Can epilepsy be completely cured

A lot of people know about epilepsy, because there are always a few epilepsy patients around us, for example, my little cousin. Every time a epilepsy offender, he will scratch the people around him. Let's talk about whether epilepsy can be completely cured! Can epilepsy be completely cured First:

What to eat for blood fever

Heat into the blood, blood flow acceleration caused by the pathological state known as blood heat. The reason of blood heat can be roughly divided into two kinds. The first reason is that people with strong body, strong Yang Qi and like to eat spicy food are easy to cause blood heat. The second kind

How to treat a few cerebral infarction

Cerebral infarction is a common disease, which causes pain to patients. And in the process of treatment, due to the lack of understanding of patients with cerebral infarction and the nonstandard and inappropriate treatment of doctors, the repeated attacks of cerebral infarction are aggravating. How

How to treat children's gastrointestinal cold

Children's cold is one of the most common diseases in children. I believe many parents will be worried because of their children's cold and worry about causing other diseases. So how should children's cold be treated and cared? How to treat children's gastrointestinal cold First: do not blindly use

What symptom does vagina allergy have

Vaginitis disease is very common in our life, and there are many kinds, such as trichomonal vaginitis, mycotic vaginitis and so on. When there is vaginitis disease, we all need to pay attention to it. We must know our actual condition, check and treat it, and choose the right medicine. Today, I'll

Can kidney hamartoma drink soya bean milk

Can kidney hamartoma drink soya bean milk? There are more and more cancer patients now. One of my relatives suffered from renal hamartoma and were treated together. In addition to treatment, he is also very cautious in diet, so he has recovered well. Here I'll share with you the relevant knowledge

How does mould vaginitis cause

Vaginitis has become a common gynecological disease, and bacterial vaginitis is one of them. Once women suffer from this disease, it will seriously affect their lives. So women need to know more about the causes of bacterial vaginitis, in order to do more defense work. Let me introduce to you how

What does female psoriasis symptom have

For patients suffering from psoriasis, it must be timely treatment, otherwise you will always bear the psychological burden brought by psoriasis, which is a heavy shackle, has a great harm to us, so we have to timely treatment, today to explain the symptoms of female psoriasis. What does female

Early pancreatic cancer may be asymptomatic because of its small size and limited to the pancreas. With the progress of the disease, the tumor gradually increased, involving the gallbladder, pancreatic duct and peripancreatic tissue, symptoms can appear. At this time, the course of disease is often

What reason does normal leucorrhea have blood silk

Menstruation just go, these days of abdominal pain is very, and dysmenorrhea pain, but also a sense of falling. Leucorrhea is also more than usual, and there are red blood inside. Every day when I take a bath, I feel that there is a special smell in my lower body, but I can't say what kind of smell

Treatment impotence premature ejaculation in which better

My neighbor has been suffering from impotence for several years, so the couple's life is not harmonious, and they are also very anxious. They have seen many doctors, but the effect is not very good. Today, let me share with you where to treat impotence and premature ejaculation. Treatment impotence

What symptom does acute balanitis hang

Speaking of health, in fact, our living habits are closely related to health, For male friends, reproductive system is not particularly healthy, so it is necessary to form good habits at ordinary times. But glans penis is the most common in life. The glans penis affects the health of men. The

How does nasopharyngeal carcinoma dyspnea do

After suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma, my grandmother had dyspnea, mainly due to metastasis. Although she actively controlled it, she didn't control it later. Let's take a look at nasopharyngeal carcinoma dyspnea how to do. How does nasopharyngeal carcinoma dyspnea do First of all:

How can chronic nephritis be prevented and why?

This kind of disease is in the process of our life will certainly encounter, chronic glomerulonephritis is a very harmful disease to the human body, no matter how the heart should be clear, but in life patients often ignore the harm of rheumatism. Chronic nephritis is a chronic disease, if you want

When it comes to the problem of pelvic floor muscle spasm, I believe many people don't know much about it, but in fact, more than eight postpartum women have different degrees of pelvic floor muscle spasm in their life, which will cause a series of known and unknown harm to women. We must pay

What is the rehabilitation case of vitiligo

Vitiligo on the body for 4 years, before treatment, but no good treatment, now want to treat, about the treatment of vitiligo rehabilitation case is what? Do you know? Today, let me learn from you what the rehabilitation cases of vitiligo are. What is the rehabilitation case of vitiligo First:

Hot weather, people are prone to impetuous, emotional excitement, a large number of sweating outdoors is a normal phenomenon. However, some people sweat abnormally, night sweats are likely to be the precursor of heatstroke. Abnormal sweating in summer is mostly related to damp heat or heatstroke

What symptom does neck muscle strain have

With the increasing popularity of computers and mobile phones, people spend most of their working life sitting in front of computers or playing with mobile phones in various postures, which also brings a potential health hazard. Do you feel stiff muscles in the shoulder and neck? When the arm, neck

How should be breast cancer treated after bone metastasis

The death rate of cancer is the highest, and there is no cure for cancer at present. When it comes to breast cancer, we will not feel strange at all. Breast cancer is a very harmful gynecological tumor, and because the symptoms of early breast cancer patients are not obvious. So early breast cancer

What reason does crus have small white piece

In fact, in real life, our skin will always appear a variety of small problems, some are normal phenomenon, after a period of time will return to the original. But some abnormal phenomena will produce some skin diseases, such as vitiligo and other skin diseases. If there is a small white spot on the