Symptoms of pulmonary edema?

Uncle is over sixty years old this year. Usually, the body is still very strong, there is no major problem, but recently the body appeared some symptoms, always cough, sweating, and respiratory distress symptoms, we see the situation is more serious, rushed to the hospital for treatment, the doctor

How to return a responsibility about shake head dizziness?

Recently, I often feel dizzy at work. I can't say what I feel, but occasionally I feel dizzy! Many people should have the phenomenon of dizziness. In fact, dizziness has a great impact on us. Some people with serious dizziness can't live and work normally. Let's take a look at the following. How to

Points for attention in the operation of removing bags under the eyes

A few months ago began to have bags under the eyes, and later more obvious, there are dark circles under the eyes. The skin under the eyes is thin and swollen. So decided to do the pouch surgery. So, what should be paid attention to? You know what? Today, let me share with you the precautions of

What symptom is constipation haemorrhage

Constipation bleeding, this is a common situation in patients with constipation, if there is blood in the stool this situation, we must cause enough attention of patients, in time to the hospital to do a check, because blood in the stool may be intestinal cancer, so this is a very dangerous thing

What kind of exercise prevents pancreatic cancer

My second uncle's health is not very good. Recently, a friend was found to have pancreatic cancer, which made my second uncle very afraid. I don't know what kind of exercise can prevent this disease. Now let me talk about which kind of exercise can prevent pancreatic cancer. What kind of exercise

What is female genital herpes like

With the change of people's life style, the sexual harmony between husband and wife is a medicine to promote the feelings. The satisfaction brought by the communication between sexual behaviors is indispensable for the relationship between husband and wife. In today's society, the husband and wife

How does eczema inflame fever return a responsibility?

We all know that suffering from eczema disease will be very painful, such a disease will undoubtedly affect the normal work and study of female friends. As a high incidence disease, it has a high recurrence rate, which is very harmful to the health of patients. At the same time, due to improper

Symptoms of hyperosteogeny of the wrist

Originally, we always thought that we would suffer from hyperosteogeny in middle age, but recently, the young people at home also suffered from hyperosteogeny, which made us very anxious, so we also found a lot of methods. Now I will introduce the symptoms of wrist bone hyperplasia? Symptoms of

Uterine residue symptoms after abortion?

Abortion surgery is the biggest harm to the uterus, women after surgery only to understand whether the uterus after abortion recovery is good, in order to better understand their body recovery, so the recovery of the uterus after abortion is very important. Everyone in life due to different

Predisposing factors for cervical cancer

The incidence rate of cervical cancer in women is not low in daily life. It also brings great harm to many families. So it is necessary to understand the cause of cervical cancer and diet treatment. According to my sister, she began to have irregular menstruation half a year ago, with a lot of

Can heart failure eat tea egg

Heart failure can be the result of a variety of cardiac abnormalities. It is an independent risk factor of perioperative cardiovascular events, which is determined by the degree of dysfunction. Including left ventricular systolic dysfunction and diastolic dysfunction. The special risk of heart

How does physical examination discover splenomegaly to return a responsibility

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's diet has changed a lot. In this case, there will be many diseases. For example, when we have physical examination, we have splenomegaly. In fact, there are more reasons for splenomegaly, such as infectious reasons, Generally speaking, for

What symptom does blood deficiency and palace cold have

From two years ago has been dysmenorrhea phenomenon, every time to menstruation, small abdominal pain is severe, sometimes need to take painkillers to relieve. And menstruation is not normal, either ahead of time is delayed, sometimes four or five days ahead of time. Leucorrhea is also a lot, every

How to do artificial abortion

I really feel that the leucorrhea below has become more and more. Now I have had abortion surgery for half a month, and I have paid attention to rest these days, but I always feel uncomfortable in my stomach. I went to have an operation yesterday. Now I want to talk about how to do artificial

How does the mouth often feel hot to return a responsibility

Many friends will encounter a trouble, get up in the morning or other time, the mouth will be inexplicably bitter, this is why, a Chinese medicine friend said, the mouth bitter, there are generally two reasons: first, the liver and gallbladder damp heat; second, stomach heat in this to tell you the

Early asymptomatic type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is a common type of diabetes in children. Incidence rate is increasing. It is one of the chronic diseases that have seriously endangered human health. These conditions are often accompanied by the symptoms of polyuria, overeating, emaciation and so on. Therefore, when patients

The harm of wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth pain went to the hospital to see the medicine that the doctor prescribed for me. You already know, and you didn't tell me anything. Now it seems that it will grind to the surrounding parts when eating, and it still hurts now. Now let me share the harm of wisdom teeth. The harm of wisdom

What symptom does rheumatic arthritis have

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common disease in our daily life, especially in summer and autumn, because our life is often very tired now, we often forget to take care of ourselves, and we often delay some of our diseases, so it will lead to serious diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and

How does infantile eczema redness do

Baby two months, but a lot of eczema on the face, especially in the middle of the eyebrows, has been red, if you wear more clothes, hot more serious, very red, but also very itchy. The doctor has been much better after treatment. I'd like to share my experience with you How does infantile eczema

How is cough always bad to return a responsibility?

For patients with cough, cough may be the only symptom of asthma, it is a relatively difficult to cure a good phenomenon, mainly for long-term stubborn dry cough, often in the inhalation of irritant odor, cold air, contact with allergens, exercise or upper respiratory tract infection induced, some