Mediastinal tumor is a common chest disease, including primary tumor and metastatic tumor. Primary mediastinal tumors include tumors and cysts in mediastinum, but not benign or malignant tumors in esophagus, trachea, bronchus and heart. What are the characteristics of upper mediastinal tumors? What

After pregnancy, women are both happy and worried. What they worry about is that they are afraid of something bad about their baby. Umbilical cord around the neck is a common phenomenon, so how to do umbilical cord around the neck? This expectant mother must know. How does umbilical cord encircle

Symptoms of infant allergy to breast milk

Just pregnant, when they go to the hospital for prenatal examination, I believe many people will see some news about breast-feeding on the hospital bulletin board. With the development of science and technology, many mothers now, for various reasons, begin to abandon breast-feeding and choose milk

Symptoms of pacemaker pocket infection?

With the increasing incidence rate of chronic arrhythmia, more and more people are using cardiac pacemakers for 24 hours to supervise the fragile heart to prevent death caused by slow heartbeat. About 1% of the patients will be infected or injured after the permanent pacemaker is installed in

What symptom of infantile measles is divided into four different situations: incubation period, prodromal period, rash period and recovery period. Different stages have different manifestations. The rash period of infantile measles lasts about three days, and the incubation period is longer. Here is

After the occurrence of chronic diseases such as bone tumor, it will indeed affect the health of patients. For bone tumor diseases, we should not ignore the treatment. We must make good treatment as soon as possible when we are sick. As a more complex disease, what medicine can we take when bone

The sudden swelling of the foot sounds very serious, which can cause many serious consequences, so we need to know the cause of the sudden swelling of the foot in advance. With the growth of age, the elderly people around us are getting weaker and weaker. They often have some problems. What's the

What are the symptoms of disc herniation?

Lumbar disc herniation refers to the degeneration of the elasticity of the intervertebral disc after aging, resulting in the rupture of the annulus fibrosus, the extrusion of the nucleus pulposus, the compression and stimulation of the peripheral nerve roots and blood vessels, resulting in pain and

Early symptoms of gout

In clinic, the occurrence of gout is closely related to the decrease of purine metabolism and the decrease of uric acid excretion in the patients. The incidence rate of gout is increasing year by year. So we should have a thorough understanding of what symptoms of gout can be found in the early

Children's lacrimal passage is very easy to appear the phenomenon of skin color, a friend's baby is two years old, looking at the red eyes also often say eye pain, and explain to you whether two-year-old baby can wash the lacrimal passage. Can two year old baby do lacrimal passage flush First of

We should pay more attention to our health and improve our quality of life. Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon of female friends, which has certain rules. Basically, it keeps coming once a month. If a female friend doesn't come to menstruation for a month, it may be caused by many

Recently, one of my colleagues felt unwell and went to the hospital for an examination. Unexpectedly, I learned that it was a left kidney cyst. However, because I had never heard of this disease before, I specially asked the doctor about the problem and got the answer. Now let's popularize the

What effect does Polygala tenuifolia, Alpinia oxyphylla and extensor tendon grass have when they are soaked in water? This is also a relatively rare problem. It is estimated that only those who study TCM regimen can understand it. In order to let you know more about health knowledge, let's talk

Duodenal ulcer symptoms?

Twelve finger gastric ulcer is also one of the common digestive system diseases. After suffering from twelve finger gastric ulcer, it is easy to attack repeatedly. We should have a comprehensive understanding of the symptoms of twelve finger gastric ulcer. Duodenal ulcer symptoms? First, the pain

Is left mammary gland small cyst serious?

Breast cyst is a common disease of women in recent years. Breast hyperplasia and breast cyst are caused by endocrine imbalance and high level of estrogen secretion. In addition, high ideological pressure, easy to be sentimental and anxious may also cause breast cysts, which directly affect daily

In fact, the diet of patients with cardiogenic edema needs great attention, especially the intake of salt. Salt is not only edible salt or salty food, but also all sauces, pickles or drinks with high sodium content. Should eat more fruits and vegetables (rich in potassium), because sodium and

A lot of people must have experienced the humidity, but you may not know the reasons. General Chinese medicine will think that there are two kinds of differences between internal and external causes of heavy dampness. Correspondingly, there are internal dampness and external dampness. External

Many female friends will be concerned about this kind of problem, what is the feeling of breaking water? Broken water is mainly our usual symptoms in the normal production process, we will find that amniotic fluid phenomenon caused by rupture of amniotic membrane, broken water, we will feel yo

We can't live without a mobile phone, especially during the summer vacation. We must pay attention to medication. It's even more difficult to pass the time without a mobile phone. But many babies tell fuyanjun, no matter it's a motor car, a bus or a private car, why do they get dizzy and nauseous

What's the difference between gonorrhea and AIDS?

Sexually transmitted disease is a kind of infectious disease caused by virus, which mainly exists between young men and women in today's society. In this era of lust, many young women are ahead of the time of sexual life, and sexually transmitted diseases will be transmitted through some ways such