer. The most obvious symptoms of anal fissure are bleeding and pain during defecation, and anal fissure is very prone to infection and inflammation. The treatment of anal fissure usually uses non-surgical treatment. If the treatment is invalid or

See esophagus cancer terminal what hospital is good

Recently, I don't eat very well. It's a little bit of eating these two days, and it's the same with snacks. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to you what hospital is good for advanced esophageal cancer. See esophagus cancer terminal what hospital is good First of all:

What does kidney disease eat

A friend of mine has been suffering from kidney disease for many years. He has been in pain all the time. We all told him to insist on treatment, sooner or later will recover. Kidney disease has many complications, so be careful when you get kidney disease. After the doctor's treatment and some

Treatment of herpes zoster

Not long ago, I had sex with my boyfriend. Later, I felt uncomfortable. Sometimes I had a lot of leucorrhea, and the smell was very strong. Occasionally I could smell the fishy smell. Later I went to the hospital for examination, and the doctor said I had herpes zoster. After finding out this

Where is advanced lung cancer treated

A relative of my family has been suffering from lung cancer for a long time. The hospital has been carrying out treatment, but it has not improved. It is said that folk folk folk prescription has better effect. Now let me introduce to you where advanced lung cancer is cured. Where is advanced lung

How did the neck ring suddenly to return a responsibility

Many white-collar friends have this feeling, sitting for a long time, just a little rotation of the neck, you can hear the "hiccup" sound in the neck, giving people a feeling of loose and fragile cervical spine. But after the neck rings, it will be easier. Many people don't understand this. So what

How does dizziness have appetite to return a responsibility?

I am a computer teacher, always work in front of the computer, I do not often go out activities, also do not have their favorite sports, usually like to stay at home. Recently, I have dizziness, and I can't eat any food. It's normal for me to eat. I don't know what's wrong, and I feel sick. I feel

What is the best copper supplement for vitiligo

My uncle's sister was diagnosed with vitiligo at the beginning of this year, so we are all looking for people we know to see what good treatment, some people told us that it is to supplement copper, let's talk about what copper is the best for vitiligo. What is the best copper supplement for

How to treat because of insomnia and anxiety

As the name suggests, anxiety disorder is a kind of mental illness that makes people restless. With the development of society and the acceleration of modernization, anxiety disorder is becoming more and more common. It is now harassing people in various ways, leading to inefficiency in work and

How to treat psoriasis in children

My wife is a patient with psoriasis, really, the family began to make conflicts, in order to prevent this situation, I would like to introduce how to treat children with psoriasis. How to treat psoriasis in children Treatment 1: Patients with psoriasis should try to avoid scratching, to avoid

What does spleen stomach weak constipation eat

Constipation is a difficult problem for people who sit for a long time or have irregular diet or gastrointestinal diseases. Many people are easy to ignore constipation and have no understanding of it. They are even more careless in prevention. When they have constipation, they are at a loss and have

What can eat go fatty liver

There are many reasons for the formation of fatty liver, which are mainly related to people's diet and lifestyle. With the improvement of living standards, people eat too much high-fat and high protein food, and drink more, exercise less, obesity and other reasons. The appearance of fatty liver is

Cost of mid-term chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer

My aunt went to the hospital for examination and said that she had pancreatic cancer. She had abdominal pain for more than four months. At first, she was treated with gastric ulcer, and then her stomach improved, but abdominal pain was even better. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to

What is the common sense of female psoriasis

The children at home don't know what's going on. These days, they have been saying that they have something on their thighs and have been crying. In a hurry, their parents took them to the hospital to find out that they are suffering from psoriasis. Fortunately, it's better to treat them in the

What are the symptoms of stable vitiligo

Vitiligo has many periods, stable period is the best stage of treatment, I am in the stable period of active treatment, so as to ensure the maximum effect. Let's take a look at the symptoms of stable vitiligo. What are the symptoms of stable vitiligo Symptom 1: the stable phase of vitiligo symptoms

What are the precursors of uremia

When it comes to people's abnormal urination, there are many reasons, including prostatitis and kidney inflammation, which can cause abnormal urination, frequent urination and painful urination. Today, let me talk about the precursors of uremia, which we are very concerned about. What are the

Treatment of leukoplakia

Recently, I grew a piece of white spot on my body, which was as big as soybean. Later, it increased. I went to check and found that it was leukoplakia. After treatment, it gradually improved. Now let me talk about the treatment of white spot. Treatment of leukoplakia First: the treatment of

Which hospital is the best to treat epilepsy

My younger brother has been running in major hospitals all these years, because he was injured, and later left the sequelae of epilepsy. When he got sick, he was very terrible, his whole body twitched, and he would spit white foam in his mouth. The whole family was very worried. Now his condition