Is old tuberculosis difficult to be employed?

Can old sex tuberculosis cure? I have a friend who said that my friend's lung had old tuberculosis when I went to the hospital for examination last time. I asked my friend to go to the tuberculosis related hospital to have a look, so I went there. The doctor said that my friend needed to take

Three small details determine your chest size!

I believe that women are not afraid to be interested in this common situation. When it comes to safe breast enhancement, you should note that the development of women's breasts has a great relationship with food. Breast is rich in fat gland tissue, due to the relationship between Congenital heredity

Symptoms of potassium cyanate poisoning?

Cyanide is an acute poison, including hydrogen cyanide, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, ammonium cyanide and acrylonitrile. Hydrogen cyanide and acrylonitrile smoke can be quickly absorbed through the skin and respiratory tract. Cyanides block the circulation of tricarboxylic acid, so that the

What reason does uremia dizziness have

Recently, the company is going to lay off employees, so everyone is busy working. I'm under a lot of pressure. I often don't eat or drink. I feel that I'm going to be exhausted. I also have uremia. I always feel dizzy when I go to work these days. Today, let me learn from you the causes of uremic

Symptoms of congenital heart disease in infants

Heart disease has been harmful to health, so in infants with congenital heart disease is also more, so infants with congenital heart disease, mainly because of fetal heart vascular development is not perfect, appeared deformity and caused. Congenital heart disease in childhood is more common, mostly

What symptom does tuberculosis cavity have?

Tuberculosis is a common disease. In the past, it was an incurable disease. Now, although it can be well treated, if the treatment is not taken in time, it will form a cavity in the lung and pose a great threat to the health of patients. What are the clinical manifestations of pulmonary tuberculosis

What reason is blepharoptosis suddenly

Many people will have the situation of ptosis, ptosis mainly refers to the upper eyelid ptosis. The main symptom at this time is that the upper eyelid can not be partially or completely raised when the eyes are opened. And if such a situation exists for a long time, it will also lead to small eye

How much is myopia laser

I've been short-sighted since primary school. Now I'm married and have a baby. I still have a 600 degree appearance. I usually love beauty. I don't want to wear glasses, but I can't see without them. So I went to have laser surgery. Next, I'll tell you how much myopia laser costs. How much is myopia

What's the matter with blood in the urine

Urine with blood is hematuria, also known as hematuria. Normally, there are no red blood cells in the urine. In medicine, the patient's urine is centrifuged and precipitated and examined with a microscope. If there are more than 5 red blood cells in each high power field, it is called hematuria

How does foreskin long do

Redundant prepuce and phimosis bring inconvenience to many men's lives, but people are often hesitant to do phimosis surgery, because everyone does not understand phimosis surgery, so it is inevitable to worry. Now let's talk about how to do if the foreskin is too long. How does foreskin long do

Be alert to irregular menstruation as a sign of infertility

In life, we must pay attention to this kind of situation, why does irregular menstruation affect pregnancy? Pregnancy is a complex and delicate process. So special attention should be paid to this situation at any time to be vigilant, with the advent of puberty, women's menstruation will also

Symptoms of viral herpes

We should not be unfamiliar with viral herpes, which is a common viral skin disease, can be divided into herpes simplex and herpes zoster. It is mainly caused by virus infection, including herpes simplex virus and herpesvirus. The harm to patients is great, we need to pay attention to timely

What symptom is infantile anaemia

My baby is more than one year old now. She used to be very lively. Recently, she suddenly feels quiet. I don't know what's going on. She's not so active. But sometimes she feels easily irritated and sometimes she can't cry. And before chubby, now, it seems to be a lot thinner, I don't know whether

What method can treat psoriasis

As a result of suffering from psoriasis, the body often itch unbearable, some places also appeared some pustules, these years used the treatment of psoriasis method also has a lot of, some good effect, some general effect, in the end which method can make psoriasis better, I want to share my own

Symptoms of fasciitis?

Fasciitis, also known as fibrositis, is a comprehensive concept, which is a kind of nonspecific inflammation occurring in myofascial. It can occur in all parts of the body, mostly in the waist, posterior iliac crest and scapular region. For some patients with low back pain, small nodules may be

What cannot the person of kidney stone eat

Many diseases are caused by improper diet, kidney stones are no exception, and the formation of kidney stones has a great relationship with diet. Let's share the knowledge about what people with kidney stones can't eat. What cannot the person of kidney stone eat First: foods with high oxalic acid

What clinical manifestation does psoriasis have

At present, there are more and more people suffering from psoriasis. Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease with characteristic skin lesions and easy to relapse. But do patients with psoriasis know what clinical manifestations it has? The following is about the clinical

What should be paid attention to in the treatment of vitiligo

There were some small white spots on my hand since last year, and I didn't lose any dandruff. At first, I noticed that the area of my hand expanded, and I had both hands, which didn't hurt or itch. I went to see the dermatology department. The doctor said that it might be vitiligo. At present, he is

Can ulcerative colitis be cured with traditional Chinese medicine

If the patient suffered from ulcerative colitis, must be treated as soon as possible. Because if the disease can not be quickly controlled, it is likely to evolve into a more serious disease. It's a lot of treatment, let's talk about ulcerative colitis with Chinese medicine can be cured. Can

Syphilis patients are not infected after a few years

Syphilis is a chronic venereal disease, the number of patients in China is very large. And do not pay close attention to the effect of treatment on the organelle uterus is also very large. Now let's take a look at syphilis patients a few years later. Syphilis patients are not infected after a few