Treatment of insomnia by traditional Chinese Medicine

Many people in the symptoms of insomnia, most patients will choose to drink sleeping pills to solve, in fact, this is very harmful to the body, if long-term use of sleeping pills will have great side effects, and the effect is slow. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia is

How long does valproate sustained release tablets take effect?

Magnesium valproate sustained release tablets are white tablets or white like tablets, which are mainly synthesized by magnesium valproate. Its chemical name is 2-propylvalproate magnesium, which has a certain therapeutic effect on patients with epilepsy. In life, some people often suffer from

How to use vitamin B2?

People know a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and so on. In addition, vitamin B2 is often heard. It has many functions, such as promoting cell regeneration, promoting the growth of skin and nails, and promoting the absorption of iron by the human body. How to use vitamin B2? Next, I'd

Is Chinese medicine good for epilepsy patients?

My son is 13 years old this year, got epilepsy, sometimes sudden loss of consciousness, general convulsions, each attack time has two or three minutes, but the attack process of urinary incontinence, but also bite the tongue, I and the child's father are worried, get proper treatment, now the

Symptoms of unilateral renal atrophy?

There are a lot of people in life will have renal atrophy, after the emergence of this disease, it will cause anemia, nausea and vomiting, edema, hypertension, so we should pay attention to the characteristics of this disease, especially unilateral renal atrophy, we should understand the clinical

Diagnosis of vitiligo in children

These two days, the little girl's arm and neck parts appeared some light white spots. Now the school is not allowed to have classes, saying that it is afraid of infecting other children. My friend told me that this is vitiligo. The child said that it doesn't hurt or itch, and didn't take him to see

Symptoms of hyperplasia of accessory milk

Accessory breast is the body out of the normal breast extra breast, the size of the accessory breast is different, too small is easy to be ignored, so we must understand the symptoms of hyperplasia of the accessory breast is how to do. In addition to the accessory breast can be identified by shape

Infantile gastrointestinal bleeding symptoms?

Small and slow gastrointestinal bleeding generally has no obvious symptoms, the harm of this disease to patients is very large, or only mild weakness or dizziness, some only in the vomit or fecal occult blood test examination was found. Now let's talk about the symptoms of infant gastrointestinal

What are the hazards of hypothyroidism

The cause of hypothyroidism is generally due to excessive iodine intake, but hypothyroidism has many hazards beyond people's imagination. The following will describe the hazards of hypothyroidism in detail. What are the hazards of hypothyroidism Hazard 1: some patients with primary hypothyroidism

What should notice to do artificial abortion

Today, I finished the fifth day of painless abortion. I didn't have stomachache two days ago. After I got up today, I suddenly had a special stomachache. There was bleeding all the time. It was a sudden pain, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit better. In order to prevent this situation, I'll

How does pregnant fever vomit to return a responsibility

Women in the early stage of pregnancy are like a precious fragile product. Usually, diseases that seem to be common should not be overlooked during pregnancy. In particular, symptoms similar to fever will not only enhance a series of normal reactions during pregnancy, but also damage the fetus if

Does bacterial vaginitis drink vinegar tube to use more

There are many kinds of bacterial vaginitis, and according to different causes, it can be divided into different types of bacterial vaginitis. Do you know what kind of disease bacterial vaginitis is? If it appears, many patients do not know how to care, especially female friends, once they get

Menstrual period lumbago is fierce how to return a responsibility

I believe many women have had such an experience, that is, low back pain is particularly severe during menstruation, some before menstruation, some during menstruation, and some after menstruation. When there is such low back pain, what should we do? In fact, there are many reasons for women's low

Persistent diarrhea in children?

Infantile diarrhea, or diarrhea disease, is a group of digestive tract syndrome caused by multiple pathogens and factors, which is characterized by the increase of stool frequency and the change of stool characteristics. It is one of the most common diseases of infants in China. The incidence rate

How to treat impotence

First of all, if you have just experienced sex, it's normal to have impotence, because impotence is related to the time of abstinence, the age, the sensitivity of penis and so on. Generally speaking, the biggest cause of impotence is often lack of confidence, caused by excessive tension. Now the

Did ginkgo eat toxic symptom?

In fact, ginkgo is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It is rich in starch, sugar, protein, and other rich nutrients. It has the function of relieving asthma and resolving phlegm, etc. Ginkgo used in Ephedra with words on the treatment of asthma has a certain effect. And in the process of life

Where to treat psoriasis

I have psoriasis, once my skin condition is very serious, two legs are white some dander, very thick, after several years of treatment, now has been basically cured, psoriasis this disease is very stubborn, many patients have asked me how to cure, where to treat psoriasis effect is the best

Male cystitis symptom?

Cystitis is a very common disease, for this disease we are relatively familiar with. The etiology of cystitis is relatively complex, mainly because of bacterial infection, and the patient's usual living habits also have a certain relationship. Cystitis patients with this disease is very large, men

How to solve psoriasis pruritus symptom

Psoriasis is a common skin disease, but the treatment of psoriasis is more difficult. My friend suffers from psoriasis, and several white plaques grow on his arm. Patients with psoriasis should receive treatment as soon as possible. Now I will tell you how to solve the problem of psoriasis pruritus

What is the cause of low fever after pneumonia

Mycoplasma pneumonia may cause a low fever in the later stage, which is very common. Many patients are worried about this problem. There are many ways to treat low fever in later stage. Different patients have different treatment methods. The treatment effect is also different. Patients should pay