What are the causes of premature birth

For every expectant mother, she must be afraid of premature delivery, because premature delivery will not only threaten the health of the baby, premature infants are prone to jaundice, because the lung development is not complete, if there is dyspnea, improper treatment may cause neonatal death, but

What's the matter with the brown discharge?

It's a very painful thing to have brown secretions below. Women will discharge secretions in the vagina after puberty. Under normal circumstances, the color of secretions is transparent or white. If there are brown secretions on underwear, let's take a look at the following. What's the matter with

My sister got condyloma acuminatum, vulva has a lot of caviar size meat, in the middle grow cauliflower like fat, fingers into the vagina, feel also have small meat, in order to prevent you from this situation, I'd like to introduce women's treatment of condyloma acuminatum. Female treatment of

What medicine does loose stool take?

Loose stools have a serious impact on our lives. It's very annoying that loose stools will continue to go to the toilet, especially in front of colleagues. Many people don't know what's going on. I believe you can see the following. What medicine does loose stool take? First, loose stools may be

What dry fruit does cancer patient eat good

The mortality of male was higher than that of female (1.68:1). The death rate of male is higher than that of female. Of course, cancer is by no means an incurable disease. We must have confidence. This is the most important thing. What should cancer patients eat? What dry fruit does cancer patient

Pregnant 6 weeks did not see fetal heart how to return a responsibility?

About 6 weeks of pregnancy can be done B ultrasound examination, many women because it is the first time pregnant, will be more worried, but the process of pregnancy will indeed encounter a lot of problems, the following to share with you about 6 weeks of pregnancy without fetal heart rate. Pregnant

What reason is menstruation future not pregnant

With the improvement of living standards, especially now many office workers are facing the pressure of life, which also has a certain impact on their health. Postponing menstruation for more than 7 days is related to pregnancy, uterine diseases, egg nest diseases, gynecological inflammation

How is hand feeling feeble to return a responsibility

Now there are more and more people will have the phenomenon of hand weakness, so for patients with hand weakness, pay attention to their own maintenance, maybe many people usually have this kind of situation, that is, suddenly feel the weakness of the arm, or appear the symptoms of first numbness

Where is gonorrhea treated

For gonorrhea, the infectivity and harmfulness of the disease can basically be juxtaposed with syphilis. Patients suffering from gonorrhea are very painful and seriously affect their normal life and work, so we must pay attention to it. To tell you the truth, I'm gonorrhea too. After finding out

How to treat cerebral infarction? Scientific and accurate medication

Cerebral infarction often occurs in winter due to the sudden rise of blood pressure. Cerebral infarction is caused by cerebral ischemia and hypoxia due to the disturbance of blood supply to the brain. How to treat cerebral infarction. Now I will introduce several treatments. How to treat cerebral

What medicine does hand nerve injury take

Trauma and compression are the main causes of hand nerve injury. Once the patient is ill, the hand function will be greatly affected, and even lead to hand muscle atrophy. Let's see what medicine to take for hand nerve injury. What medicine does hand nerve injury take Drug 1:

How can appear body odor to do?

Female patients with body odor phenomenon, in daily life should be through effective methods to control the body odor problem, because the appearance of body odor, may affect the mental health of patients, may also lead to other physical symptoms of patients, so through effective methods to control

Symptoms of cystitis in children

Cystitis is not only the patent of adults, but also occurs in children. Because cystitis is not limited to any age group, the occurrence of cystitis will have a certain impact on our body. In particular, bacteria entering the urethra will cause certain damage to the bladder, and the bladder will be

How long does lung vertebra of sacral metastatic cancer live?

Before traveling, I met a patient with lung metastasis of sacral bone cancer. Later I learned that the effect of treatment for patients with advanced sacral bone cancer is not optimistic. If lung metastasis occurs at this time, it will undoubtedly make the situation worse. Lung metastasis not only

Symptoms of Yang Deficiency

Yang deficiency and hyperactivity of fire are not few people who know. In fact, Yang deficiency and hyperactivity of fire generally refer to yin deficiency and hyperactivity of fire. If patients with these diseases appear, they may feel uncomfortable and have some irritable symptoms. These may be

Forehead rhytidectomy price

Wrinkles on the forehead is very ugly, now I have done forehead rhytidectomy, the effect is still better, after the injection of hyaluronic acid, at first did not feel, now in the recovery stage, feel that the facial features three-dimensional up, forehead wrinkles disappeared, share with you about

As we all know, the oral cavity is used to speak and eat. Do you know that some common sexually transmitted diseases also have obvious lesions on oral mucosa? We can find traces of STDs in our mouths. It's good for protecting yourself and others. Now share with you how to treat tongue hairy

Cost of chemotherapy drugs for colon cancer

Colon cancer chemotherapy drug costs, treatment of colon cancer methods, but surgery is the only way to cure, in addition to chemotherapy, as well as radiotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, although it also has a certain role, but it can not cure the disease, but conditioning the

Drinking hurts the symptoms of stomach diarrhea

My husband always told me that his stomach was uncomfortable for only a few days. He was hungry intermittently. Sometimes it hurt for a while. Sometimes it was OK. He would feel numb and uncomfortable for a while. Every time he ate, he would choose to eat. He asked him what was the matter. He said

Phlebitis of foot symptom?

Phlebitis of the foot is one of the most common complications in the treatment of intravenous infusion, which is caused by the chemical inflammatory reaction of the local venous wall caused by the infusion of drugs with high concentration and high irritation in the meridians, or the plastic tube