What reason is face lump

In life, we should timely avoid the occurrence of facial lumps. For some people, facial swelling is a big problem. So how can we solve it and have a beautiful face that we long for? I have some ways to share with you. What reason is face lump First: first of all, keep rice washing water, because

Is Ankahuangmin capsule quick acting cold capsule

Ankahuangmin capsule is used to relieve some adverse symptoms of common cold, such as fever. It belongs to the scope of a kind of cold medicine. The symptoms of quick acting cold capsule are also some symptoms of common cold. Let's talk about whether Ankahuangmin capsule is quick acting cold

Panax Notoginseng Powder diarrhea how to return a responsibility

Many people know that traditional Chinese medicine has many effects. Some traditional Chinese medicine can also be drunk, such as Angelica sinensis, Angelica sinensis and boiled egg water, which can relieve dysmenorrhea. There is also Sanqi powder, which is a traditional Chinese medicine for

Symptoms of early atrophic rhinitis

Mention atrophic rhinitis, I believe we are not unfamiliar, in order to avoid this kind of appearance, female friends must take precautions. Although we didn't pay attention to the disease, it brought a lot of pain to the patients when it happened. In fact, the environment we live in is very

How is ejaculation amount little to return a responsibility

Although people's living standards have improved, people's living habits have become more and more unscientific. A healthy and mature man's semen output is generally 1-6 ml each time. If the semen output is lower than this, it means that the semen output is too small. Ejaculation amount is little

What reason is vaginal haemorrhage before menstruation 7 days

This kind of disease is in the process of our life will certainly encounter, female vaginal bleeding, refers to from the genital tract, any part of the bleeding, this bleeding form, can be divided into menorrhagia, or menstrual period extension, irregular bleeding or contact bleeding, this kind of

Menstruation is little, and what reason is ahead of time

With the acceleration of people's pace of life now, less menstruation in advance has become a more common disease. Generally, the menstrual cycle of women is about 28 days, and it is normal for women to advance or retreat one or two days. But when women's menstruation is advanced every month, and

Symptoms of the ninth month of pregnancy

Pregnant women of nine months are about to give birth, so for pregnant women, do not do some strenuous exercise, so there will be some abortion phenomenon, do not have some strenuous exercise, this may lead to the baby can not hold, the symptoms of the ninth month of pregnancy, let me tell you

What are the diagnostic tests of vitiligo

Recently long a white spot, at the beginning of the white spot is not very big, but later the color of white, become and around the skin color is not the same, feel very smooth, like vitiligo. Let's talk about the diagnosis of vitiligo. What are the diagnostic tests of vitiligo First: through 100

How many days of pregnancy do painless abortion

Some time ago, my big cousin got pregnant unexpectedly and went to the hospital for painless abortion. Because of work, now the child doesn't want to do it for the time being, so the effect is quite good. For the patients who also choose painless abortion now, we must make a decision as early as

Bacterial vaginitis can be said to be a very serious gynecological disease, if not treated in time, it is likely to cause infertility, so the treatment of bacterial vaginitis is urgent, but before we treat bacterial vaginitis, we must have a certain understanding of him, so as to be able to

How to make black carp

The meat of black carp is tender and delicious, rich in protein and fat, as well as trace elements such as selenium and iodine, which has the effect of anti-aging and anti-cancer. Black carp is delicious, but how to make it? Here is how to introduce the practice of black carp in this experience. How

What symptom is uterine epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a common disease in our life, and it is also a disease that trains people's will. There are many reasons for epilepsy. However, with the improvement of medical level, most of the diseases can be controlled, or even cured. No matter what kind of disease is, it needs to be found in time

Adnexitis belongs to the inflammation of patients' uterine appendages. This disease needs timely treatment for women, because adnexitis does great harm to women's health, but many women also take medicine, but the effect is not very good. This may be related to some misunderstandings of women's

How is dizziness bitter mouth to return a responsibility?

My friend gets up in the morning with headache and heavy head, and has the habit of sleeping without pillows. He used to feel good. During this period of time, he often gets up in the morning with pain in the left lower side behind his head, which leads to a bad state all the time. His head is

What symptom does forest encephalitis have?

Forest encephalitis is an acute central nervous system infectious disease caused by tick borne forest encephalitis virus. Clinically, it is characterized by high fever, headache, disturbance of consciousness, meningeal irritation and paralysis, with sequelae and high mortality. What symptom does

Arthritis health products

As the autumn wind cools and the weather turns cold, many middle-aged and elderly people suffering from "bone spurs", "bone hyperplasia" and waist and leg pain begin to worry again. The main treatment of osteoarthritis is non drug treatment. The first choice is to implement the correct lifestyle and

How to treat leukoplakia on the child's face

My son has leukoplakia on his face, and it will spread. Later, after treatment, the disease is under control. For patients with this disease, we should treat them as soon as possible. Now I will tell you about how to treat children's leukoplakia. How to treat leukoplakia on the child's face

Early symptoms of childhood lymphatic carcinoma?

Lymphatic carcinoma in children is a malignant disease. Many parents of children missed the best opportunity for treatment because they did not know the symptoms of childhood lymphatic cancer. The clinical manifestations of children's lymph node cancer are quite different. Some patients have only

There are many patients with hydronephrosis in our life. Both men and women may suffer from this disease. I have a brother's father who was hospitalized a few days ago and said that he had hydronephrosis. My brother has no spirit to go to school every day. I am very worried about his father. I have