What is the reason that finger does not have crescent

It seems that it is not particularly strange that there are no crescent teeth in the fingers. Healthy people have 8-10 white crescent teeth in about one fifth of the fingernails, which is called "nutrition circle". But now many people have no or only a few crescent teeth on their fingernails, some

What reason does schoolgirl have stomachache?

Students' physique is weak, many small ailments in girls will be mercilessly magnified, I believe that many girls most difficult to bear is stomachache. Stomachache may be caused by dysmenorrhea during menstruation, it may also be caused by gastrointestinal problems, but no matter what the reason, I

How is pregnant always fart to return a responsibility

I don't know what's the matter with me. Since I was pregnant, I would feel that I often fart, and when I often fart, it doesn't taste good. But every time I fart, I feel relaxed and comfortable. Even when I sleep at night, I always fart, and once I accidentally farted when I was in love with my

What reason is perspiration of hand heat

Sweating is a normal phenomenon of the human body, high temperature, mental tension, eating stimulating food such as spicy, sour, bitter and so on can cause palms sweating. But in addition to these situations, we should pay attention to sweating when we shouldn't sweat. We should pay attention to

What reason is grain lip not colored

Due to busy work and other reasons, many people do not understand lip tattoo. With the development of life, people's living standards have improved. With the development of plastic surgery skills, more and more people want to make themselves more beautiful on the basis of the original. Therefore

Can papaya seed be eaten

Can papaya seed be eaten? Green papaya seeds immature is white, mature papaya seeds are black brown. Many people only take meat without seeds when eating papaya. In fact, papaya seeds have many uses. Don't waste them. So, can papaya seeds be eaten? Take a look at the answers below. Can papaya seed

How can ability cure cervical vertebra disease

Cervical (lumbar) disc herniation is a stubborn disease, it is difficult to cure it thoroughly. Even the choice of surgical treatment is not completely cured, whether conservative treatment or non conservative treatment, the purpose is to reduce symptoms. Let's talk about how to cure cervical

E-ray unhairing expenses

For many female friends now, they are more beautiful. More and more people choose e-ray hair removal. Some time ago, my cousin also uses e-ray hair removal to remove the extra sweat on her body. The effect is quite good. Recently, I also want to do e-ray hair removal, but I can't go until the

What reason is urine stinky urine yellow

Yellow urine is a common symptom, so we should pay attention to it. There are many reasons for people to have yellow urine. Generally, it is due to long-term holding urine. Sometimes there is no urination at night. In the morning, it may lead to yellow urine. Therefore, it should be adjusted in

What symptom is diabetic vomiting?

Diabetes is a chronic disease with high incidence rate. Diabetes mellitus is a great hazard to the body and has many complications. These are caused by the lack of attention to health and hygiene in daily life. For diabetes, a chronic disease, if we don't actively treat it, and if we don't

How should hepatitis B patients be treated

Hepatitis B is the most common infectious disease in our country, we may be suffering from hepatitis B unconsciously, and there are too many misunderstandings about hepatitis B in the society, we hepatitis B patients are also discriminated in varying degrees, so timely and actively take measures to

What is bone tuberculosis

Bone tuberculosis is mainly caused by tuberculosis bacteria invading the bones or joints, which is more likely to occur in the position of the spine. Share with you what is bone tuberculosis this common problem! What is bone tuberculosis First of all: tuberculosis mostly occurs in the lungs, but it

Symptoms of gallstones

Gallstone is also the abbreviation of gallstone, which is a common gallbladder disease. Gallstone is a disease we are relatively familiar with, and there are more patients. Gallstone is a disease. To understand it simply, there are some things like small stones in the gallbladder, which affect the

What is the reason that darling grind teeth at night

What's the reason for baby's molars at night? When sleeping, the upper and lower teeth bite and make a sound, which is what we call molars. Sleeping molars are caused by the continuous contraction of masticatory muscle, and the movement of masticatory muscle is controlled by trigeminal nerve

Why does the axis of hyperopia become shorter?

Previously said that myopia is too long axis. In our daily life, we need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, hyperopia is that the eye axis is too short - relative to the eye's ability to focus light. Because the axis of the eye is too short, light converges behind the retina

What reason is eyelid subsidence

Speaking of health, in fact, our living habits and health are closely related. There are two main ways to fill the upper eyelid fat. One is to transplant the whole fat to the lower eyelid, which is mainly used for orbital fat hernia, no wrinkles and sagging skin under the pouch. Using the adipose

Symptoms of gout

Our body produces 750 mg of uric acid a day. Most of the uric acid comes from our body and is metabolized by the uric acid metabolism pool. But if there is a problem with these metabolic pools, the uric acid in the body will increase, resulting in hyperuricemia and gout. The figure below is a

What does lung have infection to eat good

What kind of food do you eat when you have lung infection? Many people don't know what to eat when they have lung infection. Many people only know not to smoke. What kind of food do you eat besides smoking? Next I'll tell you what kind of food is better for pulmonary infection. What does lung have

What is common psoriasis symptom

When psoriasis first appeared, the scale was extremely obvious, and the well-defined spot rash was easy to be detected. I found these abnormalities and went to the hospital to check out psoriasis. Let's take a look at the common clinical symptoms of psoriasis. What is common psoriasis symptom First:

What medicine does periodontitis take good

Poor oral care in life can cause many diseases, and periodontitis is one of them. Periodontitis is a very headache dental disease, which is characterized by the formation of periodontal pocket and inflammation of pocket wall. It will bring all kinds of troubles to people's life and actions