How does face skin dry replenish water?

A lot of girls in autumn and winter, the skin will be particularly short of water, at this time if you can quickly replenish water to the skin, it's OK, if the skin continues to lack water, it will make the skin appear rough pores, dry skin and other skin problems, how to replenish water on the face

What symptom does gastric cancer operation recrudesce have

My uncle is a patient with gastric cancer. He went to the hospital some time ago and paid special attention to maintenance after the operation. Recently, he felt uncomfortable all over. The doctor said that he had relapsed after seeing him. Now let me talk about the symptoms of recurrence after

Good symptoms of urethritis

Urethritis is a very common disease. People suffering from urethritis are extremely worried and miserable, because the attack of urethritis has brought many problems to their life, which makes them feel bitter. It is suggested that patients should go to the hospital in time when they find their own

Got chronic renal insufficiency how to treat

Uremia refers to acute or chronic renal insufficiency developed to a serious stage, due to the accumulation of metabolites and water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, resulting in endocrine dysfunction, resulting in a series of body poisoning symptoms. It is the result of almost all

Chronic rhinitis is chronic inflammation of nasal mucosa and submucosa. Its main characteristics are inflammation lasting more than three months or repeated attacks, protracted, intermittent period can not return to normal, and no clear pathogenic microorganisms, accompanied by varying degrees of

How to deal with low alkaline phosphatase?

Alkaline phosphatase is an essential enzyme in the human body, it is distributed in many parts of our body, then let's talk about the low alkaline phosphatase how to do. How to deal with low alkaline phosphatase? First: the phenomenon of low alkaline phosphatase is relatively rare, and has no

How is crus acerbity bilge ache to return a responsibility?

Leg soreness is one of the leg symptoms we often encounter. If its incidence is high, it will bring severe impact on our daily life and work. Even serious harm to our health, resulting in a wide range of leg pain factors, some leg pain is caused by certain diseases, we must pay attention to early

What reason is regular cold

Often cold fever is a common situation, it seems not a serious disease, but not timely treatment is likely to lead to other more serious situation. It's very comfortable in summer, but I don't know what's going on recently. I often catch a cold. Once I catch a cold, it lasts for a long time, and

What symptom is neuralgia?

Neuralgia is also a very common disease in the Department of Neurology. We are not unfamiliar with neuralgia. It can be divided into heavy and heavy when suffering from this disease in peacetime. If there is discomfort in peacetime, we must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time

Symptoms of scar acne

Acne scars are often due to the lack of timely and appropriate treatment when acne attacks. The inflammatory reaction of skin cells causes the damage to skin tissue, resulting in the generation of scars. Because of the variety of acne, there are many kinds of acne scar, and the more serious the

Can temporal superficial arteritis be cured?

Giant cell arteritis (GCA) used to be called cranial arteritis, temporal arteritis and granulomatous arteritis. Later, it was recognized that any large artery in the body could be involved and named after its pathological characteristics. GCA is the most common systemic vasculitis in adults. This

Large liver cancer symptoms?

What are the early symptoms of liver cancer? Now many liver cancer patients are very concerned about this problem. Unreasonable diet is easy to lead to liver cancer, if not treated in time may be life-threatening. So, what are the early symptoms of liver cancer? Now let's let the experts introduce

What symptom does 10 weeks fetal stop have

If women have the problem of fetal arrest after pregnancy, it will inevitably leave a shadow for pregnant women's psychology, which will make pregnant women's mood become worried. In order to avoid causing such problems and harming women's physical and mental health, women need to know more about

What is menstruation rare to eat good?

General menstrual blood volume is little, it is because estrogen level is low and cause. Estrogen can stimulate endometrial hyperplasia and thickening to prepare for pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, the proliferative endometrium will shed and bleed to form menstruation. Low estrogen level in the

What reason is right shoulder ache?

The symptoms of shoulder pain are relatively obvious, which will have a certain impact on the daily life and work of patients. It may lead to patients with blood type who can't exert normal force. If there is pain in the right shoulder, it is generally caused by diseases such as scapulohumeral

How does old person get coronary heart disease to do

As soon as many old people get old, they will have all kinds of diseases. There is a saying: "old man, machine is broken. ”There are a lot of old people got coronary heart disease, so the old man got coronary heart disease how to do? Let me tell you something. First: eat less oil and less salt

Prostatitis symptoms?

Prostatitis can be said to be a more common male disease, but also a lot of male patients with unspeakable. The main symptoms of prostatitis are frequent urination, urgency of urination and endless urination. Prostatitis is an embarrassing disease for men, which has a great impact on the psychology

What's the reason for the sunken eyes

As the saying goes, the eye is the window of the soul, but the eye is often the most problematic part. In our life, we will inevitably have eye problems because of too much pressure. Sometimes, because we stay up late, we don't have a good rest, and our eyes are short-sighted. If we wear glasses for

How does clitoris head show to return a responsibility

Clitoral head does not show. In fact, most adult men understand it. According to the introduction of medicine, the skin around the clitoris is composed of folds of the labia minora. Under normal circumstances, the clitoris is slightly exposed. When stimulated, it will swell and erect like the male

Is epidermoid cyst malignant?

The treatment of dermoid cyst is complete excision. If the base of the cyst is close to the bone surface, it should be removed together with the periosteum. After cyst excision, if there is bone arrangement depression, deformity or deformation, immediate or later transplantation can be arranged