What sequela does open double eyelid have

All along, my eyelids are relatively thin, and the eyes themselves are not big. In addition, the single eyelid is even more narrow. Recently, my eyelids are flabby and inflexible, so I want to open my double eyelids. Now let's learn the sequelae of double eyelid surgery. What sequela does open

What symptom is gastric belching

Stomach is our body's digestion and absorption of the place, and stomach is also very delicate, eat well will lead to discomfort, and share the symptoms of stomach belching. What symptom is gastric belching Symptom 1: Food stagnation, stomach stagnation, belching: accompanied by sour odor, belching

How is cold spit sour water to return a responsibility?

With the advent of autumn, many areas have entered the dry season. Dry air has become the best way to spread bacteria. The sharp drop in temperature makes it difficult for many people to adapt to it, and they are hurt by "dryness pathogen". According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lung of

Nursing ward round ppt of myasthenia gravis

It's been 7-8 years since I had a little numbness at the beginning, and now I don't listen to you at all. My hands and feet are numb and I can't stand. I've been in a wheelchair for a few months. It's myasthenia gravis. Now it's much better. I'd like to share my experience in nursing rounds of

How much does colon cancer need to treat

How much does it cost to treat colon cancer? Scientific treatment is very necessary when suffering from colon cancer disease. Experts from www.qq.com said: surgery is generally used for the treatment of colon cancer. Some problems need to be paid attention to when using surgery. The most important

How to do with accessory milk

Accessory breast is a kind of other breast except normal breast. It usually appears in armpit or groin, which is mainly caused by dysplasia. As soon as a woman gives birth to a child, she begins to have a baby. During the period of confinement, she should give her child reasonable feeding. Of

How is the face of darling very yellow to return a responsibility?

Some careful mothers will find that the new born child's face is yellow, at this time will let the mothers feel very scared, do not know what is the cause of neonatal face yellow, so will be very anxious, so the baby's face is yellow is how to return a responsibility? Now let's learn about it. How

Symptoms at 24 weeks of pregnancy

At 24 weeks of gestation, the fetus is about 25-30cm in length and 500-550g in weight. At this time, the baby begins to fill the whole space in the mother's womb. At this time, the baby's skin is thin and there are many small wrinkles, covered with small fetal hair. Tell us about the symptoms of

The harm of eating pork tapeworm?

In recent years, there have been many reports and rumors about people eating pork tapeworm. This is a kind of disease and insect that can be parasitic in the human body. If people eat diseased pork containing pork tapeworm, they will infect the eggs, damage the digestive function of the human

How is gastritis caused belch treated

Chronic gastritis is a common chronic disease in the Department of Gastroenterology, which is also caused by the irregular diet and living habits of patients for a long time. The main clinical symptoms of patients are pain, flatulence, belching, acid regurgitation, belching, etc., which should be

Fetishism is to like the opposite sex's stockings, underwear and other items, sometimes just to see can get physiological pleasure. In fact, most of the reasons for the emergence of fetishism are psychological reasons, through appropriate methods or can give up the patient's fetishism. Fetishism

Can oviduct obstruction cause infertility

My sister is suffering from infertility, now my sister is in the hospital to buy medicine treatment, but the effect is not good, my sister has no children, sometimes that is to say his abdominal pain, very uncomfortable. The doctor prescribed the medicine on the same day, and now we are taking the

What are the precautions before embedding double eyelids

Last week, I met two colleagues from other departments when I clocked out from work. I found that they both went to do double eyelid embedding. She asked me to think about it. Do you want to do it or not, because I'm also single eyelid. The effect of them is good. I'm going to do one too. I don't

Does chronic cervicitis need treatment

My wife's first aunt did leucorrhea culture, found mycoplasma infection, sticky texture, and a large number of white blood cells, personal found abnormal leucorrhea for more than half a year, recently in the hospital inspection said that cervicitis is serious, the day the doctor to prescribe

What kind of symptom does premature ejaculation have

Premature ejaculation as a common symptom, premature ejaculation is now more common ejaculation dysfunction phenomenon. I believe we are not unfamiliar with, in the weekdays must make love to their own body more care and maintenance, usually when men lose the ability to control ejaculation during

What special performance does psoriasis symptom have

Actually got psoriasis, these three years, ah, everywhere looking for medical treatment, physical and mental have, for patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, but through treatment, now the condition also has a certain control, for psoriasis symptoms what special

Hyperthyroidism is a common clinical abnormal disease of the body caused by abnormal thyroxine secretion. Hyperthyroidism is caused by excessive thyroxine secretion. In addition, patients have nerve excitement, increased appetite, increased food intake, increased frequency of defecation, enhanced

There are many reasons for habitual abortion, many habitual abortion people will have abortion in less than 20 weeks after pregnancy or earlier, so how to cure the problem of habitual abortion infertility, let me share with you. How to cure habitual abortion infertility First, prevention first

What reason is insomnia at night?

In recent years, with the increasing pressure of people's life, we must pay attention to the medication, more and more young people suffer from insomnia and dreaminess. And insomnia and dreaminess is not only can't sleep so simple, but will bring harm to the body, will also affect the quality of

Last week, I suddenly found this piece of white after taking a bath. I don't know why. Worried about vitiligo, so went to the hospital to see, the result is vitiligo, after treatment has improved, to share under the face of long vitiligo how to treat. How to treat vitiligo on the face First: there