The symptom that 3 months darling grows slowly?

Once the baby appears such a situation, it will more or less affect the later growth, to light that will affect the future health, heavy that will affect the baby's physical ability! The symptom that 3 months darling grows slowly? Let's talk about it The symptom that 3 months darling grows slowly

What symptom is laryngeal cancer inchoate period?

Laryngeal cancer is not uncommon around us. Especially in recent years, because of the unhealthy use of the voice, especially often eat some spicy hot pot, or often eat some spicy hot pot, these things are very exciting to eat, but they also stimulate our body, may cause a series of gastric ulcer or

Just miscarriage a month is pregnant again, can the child want

Some time ago, I always had weakness, nausea and vomiting. I went to the hospital for examination and became pregnant. But now I don't plan to have a child, so I finally decided to go to the hospital for abortion surgery, and now I'm basically recovered. So for the question of whether a child who

How does breast ache to have a fever to return a responsibility?

When my own temper doesn't become particularly irritable, there will be a kind of pain symptom. It may be that there are too many household chores and my husband doesn't help me. When I'm not angry, this kind of breast pain symptom is slightly better. Now, I slowly begin to find that my breast

The treatment of cervical cancer is the best

It is one of the most common malignant tumors in young and middle-aged women, which seriously threatens the health of female friends. If cervical cancer is treated properly, it is not terrible. I am a patient with cervical cancer, but found in a timely manner, after the doctor's treatment and some

What's the reason for hunger

How is easy hungry to return a responsibility? I have a friend who has no change in weight and good spirit, but is easy to be hungry. I'd like to introduce to you how it's easy to be hungry What's the reason for hunger First: first of all, this situation is normal, there is no disease. Because of

Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids six months how to treat? Avoid surgery

The word hemorrhoids is no stranger to many people. Some people may have suffered from hemorrhoids for decades, some people may have suffered from hemorrhoids for several years, and some people may have suffered from hemorrhoids for a lifetime, but they are not serious and don't care much. Of

What method does the person with body odor symptom light have

In summer, many female friends like to wear cooler clothes. There are many women in order to cool down, will like to wear short sleeves or sleeveless vest. But if you are a friend with a bad smell, you dare not do it. We all know that if there is body odor, we will worry about the smell of our

Does tonsillitis drink Stevia appropriate

Children suffering from tonsillitis after the pain will be serious, so it will appear do not want to eat, resulting in malnutrition, vicious circle, malnutrition after the resistance will be weaker, so if the child suffering from tonsillitis must be timely treatment, especially pay attention to the

What fruit does natural birth constipation eat good

Constipation is to point to defecate frequency too little, or defecate not smooth, laborious, difficult digestive tract common symptom. It's a problem that everyone has experienced, which brings great trouble to people. How to arrange the food? What fruit does natural birth constipation eat good

How to recuperate without appetite?

If some patients can't eat and have no appetite, it is generally due to gastrointestinal symptoms. Therefore, we should choose a good treatment to avoid affecting people's health. It may also lead to loss of appetite or low immunity. It may also lead to serious malnutrition in some patients, There

What symptom does liver cancer terminal have? The symptom of liver cancer

With the rapid development of the times, liver cancer is a kind of malignant tumor in our liver. Now it has become a serious threat to the health and life of our friends. In particular, many people don't know that they have liver cancer. Once they go to the examination, they have advanced liver

Early symptoms of AIDS?

For people living with HIV, the symptoms and signs of the disease can appear in just two weeks, or as long as three months. It is important to understand how HIV infection manifests at an early stage. Early detection ensures correct diagnosis and timely treatment, so that patients can live a full

How should right polycystic ovary treat

Polycystic ovary syndrome patients often show hirsutism, obesity, acne, amenorrhea and so on, but now some female patients do not show hirsutism, obesity and other symptoms, therefore, prevention and regular inspection become very important. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon

Acute gout treatment: Colchicine preferred?

At present, primary gout lacks the treatment of etiology, so it is an incurable disease. Most gout is caused by improper diet. Diet plays a very important role in inducing gout, that is, excessive intake of purine diet leads to reduced excretion in the body, resulting in excessive purine deposition

How is haemorrhoid haemorrhage treated

After incarceration of hemorrhoids, there are many different degrees of infection. The patient has symptoms such as acute back pain, obvious anal distension, etc. at this time, the infection is mostly limited to the anal part. If the infection is easily spread by forceful reduction, it will form

Is fart much the symptom of early pregnancy

Many women will have some uncomfortable symptoms after pregnancy, especially during the pregnancy reaction period, it will make the whole person very uncomfortable, especially when eating, there will be some very uncomfortable feelings, mainly vomiting, nausea and other symptoms. Is fart a symptom

Can advanced lung cancer eat cat

Lung cancer is not a strange disease. But we don't all know much about this disease. There are many methods for the treatment of lung cancer, and there are also traditional Chinese medicine methods for the treatment of lung cancer. It's best to use diet to regulate the late stage of lung cancer, so

What symptom can you have when blood pressure is tall

My husband is always dizzy. I don't know how it happened. Later, I went to the clinic to measure my blood pressure. I said it was high blood pressure. Later, I bought a blood pressure monitor. Later, I had nothing to do. When I was at home, my blood pressure was low again. The symptoms of high blood

How is stomachache fever to return a responsibility?

Stomachache is a kind of stubborn disease, which is difficult to cure and will recur repeatedly. There are many reasons for stomachache, such as dysmenorrhea in women, diarrhea caused by eating bad food, acclimatization, strenuous exercise after meals, eating too much, etc, What is the cause of high