How does cough alvine ache return a responsibility?

After getting up this morning, I went out to play for a while. Maybe I didn't wear enough clothes. I felt a little uncomfortable when I got home. I have a little cough. I don't care much about it. When I went to the swimming pool in the morning, I coughed even more, and I had a stomachache. Now when

How is anal haemorrhage to return a responsibility

Anal bleeding is a serious anal disease. In this case, patients should be treated in a timely manner with targeted methods. First of all, patients should check what causes anal bleeding. There are many causes of anal bleeding, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula, rectal diseases, etc

Early symptoms of syphilis

Syphilis is a highly infectious infectious disease, which is a very common disease in our life, and also a disease that plagues many people. This is mainly because sexual contact is the main way of transmission. Generally, 95% of people are sexually transmitted. The early infectivity of syphilis is

How much is vitiligo covering liquid

Granny Li has some vitiligo on her arm. It's hard to avoid wearing short sleeves in summer. It will be seen at that time. This is not good. It's said that there is a kind of covering liquid for vitiligo, but the price is not clear. Let me tell you how much it is. How much is vitiligo covering liquid

Is atrial septal defect 4 mm serious

A few days ago, when I took my child to have a physical examination, the physical examination sheet said that the atrial septal defect was 4mm, because I went to the doctor for some consultation. Now I'll share with you whether the atrial septal defect is 4mm serious. Is atrial septal defect 4 mm

What symptom does encephalitis have

I'm 41 years old this year. I'm in good health and seldom get sick. But until last month, our company organized outdoor activities. Soon after I came back, I had a cold, but I didn't pay attention to it. As a result, a week later, I had a high fever. I hung a bottle in the outpatient clinic outside

Initial picture of female vaginal furuncle

I just had a lump growing under the vulva. I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said it was vulva furuncle. After treatment, the patient's condition has been controlled to a certain extent. For the initial picture of female vaginal furuncle, let me tell you. Initial picture of female

What symptom does congenital lambs wind have

Recently, I had a serious attack of leprosy. I didn't realize it every time. I always lay on the ground when I woke up, so I was a little afraid. I was worried about my disease all the time. When I went to the reexamination, the doctor said that it was congenital leprosy, which was troublesome to

Acute symptoms of lumbar disc herniation?

Lumbar disc herniation is a kind of common disease in daily life. After suffering from lumbar disc herniation, patients often have typical symptoms such as limited lumbar movement, waist pain, lower limb radiation pain. Now, due to the frequent occurrence of this disease, more and more people's

What's wrong with the uneven complexion of the face

Black face is mostly due to poor rest. In the past, the skin was very good, and many friends envied the skin. Suddenly, the face has turned black recently, and facial cleanser doesn't work, especially for girls who love beauty. I feel very puzzled. Now let me tell you what happened. What's wrong

How can scabies be treated thoroughly?

Many patients say that scabies are stubborn and difficult to cure. At the beginning, I thought it was impossible to cure, but later I found that it was not like that. In fact, scabies are very easy to remove. It is difficult to treat those small details during the treatment period. How can scabies

How is there a white lump on the face to return a responsibility

It is estimated that most people have heard of white patches on their faces, but they don't really understand them. The face is our facade, so if there is a problem, it is very intuitive, as long as you look in the mirror, you can see the changes of the face, some faces will grow white, but it is

What is the reason of yellow tongue coating?

Under normal circumstances, yellow tongue coating is a symptom of heat. In the yellow tongue coating at the same time, there will be hot nose, bad breath and other symptoms. If the simple tongue coating is yellow, then it proves that the body's heat is too much to be consumed. I've got symptoms of

What symptom does food poisoning have

In hot summer, when the temperature is higher, a lot of food at home will be corrupt. At this time, bacteria will take the opportunity to invade people's body, which is very easy to lead to food poisoning. What are the symptoms of food poisoning. Let's discuss it together. Only when we know the

What meaning is albuminuria weak positive

For the first urine test, I went to bed late a few days before the physical examination. I had a large amount of exercise the day before, and I didn't drink water that day, so my urine was rarely thick. In the urine routine, the urine protein is 1 +, others are normal. After seeing the doctor, the

Early pregnancy symptoms give birth to a girl?

Some women who want to be pregnant are always suspicious and feel that they are pregnant; On the contrary, some women are very careless, they have been pregnant, did not know. These are all caused by the lack of knowledge about pregnancy reaction. In general, the diagnosis of pregnancy is usually

How to prevent pituitary dwarfism?

Pituitary dwarfism refers to the growth and development disorder caused by the lack of growth hormone in the anterior pituitary before puberty. At present, the only effective treatment for this disease is human growth hormone (hGH) replacement therapy. How to prevent pituitary dwarfism? Next, I'd

How to eliminate the acne on the face

I'm a boy. I'm in puberty. My face is crazy with acne, which has seriously affected my life. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce how to eliminate acne on my face. How to eliminate the acne on the face Method 1: antibiotics: oral tetracycline, erythromycin, roxithromycin

How to improve immunity

Sometimes we feel very tired, not only because of our regular work, but also because of our low immunity. So how can we improve our immunity? Now let's introduce the treatment. How to improve immunity Method 1: reasonable nutrition, nutrition should be balanced, not partial diet, partial diet will

What method does the treatment of vitiligo have

A good friend, has always said that God is fair, gave her a good figure at the same time let her suffer from vitiligo this disease, she had a good figure, but because of vitiligo can not wear good-looking clothes, but recently slowly improved, do you want to know the treatment of vitiligo what