Is right back hemp lung cancer inchoate symptom?

It must be abnormal for people to have numbness and tightness in their back, which indicates that there is a problem in their health. Therefore, we must pay attention to the numbness and tightness in their back. If there is a similar phenomenon on people, we must go to the local hospital for

What symptom is albuminuria tall

High proteinuria refers to the abnormal amount of proteinuria found in the urine, which is a bad sign that the kidney of diabetic patients may be damaged. So, how to judge whether the urine protein is too high? What are the symptoms of diabetes with high urine protein? Let's take a look at the

What symptom does cerebral thrombus precursor have?

Aunt Li, a 59 year old neighbor, looks more energetic than her peers. Not long ago, Aunt Li was always drooling when she was talking, and she always had a sleepless sleep. Aunt Li's daughter took her to the hospital for examination. The result was that Aunt Li suffered from mild cerebral thrombosis

What are the treatment methods for recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma

In the first half of the year, I knew that I had nasopharyngeal carcinoma. At that time, I often had nosebleed. Later, I went to the hospital for examination and found it. For the next half year, I kept on doing treatment. I thought I was cured, but recently I relapsed. Today, let me talk about the

Items and expenses of high level uric acid test

In fact, high uric acid is not optimistic. Its symptoms are very similar to many diseases, so it is often ignored or thought to be other diseases, causing serious consequences. Here are the items and expenses of uric acid high test. Items and expenses of high level uric acid test First of all: the

How to treat sweating after operation?

Surgical treatment is a common way of clinical treatment of diseases, when conservative treatment can not be treated, surgical intervention is needed at this time. Of course, we do not have to do surgery as far as possible, because there is a certain risk of surgery, and the consumption of blood is

Symptoms of scapulohumeral periarthritis

With the rapid development of society, people's work does not have to be exposed outside every day. Although sitting in the office makes us no longer exposed to the sun, sitting for a long time will also bring us a lot of health problems. Scapulohumeral periarthritis is a common disease of sedentary

What medicine does Parkinson ankylosis have

Grandma has been suffering from Parkinson's disease for five or six years. She is stiff, shaking all over, sweating, dizzy, and her heart is trembling. After medication, it's much better now. What medicine does Parkinson's ankylosis have? Let's understand it. What medicine does Parkinson ankylosis

Latent symptoms of liver disease?

Hepatitis B is a disease infected by hepatitis B virus, which is usually divided into acute hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis B cirrhosis and so on. The incubation period of hepatitis B in human body is usually 6 weeks to 6 months. Patients with latent period usually have no obvious

What are the reasons for facial long spots

My sister is now about 20 years old, and she began to grow a lot of spots on her face. In the past, she didn't have acne spots in her adolescence, but I don't know why. There are more and more acne on her face. Now let's understand the causes of facial long spots. What are the reasons for facial

How is abdomen nodule to return a responsibility

Nodule is a common symptom in our life. Generally speaking, the main manifestation of nodule is some lumps on the skin, which are generally hard. The most common nodule in our life is thyroid nodule. Thyroid nodule is one of the thyroid diseases. Although many people may suffer from thyroid nodule

After the onset of eczema, the symptoms of children with mild to nothing, generally its regularity is more obvious, as long as the parents of children with eczema, can pay more attention to the health status of children, can know whether the symptoms of eczema appear, and whether under the control

Maybe some people will find that there are some red blood on their feet. For these things, let their psychology have some fear. They are afraid whether their body has diseases that lead to these red blood. If they don't understand these red blood, don't blindly use drugs. Because sometimes causes

How is big toothache to return a responsibility?

Toothache is very distressing, as if the pain is constant all the time. It's really a disaster. It makes people unable to work and live in peace of mind. Now let's get to know about the toothache? It's a matter of time. How is big toothache to return a responsibility? First: dental caries: the

How does 9 years old child constipation do? Eating also has learning

Constipation in children means that the secret knot of defecation is blocked, the defecation time is prolonged or the feces are dry and hard, and defecation is very difficult. From the incidence point of view, constipation accounts for only 30%. But with age, the risk of constipation will gradually

Good hospital treatment for acne

I have passed puberty, but the number of acne has not decreased, and sometimes it has increased, which is very disturbing. Today, let me learn from you the good hospital treatment for acne. Good hospital treatment for acne Method 1: don't feel your face with your hands. This often causes bacteria to

How should we prevent prepuce edema after masturbation?

If you want to avoid this disease is not difficult to see the situation, after masturbation prepuce edema to most of the patients will appear you can't urinate, urgency and other discomfort symptoms, and some patients go back to the toilet many times a day, will bring great inconvenience to the

What is abnormal liver function caused by

Abnormal liver function means that when the liver is damaged by some pathogenic factors, it can cause the destruction of liver morphology and abnormal metabolism of liver function. If the damage is serious and extensive (once or long-term repeated damage), causing obvious material metabolism

During this period of time, I have been working overtime for the sake of work. Basically, three meals a day are made of instant noodles, biscuits and so on. So my stomach is not very good, and I have been having a stomachache all the time. Later I learned that I had colonic diverticulitis, and now I

How is the disease hair of psoriasis caused

I am usually in good health, that is, I have some skin diseases. I am a patient with psoriasis. I often discuss the causes of psoriasis with some of my patients. At the same time, I have self-taught experts' related problems. Now I will share our own experience with you. How is the disease hair of