How does acne grow on the face do

My neighbor's child is 19 this year, full of pimples, red, very ugly, I think it is acne (acne), said that this age is easy to grow acne (acne), and then immediately carried out treatment, the situation is slightly better, let's share how to do acne on the face. How does acne grow on the face do

What symptom does allergic dermatitis symptom have

My mother-in-law recently had a lot of rashes. Some rashes have become erythema, and there are more and more. After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that she had allergic dermatitis, so we should choose the appropriate method to treat it. Now let's talk about the symptoms of

Can I have the same room 25 days after abortion

General abortion after a month to prohibit sex, so as not to cause upward infection. Pay attention to sexual health, fully understand contraceptive methods, informed choice, choose suitable contraceptive methods. So can we have a room 25 days after the flow of people? It certainly can't. let's have

The price of hyaluronic acid

My wife is 35 years old. Recently, she saw many people injected with hyaluronic acid, and Zou Wenming disappeared. Accompanied by me, she also went to the hospital for injection. Now her face is red and a little painful. After treatment, the adverse effect disappeared, and the skin effect is very

What symptom does cerebral hemorrhage have?

Cerebral hemorrhage we should be no stranger, belongs to a kind of stroke, more common, mainly occurs between the elderly, the cause is mainly caused by cerebrovascular disease, such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, and vascular aging, smoking and so on. Generally, it will induce diseases

What treatment method does epilepsy have?

In recent years, people's living standards are high and tempo is fast. Many factors that cause epilepsy have emerged. The incidence rate of epilepsy is increasing. This has seriously hindered children's physical and mental health, and has also brought many inconvenient to people's daily life. To

Look at the hospital with low cost of renal cancer

My uncle was found suffering from kidney cancer, fortunately early, the hospital doctor said early kidney cancer can be cured, in order to prevent you from the same disease, I'll introduce the hospital about the low cost of renal cancer. Look at the hospital with low cost of renal cancer First: the

What is the reason that finger does not have crescent

It seems that it is not particularly strange that there are no crescent teeth in the fingers. Healthy people have 8-10 white crescent teeth in about one fifth of the fingernails, which is called "nutrition circle". But now many people have no or only a few crescent teeth on their fingernails, some

What reason does schoolgirl have stomachache?

Students' physique is weak, many small ailments in girls will be mercilessly magnified, I believe that many girls most difficult to bear is stomachache. Stomachache may be caused by dysmenorrhea during menstruation, it may also be caused by gastrointestinal problems, but no matter what the reason, I

After cervical polyp operation

I am 31 years old this year. Last year, because of the sudden change of leucorrhea secretion, I had a gynecological examination. As a result, I was found to have a very small uterine polyp. After treatment, I have basically recovered. Now I would like to share with you the problems after the

How is pregnant always fart to return a responsibility

I don't know what's the matter with me. Since I was pregnant, I would feel that I often fart, and when I often fart, it doesn't taste good. But every time I fart, I feel relaxed and comfortable. Even when I sleep at night, I always fart, and once I accidentally farted when I was in love with my

What reason is perspiration of hand heat

Sweating is a normal phenomenon of the human body, high temperature, mental tension, eating stimulating food such as spicy, sour, bitter and so on can cause palms sweating. But in addition to these situations, we should pay attention to sweating when we shouldn't sweat. We should pay attention to

Can mammary gland hyperplasia be good after pregnancy

Generally speaking, when the symptoms of breast hyperplasia after pregnancy are mild, only mild premenstrual breast pain, scattered in small granular nodules in the breast, and its condition does not affect work and life, the breast can be lifted with a bra to relieve breast pain, without taking any

What reason is grain lip not colored

Due to busy work and other reasons, many people do not understand lip tattoo. With the development of life, people's living standards have improved. With the development of plastic surgery skills, more and more people want to make themselves more beautiful on the basis of the original. Therefore

Can papaya seed be eaten

Can papaya seed be eaten? Green papaya seeds immature is white, mature papaya seeds are black brown. Many people only take meat without seeds when eating papaya. In fact, papaya seeds have many uses. Don't waste them. So, can papaya seeds be eaten? Take a look at the answers below. Can papaya seed

Herpangina just found how to treat

The hospital said that the baby has viral angina, but now the baby's whole body is full of red rashes. I didn't see the baby scratch, so it should not itch. The water hung yesterday, but the fever subsided today. Doctors say that doing a good job in disease prevention can effectively reduce the

Where is impotence premature ejaculation treated better

In daily life, impotence makes a lot of people's family life have broken down, and even because the sexual life is not harmonious and disputes, to bring serious harm to men, perplexing many male friends, impotence premature ejaculation where to treat better? Do you have any experience with these

How can ability cure cervical vertebra disease

Cervical (lumbar) disc herniation is a stubborn disease, it is difficult to cure it thoroughly. Even the choice of surgical treatment is not completely cured, whether conservative treatment or non conservative treatment, the purpose is to reduce symptoms. Let's talk about how to cure cervical

E-ray unhairing expenses

For many female friends now, they are more beautiful. More and more people choose e-ray hair removal. Some time ago, my cousin also uses e-ray hair removal to remove the extra sweat on her body. The effect is quite good. Recently, I also want to do e-ray hair removal, but I can't go until the

What reason is urine stinky urine yellow

Yellow urine is a common symptom, so we should pay attention to it. There are many reasons for people to have yellow urine. Generally, it is due to long-term holding urine. Sometimes there is no urination at night. In the morning, it may lead to yellow urine. Therefore, it should be adjusted in