What symptom is perforation of eardrum

Once the human ear disease occurs, it will affect the hearing of all of us. Even once the disease occurs, it will bring harm to the daily life of patients. In clinical practice, diseases such as perforation of eardrum are actually common diseases. Once the disease occurs, if the patients do not

How is early pregnancy haemorrhage to return a responsibility?

Pregnant women in order to avoid the impact of the fetus, in order to avoid this kind of occurrence, female friends must take precautions. Everything is done with care. But some women in early pregnancy will appear bleeding. So how is early pregnancy haemorrhage to return a responsibility? What

I have been suffering from epilepsy for more than a year. When I have seizures, my hands and feet will twitch and my consciousness is fuzzy. I don't know what I am doing. Until I find TCM treatment, it has been effectively controlled. So the following is to share the most advanced technology in the

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis in children

Children with chronic cough often have some potential diseases, the more common are congenital or secondary immune function defects, ciliary dyskinesia, airway malformations, asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis, proliferative body inflammation, postnasal drip or severe pneumonia (severe

What cold symptom is soreness of hand and foot?

The main symptoms of common cold are low fever, sore throat, runny nose and cough. But many patients in the cold will also feel the whole body ache, limb weakness phenomenon. This is a lot of cold patients have had the experience, patients will obviously feel more fatigue. Some patients also had

Bacterial vaginosis test positive is not good

In recent days, leucorrhea increased, grayish white, vaginal redness and fever, especially itching, pudendal smell, vaginal mucosa congestion, taking medicine also does not work, in the family's urge to go down the hospital to do an examination, said I had bacterial vaginitis, the doctor gave me

Why does adnexitis recur after menstruation

Recently, my mother called me and said that she had changed the adnexitis, which was very painful. She went to the hospital for examination and said that she needed to be hospitalized. But after treatment, now her condition has been controlled to a certain extent. For the problem of whether the

What to eat after lung cancer operation

Because I have lung cancer, I have been looking for a good treatment, but after my consultation, I learned that in addition to the treatment of lung cancer, I also need to do a good job in prevention. What should I eat after lung cancer surgery? Do you know anything about this? Now let's talk about

How is aspergillosis treated?

When it comes to pulmonary aspergillosis, many people may not understand it very well. It is a kind of respiratory disease, mainly caused by Aspergillus fumigatus. The main manifestations are fever, cough, expectoration sputum, chest pain, hemoptysis, dyspnea, etc. of course, these symptoms are not

How to treat psoriasis

Uncle has psoriasis for several years. The effect of those general treatment methods is not good. As a result, the condition is more and more serious. Let me introduce how to treat psoriasis. How to treat psoriasis First: UVB phototherapy. UVB phototherapy has been highly evaluated in the world

The most convenient method of freckle removal

I'm a 33 year old woman. I always thought that I had nothing to do with this kind of thing... Later I went to see a doctor. Now I'm much better. For this thing, there is still a lot of knowledge in it, the most convenient method of freckle, which everyone is concerned about, I'll learn from you. The

How to treat advanced gastric cancer with traditional Chinese Medicine

As the diet is becoming more and more unhealthy, more and more people suffer from gastric cancer. Unfortunately, I am one of them. I have suffered from gastric cancer for more than half a year, but now I am still in good control. After suffering from gastric cancer, in addition to cooperating with

Child female, now 14 years old, acne has been two years, went to the dermatology department also saw, also took a lot of medicine, ointment also wiped, for patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, now I will tell you about the left face acne is what reason this problem. What

The best time to take medicine for chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis is a kind of gastritis. The main reason for chronic gastritis is that there is a kind of bacteria called HP in the gastric mucosa, which leads to the occurrence of gastritis. Chronic gastritis should be treated in time. The following experience is the best time for chronic

The old people have worked hard for most of their lives, and they should enjoy the happiness in their old age. Health care for the elderly is very important. How should the elderly keep in good health? What are the ways to keep in good health? Let's have a specific understanding. Health products for

Is ovulation period haemorrhage serious

The situation of female vaginal bleeding, generally occurs in menstruation, ovulation bleeding phenomenon, make women very worried. Let's take a look at the serious bleeding during ovulation. Is ovulation period haemorrhage serious First of all: in the two regular menstruation, that is, ovulation

In the process of treatment, active review is also an essential step. To stabilize and cure the disease, active review is the key. After hyperthyroidism, in addition to active review, we should also go to the hospital to check the autoimmune diseases. It is very necessary to review TSH, T4 and T3 at

What are the symptoms of acclimatization

Because of the situation of work, I have been working from the north to the south for a period of time, and I found out what the symptoms of acclimatization are. Now I will share with you the problem of what the symptoms of acclimatization are. What are the symptoms of acclimatization Symptom 1:

Parkinson's disease is a common mental disease. The reason why young people suffer from Parkinson's disease is probably due to their bad living habits, like staying up late, eating heavy taste, high salt content, stimulating food, high life pressure and depression. However, most of this disease

Is ichthyosis intractable

I'm 40 years old this year. I've been suffering from ichthyosis for a long time. My skin is itchy, I look terrible and I feel sad. After treatment, I've improved. Is ichthyosis intractable? Now let's take a look at it! Is ichthyosis intractable Treatment 1: Shengxue Runfu drink: the prescriptions