What symptom is after natural abortion?

It is very common for female friends to have spontaneous abortion carelessly during pregnancy. There are many factors leading to this situation, but do you know what should be done after spontaneous abortion? Don't just get used to the simple ways you know how to deal with it. Now let me share with

Can AIDS be transmitted in asymptomatic period?

AIDS is a very harmful infectious disease. If you suspect that you are infected with AIDS after high-risk behavior, like all infectious diseases, the transmission of HIV needs to have three conditions at the same time: source of infection, route of transmission and susceptible person. The

What symptom does pregnancy have?

It's normal for women to have all kinds of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy. Some people have a smaller reaction, only occasionally have nausea or vomiting, while others have a big reaction, such as nausea, chest tightness and vomiting. The size of pregnancy reaction is related to the

Tea tree mushroom poisoning symptoms?

This type of patients generally appear 10 minutes to 2 hours after eating mushrooms. Mild symptoms were weakness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and watery diarrhea. The symptoms subsided quickly and the prognosis was good. However, in case of poisoning, severe vomiting and diarrhea may result in

Psoriasis should not eat what

Psoriasis 8 years, the condition is light, only the head lesions, in the local once used traditional Chinese medicine, oral Chinese medicine, topical Chinese medicine ointment. Now much better, here to share with you psoriasis should not eat what, hope to help more people. Psoriasis should not eat

What is the cause of cough?

Cough is a very common disease, it belongs to one of the symptoms of lung diseases, the causes of cough are very many and complex, long-term dry cough in the throat belongs to allergic cough in medicine, that is, people often say allergic bronchitis. How is throat long-term dry cough to return a

Symptoms of indigestion in baby

Because children are young and have poor digestion ability, if parents can't feed them correctly and give them everything, they will easily suffer from indigestion and affect their physical development. Now that the conditions are good, parents and friends want to give the best to their children

Does face lump put brown sugar to treat infantile diarrhea

There are many reasons leading to diarrhea in children. When this happens, we need to take timely measures to solve it and strive for the best effect. Now let's see if brown sugar is used to treat infantile diarrhea. Does face lump put brown sugar to treat infantile diarrhea First of all: brown

How is pinworm treated

Although pinworm seems to be a small disease, but pinworm caused by the problem is more, some patients with pinworm disease, mostly children. Their symptoms are not like to eat, sleep uneasy, and irritability, and some have night terrors, weight loss, and so on. At the same time, the main symptom is

How to treat gastric cancer

Gastric cancer is a terrible disease, and the harm caused by this disease to patients is also very big, and it is also difficult to treat. My uncle suffers from gastric cancer. This disease was found some time ago. Recently, hematemesis often occurs. Sometimes, abdominal pain symptoms appear, and

If have disease of Department of gynaecology how to treat?

Gynecological inflammation is the most common disease among female friends, and the incidence rate is very high. Gynecological inflammation is very extensive. It is a number of inflammation of female friends reproductive organs. Because of the different location of these inflammation, the harm to

What does haemorrhoid have augural

When I was defecating, I suddenly had hematochezia. There was a small meatball in the anus, the size of soybeans, a foreign body feeling, no pain and no itching. In the first two days, I had hematochezia. The doctor diagnosed it as external hemorrhoids. After taking a lot of drugs, my body was ok

What should infertility check

Many people know that if suffering from infertility, only through detailed examination to understand the cause of the disease can targeted treatment, so men suffering from infertility is no exception, after suffering from infertility also need detailed examination to understand the cause of the

Early symptoms of kidney disease?

Kidney disease is a kind of urinary system disease which seriously endangers human health. It is easy to recur and difficult to cure. Especially when the development of kidney disease to renal failure, systemic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease and hematopoiesis

Is vitiligo contagious

A friend suffering from vitiligo, feeling quite serious, white spots have spread a large area. When going to the hospital to check and consult the treatment method, the doctor said that her current situation should be treated. Next, I will tell you whether vitiligo is infectious Is vitiligo

What reason is the ache below girl navel

It seems that the condition of girl's navel pain is not particularly strange, navel pain is not very common, generally abdominal pain, so let's understand what is navel pain and what causes it. From a medical point of view, can cause the cause of pain around the navel really can not be less, what is

Does child caries affect tooth change?

Does child caries affect tooth change? Whether deciduous teeth or permanent teeth can have dental caries, lesions are generally very slow, first enamel caries, crown caries parts of the color into gray, tooth surface is not smooth, easy to have tartar accumulation. Caries in children is likely to

What to eat to treat cerebral insufficiency

Insufficient blood supply to the brain, for a long time, leads to brain fatigue and cerebral hypoxia. Brain fatigue aggravates the insufficiency of blood supply to the brain, forming a vicious circle. Therefore, the above symptoms should be treated from the aspects of improving blood supply to the

What should gestational diabetes pay attention to

Gestational diabetes found during pregnancy is very serious, in order to their own and fetal health, we must pay great attention to diet, next I will share with you what gestational diabetes need to pay attention to. What should gestational diabetes pay attention to First, we should pay attention to

What does the medicine that treats inflammation of Department of gynaecology have?

Gynecological disease is a common and frequently occurring disease in our life, and it is also a problem that most female friends will encounter. Gynecological disease not only has a high attack rate, but also is easy to attack repeatedly. In addition to the fact that women usually do not pay