Amenorrhea is two to three months without menstruation, or even longer periods without menstruation. Amenorrhea does great harm to women, and there are many reasons for amenorrhea. Many women have amenorrhea due to emotional problems, irregular diet, poor sleep or some diseases, among which many

How is blood mole to return a responsibility?

The blood nevus that we usually talk about is actually caused by our vascular malformation or the proliferation of vascular endothelial cells. What I should pay attention to is that the blood nevus grows on the surface of our skin and they are generally benign, which will not affect our health. In

With the aging of society, the proportion of the elderly is more and more, so all aspects of the life of the elderly are also widely concerned. In particular, the diet of the elderly plays an increasingly important role in protecting the body of the elderly. We know that the physiological state of

The edible taboo of jujube, fresh jujube can be eaten directly as fruit

There are advantages and disadvantages in eating red dates. In fact, we all need to know that red dates are the most familiar food for us. Dry red dates can be used to make soup, porridge and tea, and fresh red dates can be eaten directly as fruits. And the edible effect of jujube is also many

Pre insulinomatous symptoms?

Insulinoma refers to islets β Cytoma or β Cell proliferation leads to excessive insulin secretion, which leads to hypoglycemia; The insulin secretion was not inhibited by hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a group of syndrome characterized by low blood glucose concentration caused by a variety of

What does little darling indigestion eat good

Children in the development stage need a lot of energy for viscera development, and they don't know if they are hungry and full. If they eat too much, they are prone to indigestion. So, what should we eat for children with indigestion? What does little darling indigestion eat good Yogurt in yogurt

What symptom does the few days before pregnant fast birth have

I am a pregnant mother. My baby is now nine months old. When I went to the hospital for prenatal examination, the expected delivery date was next month. For the expectant mother, I was very excited and nervous. For me and my father, this is our first baby, which is very critical. My parents are not

What symptom does pregnancy have when implantation?

The whole process of pregnancy is long and arduous, in this process, the mother to be's body will appear a lot of conditions, and some of these conditions are normal, some may be abnormal fetus, need timely medical treatment. What symptom does pregnancy have when implantation? So today, let's have a

Symptoms of coal poisoning in baby

With the coming of summer vacation, children have a happy holiday time, and parents also have a peak of potential safety hazards. Every holiday, all kinds of children's accidents occur frequently, among which there are many cases of poisoning due to eating by mistake. Carbon monoxide poisoning is

This disease may happen to you and me. The living standard of children nowadays is very high, and most of them are only children, so parents will give whatever they want. Many children don't have good eating habits, so there are more and more obese children. Obesity is not good for children's

How to do intervention treatment

Tinnitus often occurs in the elderly, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the life of the elderly. It is better to have some physical intervention treatment for tinnitus, otherwise it is easy to be deaf, which will bring great harm to the patients themselves. Here are some aspects of the

How does vagina thick abdomen ache return a responsibility?

Vagina can secrete all kinds of secretions, there are many reasons for female abdominal pain, ectopic pregnancy, dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, can cause abdominal pain, serious harm to women's health. How does vagina thick abdomen ache return a responsibility? Let's talk about

How is tinea of long copper money treated on the body?

Tinea Coptidis is a kind of skin disease caused by fungal infection. It is named because the skin lesions caused by tinea Coptidis are the same as those of tinea Coptidis. It should be noted that tinea Coptidis has a very strong infectivity, not only can it be transmitted to others, but also the

How long does syphilis have a symptom to be able to eliminate?

Syphilis is a very common venereal disease. Many people don't know how to get infected with syphilis. Let me show you something. First, they have low immunity and come into contact with the secretions or things used by syphilis patients. Second, they have unclean sex life. Syphilis is mostly caused

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia in the elderly

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia in the elderly? How to treat senile iron deficiency anemia? The 65 year old in his family only recently had some uncomfortable symptoms, that is, the family suspected anemia. Listen to a neighbor's medical college student say it is likely to be iron

What are the symptoms of avian influenza?

Avian influenza is a disease that can be contracted by poultry as well as humans. So the symptoms of avian influenza can be the symptoms of poultry, or the symptoms of people infected with avian influenza. Generally speaking, avian influenza is very similar to a cold after its onset. It is mainly

Hepatic cavernous hemangioma

Hepatic cavernous hemangioma is a common benign tumor of the liver. In addition to skin and mucosa, the liver is the best site of cavernous hemangioma, which can be single or multiple, pedicled or non pedicled. It is more common on the surface of the liver. Its volume ranges from the tip of a needle

Symptoms of pneumonia in infants after 40 days?

Infant pneumonia, for the newborn infants, is a great danger of disease, severe infant pneumonia may endanger the life of the baby. Therefore, in order to discover the situation of infant pneumonia in time, careful parents should also pay attention to their children's mental state. A month of baby

What reason is Yang Wei premature ejaculation?

Impotence and premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction disease among male friends. Men should receive treatment as soon as possible after they have symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation. In life, many men regard rapid ejaculation as a manifestation of impotence and premature

How does endocrine disorder symptom treat?

At present, endocrine disorders are more common. In addition to external factors and endocrine factors, some patients can be considered to be caused by deficiency of Qi and blood. In addition to western medicine, the treatment should be Yiqi Buxue Yangxue. How does endocrine disorder symptom treat