How long can accidental pregnancy do painless abortion

Now there are many young female friends who may not know much about sex knowledge, or there are still some people who are pregnant due to contraceptive failure, and they do not intend to have a baby, so the resulting unwanted pregnancy is usually relieved by abortion surgery. In fact, the harm of

What symptom does venereal disease have at the beginning?

Sexually transmitted diseases are mainly transmitted by sexual contact. These diseases often occur in many patients. At the same time, they are generally transmitted through toilet ring, swimming pool, towel and other places. The venereal disease that causes thereby infection bacterium produces. At

How is breast ache to return a responsibility after breast feeding?

Although many brands of milk powder are well-known, most of the mothers still choose to breastfeed their babies. For the baby, it seems to be a natural thing. However, for novice mothers, breast-feeding is not so simple. How is breast ache to return a responsibility after breast feeding? Next, I'd

Symptoms of rhinitis

Rhinitis is a kind of nasal inflammatory disease, which is caused by the changes of nasal mucosa caused by virus, bacteria and other physical and chemical factors, or some diseases of the body. Now in China, the environment is generally getting worse. Therefore, many people will have rhinitis and

Pictures of nasal eczema symptoms?

Eczema is not terrible. What's terrible is that we didn't find it early and won the opportunity to treat eczema early. In the early stage of eczema, it's good to pay a little attention to it. However, the later it goes, sometimes it will be difficult to treat suppurative cases. Even after treatment

Is headache of left upper forehead cerebral infarction?

Now there are more and more middle-aged and elderly people suffering from hypertension, which increases the risk of cerebral infarction. Because many patients with cerebral infarction are related to high blood pressure, they should pay more attention to their physical and mental changes in daily

How to eat grape giddy to return a responsibility?

Recently, I often feel dizzy at work. I can't say what I feel, but occasionally I feel dizzy! Many people should have the phenomenon of dizziness. In fact, dizziness has a great impact on us. Some people with serious dizziness can't live and work normally. Let's take a look at the following. How to

How does adolescent obesity do

You must have a knot in your heart in adolescence, that is obesity. And adolescence is easy to get fat season, so, how to treat it? In other words, how to lose weight? How does adolescent obesity do First: jogging, jogging helps blood circulation, can play a warm-up role, help to burn fat. Pay

What symptom does just born baby suffer from pneumonia to have

If the child has a cold, if the parents miss the time of treatment, or do not cause enough attention from the parents, they may be infected with pneumonia. What are the symptoms of pneumonia in newborn infants? Let me tell you about it. What symptom does just born baby suffer from pneumonia to have

Is IgA nephritis grade 2 serious

Hello, all patients. The main physiological function of kidney is to excrete and metabolize, regulate water and electrolyte, secrete a variety of active substances, maintain the stability of the internal environment, and ensure the normal function of the body. Nephritis is a group of kidney

Hemorrhoids symptoms related recommendations?

Most patients with hemorrhoids have dry stool, prolonged defecation interval, or difficult defecation. In modern times, hemorrhoids is a very difficult disease. The symptoms of hemorrhoids will be different according to the different conditions, so the symptoms of hemorrhoids in the early, middle

What are the symptoms of scapulohumeral periarthritis?

Other patients are caused by rheumatism. The main symptoms are neck and shoulder pain. It is difficult to raise the upper arm or do rotation, and it is painful. Although this disease is common, we should also pay attention to it, so as not to cause joint adhesion, upper limb thinning, weakness or

What symptom is infantile asthma?

The weather changes too fast in the season, often lead to the occurrence of children's asthma, such as catkins in spring and other reasons will also lead to the occurrence of children's asthma. However, many parents just think that their children are not breathing well, and they don't think it's

How to treat wind heat cold

Wind heat cold easy sore throat, spit out phlegm is yellow or with black, and easy to flow thick nose. With the passage of time, the body on fire, leading to constipation. So how to treat wind heat cold? Next, I'll tell you a few small aspects. How to treat wind heat cold First, it is necessary to

Is sugar free drink effective for weight loss

At present, there is no evidence of a direct link between the use of sugar free drinks and body weight. It's said that sugary drinks are unhealthy, such as the very popular zero degree cola and diet coke. Here's how sugar free drinks can reduce weight. Is sugar free drink effective for weight loss

Six month baby dyspepsia symptoms?

The baby is the hope of every family. Every family regards the baby as a baby. All the body organs of the baby are not fully developed, especially the spleen and stomach, which are very delicate. Moreover, when the baby eats, he doesn't know how to control himself, and the parents want to give the

Is dry mouth the symptom of second liver?

Hepatitis can be divided into a, B, C, D, e and so on because of different types of virus infection, but chronic hepatitis B is the most common clinical manifestation. China is a high incidence area of hepatitis B, hepatitis B virus infection rate is very high, the disease is hidden, can not be

How does child dry cough do badly?

Because of the low function of children. So it's very easy to get sick. Among them, cold is a common disease for children. But after the cold often accompanies the cough to have a fever, although the cough fever is normal, but some babies actually can have a dry cough all the time, the mothers

What is asthmatic pneumonia

At present, the disease of children's asthmatic pneumonia must cause enough attention of patients. It is suggested that patients should actively carry out the relevant treatment of children's asthmatic pneumonia, and actively check out the detailed condition of children's asthmatic pneumonia to

How does diarrhoea vomit fever return a responsibility?

Many parents who take care of their children may have encountered that they can eat more light food. That is, the child suddenly has a fever, accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, which is particularly uncomfortable. When parents see the child's appearance, they are of course very worried, hoping to