China's vulnerable children are very big, for children with amblyopia such a common eye disease, not timely treatment of children's eye health will produce great harm, prevention is the fundamental, the following and everyone to understand, about amblyopia is what causes? It's a matter of time. What

There are always a lot of acne on my face, which can't be eliminated. It began to grow when I was still in adolescence. However, after adolescence, the acne still didn't disappear, and the people around me didn't disappear, but I still grow. For patients with this disease, we should treat them as

Is seminal vesicle space occupying cancer?

Seminal vesicle inflammation is one of the male urinary tract infections diseases. Although the incidence rate is not high, it will cause great harm to the patients. So when patients encounter these conditions, they must be treated in time, so that they can better live. Do not cause certain harm to

Penile erection is a normal physiological reaction that every man has. However, a small number of male penile erection time is short, which makes people very painful. Now I will tell you what is the reason for the short erection time. What is the reason for the short erection time Cause 1: the penis

In our life, the most widely used glue is 502 glue. Many friends have been stuck by 502 glue. 502 glue is a kind of glue with the composition of α - cyanoacrylate ethyl ester. This kind of glue can almost reach the degree of instant solidification. It is a transparent body without color. After

The expert that treats Insomnia Symptom?

Insomnia usually refers to a subjective experience that patients are not satisfied with the time and quality of sleep and affect daytime social function, including difficulty in falling asleep, frequent awakening and (or) early morning awakening. Can cause people's fatigue, restlessness, general

When it comes to cerebral palsy, it's actually a very bad one, because everyone wants to be good, especially when we know it ourselves. In fact, cerebral palsy is a situation in the brain, that is, we need to know it sometimes, that is, we sometimes have a bad situation, that is, we need to pay more

There was a friend who went to see her when she was pregnant. At that time, I met her with hand pain, so I went to the hospital with her. Today, I'd like to share the way that the doctor told my friend at that time!! How is pregnant wrist ache to return a responsibility? First: many pregnant mothers

Lung cancer in life is also a threat to the patient, especially in the late stage of lung cancer development, the disease is also relatively great harm to the patient's health, so, this article will be lung cancer resection surgery pain how long to make a detailed introduction. How long does the

My big cousin suffers from psoriasis. There are several white plaques on her arm. When these plaques are serious, there will be symptoms of exfoliation and bleeding. If you choose the right disease, you must find it early and treat it early. Now I will tell you about the medicine that psoriasis can

If the face is injured, causing damage to the nervous system, then it is likely to suffer from upper paralysis, this disease is terrible, we had better try to avoid. We know that facial paralysis has a great impact on everyone, not only on our health, but also on our image. After facial paralysis

My uncle used to be in good health, but in the past two years, because of the increasing age, his health problems gradually appeared. A few days ago, he went to the hospital for physical examination and found that he had liver disease. The doctor said that in addition to taking medicine, he must pay

Hypertensive nephropathy is a threat to people's health, people's kidney is very important, often drink people will easily suffer from hypertensive nephropathy. So it's better to give up as soon as possible. It's good for your health. My uncle suffers from hypertensive nephropathy, which is all

Patients with abnormal liver function will have anorexia, nausea, vomiting and other adverse symptoms, and the patient's body will have no strength, patients in addition to usual medication treatment, but also need to pay attention to daily life and diet, daily life should pay attention to a good

The serious consequences of cervical erosion is well known, the most terrible is suffering from cervical erosion, if you do not pay attention, not timely treatment, it may eventually occur cancer, which is very harmful to health. There are many reasons for cervical erosion, but a large part of the

Common symptoms of AIDS patients?

In a long incubation period, although the infected person has no self-conscious symptoms and looks like an ordinary person, the systemic immune system continues to be damaged by HIV. When the immune system function can no longer maintain the minimum defense ability, a variety of pathogenic

What disease is vertebral arch tuberculosis?

What disease is vertebral arch tuberculosis? Vertebral arch tuberculosis refers to the lesions limited to the pedicle, lamina, spinous process or transverse process, not secondary to the expansion of vertebral tuberculosis to the pedicle, transverse process or superior and inferior articular

Hepatitis B secondary infection symptoms?

Speaking of hepatitis B, you should be familiar with the incidence rate of hepatitis B in China. It is a chronic infectious disease. Hepatitis B does not cause too much impact on the health of the patients at the early stage of the disease. Therefore, hepatitis B is easily ignored in the early

Vomiting and dehydration?

Although no one can avoid getting sick, I believe that there must be patients with this disease around us. In fact, fever and dehydration is a very serious situation, which often makes patients lose some ability of living independently. Dehydration caused by fever is not very common. It only occurs

A relative in my hometown is a vitiligo patient, who has been suffering from the harm of this disease. We should understand the characteristics of vitiligo and treat it in time when we find it. Let's take a look at the initial symptoms of vitiligo. What are the initial symptoms of vitiligo Symptom