In daily life, if you can't sleep well every night, you will have no spirit the next day and feel dizzy and want to sleep. Especially in spring, it's easy to be sleepy. In winter, the temperature is very high at noon, so it's also easy to be sleepy. We should still pay attention to go to bed early

Infection fever, general discomfort, this disease to patients brought about by the harm is very big, such as laziness, fatigue, limb weakness, headache, nasal congestion and other symptoms, temperature increases, headache like wearing hoops as tight and heavy, forehead, occipital or bilateral head

Early symptoms of esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer is a very serious disease, if suffering from this disease, the mortality rate is very high, so it should be adjusted reasonably, should be in the early stage of the disease to the hospital for examination, the cure rate of esophageal cancer is relatively low, many patients with

What symptom does diabetic leucorrhea have?

In daily life, diabetic patients are not rare, because diabetes is a high incidence disease, and the onset age is also a young trend. So some pregnant women also have diabetes. At this time, pregnant women should pay attention to many problems, because they have diabetes, and pregnancy is a very

Laryngeal cancer has a great impact on patients, so patients suffer serious misfortune, so people should pay attention to understand the harm of this disease in life. Timely diagnosis and treatment need to pay attention to, of course, also pay attention to their eating habits, laryngeal cancer can

I believe you will have a little understanding of this common disease, because it is a common disease, such a disease will undoubtedly affect the normal work and study of female friends, abdominal burning sensation, which is generally the occurrence of some gastrointestinal diseases, usually because

Scabies rash symptoms?

Scabies are particularly infectious, so in a family or in a dormitory, if one person has scabies, it is very likely that others will also be infected with the disease. Scabies can only survive for 2 to 3 days if they leave the human body. Therefore, in order to prevent this disease, we must pay

What are the symptoms of patent foramen ovale?

All of us hope that our children will be healthy after birth, but things always fail. Some children are not healthy after birth. There is a colleague in our office. The children are three years old, but now they weigh only 20 jin. We went to the hospital for a detailed examination. The doctor said

Initial symptoms of leprosy

Leprosy is a disfigurement disease, some people will suffer from the symptoms of leprosy, leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by leprosy bacilli, the main lesions in the skin and peripheral nerves, the main performance of patients with numb skin damage, nerve bulky, serious even limb

I am 44 this year, very fat, has been losing weight, menstruation a few months, the amount is also very small, found amenorrhea, after the doctor's timely treatment, now the condition is gradually improving. For obesity weight loss amenorrhea how to do, let me tell you. How does fat amenorrhea do

Children's chronic pharyngitis symptoms and treatment?

Acute pharyngitis in children is an acute inflammation caused by pathological changes of pharyngeal mucosa, submucosa and lymphoid tissue, often secondary to acute rhinitis or acute tonsillitis, or a part of upper respiratory tract infection. It is also the local manifestation of systemic diseases

This disease usually appears next to the eyes, and it is very harmful for the eyes to grow out. If it is serious, it will lead to eye swelling and other conditions. Many times, I don't know about wheat swelling. Here's how to deal with wheat swelling. What's the matter with wheat swelling First: do

Now we have many food safety problems, which are the high risk factors of stomach disease. Now more and more people suffer from stomach diseases, especially stomachache when they don't pay attention. In fact, people with stomach diseases need to pay special attention to diet. So, can stomach disease

Sometimes the human body will repair itself at the beginning of this disease, children with gastrointestinal cold, but those who know it should be very familiar with it. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is called cold stagnation. In addition to the common symptoms of cold, it can also be

It's like this. Before, I always felt that my leg was very painful, especially when the temperature dropped. I didn't know what was going on. I went to the hospital to have an examination some time ago, and the result was necrosis of the femoral head. The doctor said it was troublesome, and older

In fact, peeling can occur in any season, and it can also occur in people of any age. In a certain season, the skin of children's hands will fall off, but the doctor said that this is a normal phenomenon, but we still want to understand what hand peeling is. Only by knowing the root and the bottom

General coronary heart disease refers to coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, which is caused by coronary artery atherosclerotic lesions caused by vascular stenosis or obstruction, resulting in myocardial ischemia, hypoxia or necrosis caused by heart disease, so we must pay attention to the usual

Manicure is a common disease in life. The formation of this disease has a great impact on the work, life, marriage, social life and other aspects of countless patients. At the same time, many people are worried that this disease will be contagious. Can you tell us about it. Can fingernail infect the

What reason is left lower abdomen squeeze ache?

Generally speaking, the most important cause of left lower abdominal pain is colitis. When the patient has colon, the most important pain is abdominal pain. In addition, when patients appear, colitis, often appear symptoms of indigestion. For example, patients prone to nausea and vomiting, there may

In the first month of pregnancy, pregnant women do not feel the beginning of a new life. But there are some important signs, will remind women of childbearing age, may be pregnant, the following is a detailed description of early pregnancy, which write symptoms. What are the symptoms of early