How is toe blackening to return a responsibility

Most people don't know about the blackness of toes, and few people encounter it. However, we still need to know that blackness of toenails is also a common symptom of people's feet in life. Generally speaking, there are two possibilities for blackness of toenails, one is onychomycosis, and the other

The main causes of cerebral palsy

There are a lot of problems that we should pay attention to when we check and take care of the baby. Now some of the problems are obvious when we take care of the baby at home. Now let's talk about the main cause of cerebral palsy. The main causes of cerebral palsy First: the formation of cerebral

My boyfriend is in good health all the time, but he suddenly convulsed a few days ago. He didn't respond. At that time, he scared me and rushed him to the hospital. The doctor said that it was caused by epilepsy. After several days of treatment in the hospital, he got better. Is it a good way to

What causes hair loss

Alopecia is a common disease in our daily life. A relative of my family suffered from severe alopecia. Recently, he went to the hospital for treatment. After a period of treatment, his condition was well controlled. Now I will tell you about the problem of what causes hair loss. What causes hair

How does shoulder muscle rub very hard open?

Soft tissue injury: soft tissue refers to human skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, tendon, ligament, joint capsule, synovial sac, nerve, blood vessel, etc. These tissues in the role of external forces, the occurrence of functional or structural abnormalities, known as soft tissue injury. Acute

Baby eczema picture what ointment

Because children's skin is more delicate, in the use of drugs above is to pay more attention to the use of what drug effect is the best, there will be no side effects? Of course, pure Chinese herbal medicine is the safest and has the best effect. Here we introduce a kind of Chinese herbal medicine

What about the treatment of psoriasis in the development stage

Got psoriasis vulgaris, the doctor this is the initial onset, good treatment can be controlled, usually life should pay more attention to. After a period of treatment, I feel much better now. Let's talk about the treatment of psoriasis development. What about the treatment of psoriasis in the

How to cut redundant prepuce

Some time ago, Xiao Wang in the office went to the hospital for circumcision. Now he is still in the recovery period. He feels like he is in pain on weekdays. When he walks, he will limp. It seems very inconvenient. Today, let me talk about how to cut the redundant prepuce. How to cut redundant

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a common disease, we work next to the computer or lie in bed playing mobile phones are easy to cause cervical spondylosis. At the beginning, the symptom of cervical spondylosis was just a little pain in the shoulder. Later, the symptoms will get worse. So try not to work for

What symptom does female vaginitis have after?

Although vaginitis is a common female disease, but it may cause more serious gynecological diseases, and even cancer, so vaginitis must not be ignored. Let's take a look at the specific situation of vaginitis. What symptom does female vaginitis have after? 1. Nonspecific vaginitis symptoms: vaginal

Pregnancy can't tell what's going on

Many women find that when they don't have their menstruation, they may think that they are pregnant when they meet people with more accurate menstruation. In this case, the probability of pregnancy is relatively high. There are many methods for women to test their pregnancy, but many people test

Symptoms of stroke

Stroke, also known as stroke. Stroke is a kind of cerebral blood circulation disorder, which is characterized by sudden fainting, unconsciousness, accompanied by angular deviation, language fluency and hemiplegia. Stroke incidence rate is relatively high, and high mortality, high disability rate

Because of different constitutions, Everyone's treatment of self-made fermented rice will change. Fermented rice is my favorite when I was a child. I don't think you should also understand it. The light sweet smell of wine is so charming. I think no one doesn't love it ~ ~ it's not only delicious

Can infantile epilepsy cure itself without treatment?

Many parents of children with epilepsy will worry about whether children with epilepsy can be cured. In fact, epilepsy can be cured. But the probability of cure is not 100%, and each child's illness is not the same. Only according to the actual situation of the child can we judge whether the child

Cool oil and what ointment treat psoriasis

Recently, a patient with psoriasis around me was a little irritable, because his condition had been for a while, but it didn't get better. So I heard that Qingliang oil and what ointment were used to treat psoriasis, but I didn't know. So I inquired about the relevant information on the Internet

Benefits of lettuce for pregnant women

The taste of lettuce is really good. I can often eat a bottle for a meal myself. In fact, lettuce is suitable for expectant mothers to eat during pregnancy, which can help expectant mothers to regulate their health. If you don't know enough about the efficacy and function of lettuce, let's take a

Left lower abdominal pain with bloody stool?

My job is computer work. I often stay up late until 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. and sit for several hours. Before, I used to sit like this, but I was a little tired. Sometimes I got tired and went out for a walk. In the past month, I have found that my left lower abdomen is aching faintly, sometimes light

What to eat to replenish qi and blood? Reasonable choice of food

There are a lot of food that can nourish Qi and blood in daily life. As long as the food choice is reasonable, everyone will have a ruddy and shiny face. As the saying goes, "medicine is better than food", so once you find that your qi and blood are insufficient, you must choose the appropriate food

What is the treatment of adnexitis?

Illness is inevitable, the treatment of adnexitis must be timely and effective, encounter this situation I think the mood is the same, as a common gynecological disease, it is very necessary to understand the treatment of some adnexitis related content, so adnexitis less blood must be actively

How is paronychia terminal treated

Paronychia has suppurated in the late stage, it is necessary to carry out the work of clearing pus and eliminating inflammation, and then it may be necessary to pull out or inlay nails. Usually pay attention not to touch water, food should be light, can't eat greasy spicy food. Eat more vegetables