Recently, my cousin has some abnormal performance, which will give people a feeling of mental retardation. I heard that he may have cerebral palsy, so I want to go to the hospital for specific examination to see if it is true. Next, let me talk about how to diagnose cerebral palsy. How is cerebral

Dizziness is a common phenomenon, and there are many reasons can cause dizziness, such as long-term anemia or malnutrition may cause, of course, dizziness also has many similar symptoms, let's talk about what is dizziness. What is dizzy First: otolith is the most common disease in clinic, mostly in

My appetite is getting worse and worse. I especially hate greasy food. Sometimes I don't have anything to eat. I feel nauseous and want to vomit, and my liver often hurts. After I went to the hospital for liver function examination, the doctor said that I suffered from big three yang. In order to

In many cases, abdominal distention is not a good situation. There are many reasons for abdominal distention, such as mental pressure, dyspepsia, etc., mainly due to insufficient gastric motility. Generally, they are full after meals, belching, restless, and don't think about food and tea; The

Skin is the mirror of the five zang organs. The causes of acne are mainly diet factors; personal behavior factors such as stool and sleep; hobby factors such as tobacco and wine; drug factors; cosmetics and skin care factors. So what are the details of acne patients' daily diet? Diet details of acne

How is child feverish disgusting to return a responsibility?

Fever is a common phenomenon, which is usually caused by infectious diseases. If some patients have a fever, viral people may continue to have a high fever. Therefore, reasonable treatment should be carried out, and oral antipyretic drugs can be chosen to alleviate the disease. However, if some

I'm working now. I smoke a lot. My teeth are yellow now. But I often go out to meet clients. It's a little ugly. A lot of friends don't know what factors affect tooth discomfort. Can't they implant teeth with periodontitis? Let me share some of my experiences with you. Can't have periodontitis

My husband went to the hospital last month and found out that he had prostatitis. The doctor treated him in time. Now his condition is getting better. Today, let me share with you how to treat prostatitis with traditional Chinese medicine. How to treat prostatitis in TCM Drug 1: Traditional Chinese

The general symptoms of patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease are low fever and easy to feel tired. Some patients have neurasthenia symptoms due to the long course of disease, such as low spirit, insomnia and discomfort. Abdominal distension, pain and lumbosacral pain, often in fatigue

My aunt is 44 years old this year. She has psoriasis on her back for more than a year. She has a lot of white pustules, but now her condition is under control. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to you that psoriasis can be cured in the early stage of consultation. Can

In this era of accelerating pace of life, more and more people have a variety of diseases. However, facial disease seems to have become a "hot disease" in people's mouth. Now many people will reflect that when half of their face is numb, sometimes they unconsciously feel numbness on one side of

The latest method of Parkinson's disease treatment? My grandfather is 75 years old. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a year ago. Before he got the disease, he was in good health. Now he is suffering from the disease and aging a lot. The latest treatment of Parkinson's disease First: at

Recently, I feel a little pain in my legs when I go upstairs and downstairs. I think it's because I'm too tired recently and I don't take it seriously. Recently, the pain is severe in rainy days, and it's even more painful in the joints. The doctor said it's osteoarthritis. In order to prevent this

Before I suffered from serious skin diseases, I had psoriasis, I suffered from scalp psoriasis, after several years of treatment, now has been basically cured, psoriasis is very stubborn, there are many patients found that psoriasis, even if the regular medication treatment, but also will find that

I didn't feel very well some time ago. I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that I had condyloma acuminatum. I was really scared and I didn't mess with the relationship between men and women. But now it's much better. I'd like to share with you how to do if pregnant women have

Many friends will feel full when they drink beer and have trouble after drinking. However, Chinese tradition has been going on all the time. Friends' loyalty and some politeness often make them have to drink. Here's how to deal with diarrhea after drinking beer. I'd like to explain the reasons for

When children are young, it is easy for them to have some diseases. The most common one should be some colds and fevers. Accompanied by fevers, there are also children's coughs. Many times, colds are cured, but coughs are still not cured. For this kind of situation, we have methods. How does child

I used to have a lot of pits and scars on my face because of acne. Now there is no acne on my face, but these scars can't go down. I did laser scar removal surgery, and slowly these scars were removed. Some friends don't know about laser scar removal. Can plastic surgery hospitals remove scars? What

During this period, the air quality was not very good. I felt dirty. As a result, I found many round papules on my skin. It looked red and itchy. After I went to the hospital, the doctor said it was flat wart. Today, let me share with you where to treat verruca plana. Where to treat flat wart

What reason is darling tongue coating red?

Red tongue is a common phenomenon in many babies. Many parents and friends don't understand this knowledge, and some don't pay attention to it. When my baby's tongue is red, he always likes to cry. Later, I took my baby to see a doctor to find out. Now I'll share the knowledge with you. I hope it