What reason is throat phlegm much

Sore throat phlegm may be in the human bronchial, nasal, respiratory and other places, there may be foreign bodies, may also be virus and bacteria infection. The infection of these foreign bodies or bacteria and viruses will make people's throat inflamed. At the same time, it may also make people's

How does menstrual period cold return a responsibility

Some women, every menstruation will catch a cold, fever, sore throat, to finish it, but next month when menstruation, and cold, this is the so-called menstruation. And the original female menstruation period, immunity will be reduced, whether physiological or psychological. Especially now winter is

What reason is pudendal Sao urticant

It is impossible for people not to get sick. The disease is likely to happen to you and me. Vulva itching is a very common disease in our life. Vulva itching is a common symptom. There are many reasons for this symptom. In general, there are special infections, such as mycotic vaginitis, trichomonal

Symptoms and treatment of hydronephrosis? Too much urination, too much pain!

Some people usually don't pay much attention to their body. They wait until they feel that they have serious symptoms before they go to the hospital for examination. As a result, many diseases have developed very seriously. My cousin has always felt uncomfortable, often dizzy, eating nausea, and

Now the biological clock in nature is a great threat to the human body. In fact, it is fungi. If our body encounters some bad conditions, most of them are caused by fungi. Sepsis is one of them, but I believe many people have only heard about this disease, but they don't know much about it. Now

What symptom is lung knot cough recrudesce

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can invade many organs. Pulmonary tuberculosis infection is the most common, which is a serious threat to people's health. It is not necessary for human body to be infected with pulmonary tuberculosis

Menorrhagia and dizziness should be the symptom of excessive blood loss. Many women of childbearing age will have this phenomenon. If it is not very serious, there is no need to panic. So share a cold how is menstruation much to return a responsibility? How is cold menstrual quantity much to return

How is premature ejaculation treated best

Although premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction, there is no satisfactory definition. Functional diseases of premature ejaculation will affect the satisfaction of sexual life, so the treatment of premature ejaculation is as follows. How is premature ejaculation treated best First: the

Knee inside has feeling blood to jump again how to return a responsibility

If the patient has knee and leg discomfort, there may be many reasons. For different people, usually do things if not the same, it will lead to the emergence of such a disease. For patients, if they are injured, it will easily lead to such a situation. There is also the patient if the body itself is

In recent years, hypothyroidism has also become a major problem that endangers people's health, and the incidence rate is also increasing. The treatment of hypothyroidism is mainly thyroid hormone replacement therapy, some patients also need etiological treatment. So, how to treat hypothyroidism

Now many people, especially girls, often have abdominal pain. When you have abdominal pain, you must pay attention to it, because it may be your body disease, so you should go to the hospital in time to get timely treatment. How is abdominal ache to return a responsibility suddenly? Let's talk about

Is 20cm normal when erecting

Many men attach great importance to the genitalia, and many male friends with short genitalia will do genital lengthening and thickening operation. So, is 20cm normal when the genitalia is erecting? Let's introduce 20cm normal when the genitalia is erecting. Is 20cm normal when erecting The average

What is chapped nipple

Boudoir gets the disease of tit chapped when lactation, and the circumstance that can have ache, so, what is tit chapped? Let's talk about it. What is chapped nipple Chapped nipple is one of the common diseases in lactation period. In mild cases, there are only cracks on the surface of the nipple

What symptom is cerebral vasculitis

Modern people's pace of life is faster and faster, people's living habits have begun to change dramatically, cerebral vasculitis refers to the phenomenon of vasculitis in the brain of patients, because the incidence of cerebral vasculitis is relatively rapid, so it may lead to physical problems of

How does children astigmatism eye treat and maintain

Clinically, astigmatism in children is a very common phenomenon. Astigmatism is a very common eye disease in the human body. It often occurs in some teenagers and children. For children, if astigmatism occurs in life, the head of family must pay attention to it. Parents had better take children to

What symptom is urgent urination

In fact, sometimes women's urgency is also a kind of disease. Do you all know that sometimes, in this abnormal situation, the symptoms of urgency may be caused by other diseases. Some women's urgency is very intolerable, so they can't wait to control it. This situation is very serious and we should

How is epilepsy treated

Epilepsy is a kind of intractable disease, which is difficult to cure in the treatment, and it will recur repeatedly. Epilepsy often appears in our life. We sometimes call it epilepsy. When it comes on, it will make our hands and feet twitch constantly. It is not only a threat to our own life, but

Recently, when my husband was driving to work, he was not careful. Due to the emergency brake, he was pressed out a small piece of blood stasis on his hand. I suggest my husband go to the hospital for examination in time, but he said it's not a big problem, it doesn't matter, so he thought of a way

The function of Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid

Recently, Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid is very popular in the market. It has been listed in Chinese pharmacopoeia for three times in a row. So what is the effect of Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid? Let me explain it for you. The function of Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid First, Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid can promote and

Lung cancer is a malignant tumor of the lung, generally primary malignant tumor, mainly occurs in men, suffering from lung cancer, early will appear irritating cough, sputum with blood and other respiratory symptoms, with the development of the disease may appear more diseases, so we should timely