Some time ago, I had acne on my face. I tried all kinds of methods to treat it. Now acne is finally cured, but it leaves scars. Now I am using freckle cream to remove scars. It's better to tell you how to remove the scars left by acne! How does the scar that acne leaves remove Method 1: more serious

Whelk this thing in the growth period, will lead to some acne on people's skin, if people remove the acne, people's body will appear some acne scar these situations, but people in the treatment of whelk this disease should pay attention to the method, people all know, in the treatment of whelk this

On the 16th of last month, I had a double eyelid operation (liposuction during the operation), which may be the cause of my allergic constitution. Now more than a month has passed, my eyes, especially the head of the eye, are still red and swollen (purplish red), and the head of the eye has the

As girlfriends grow older, bags under the eyes become more and more obvious. So want to plastic surgery, now there are many ways to remove bags under the eyes, the doctor asked, also understand, now let me share with you the price of removing bags under the eyes plastic surgery. How much is the

Two cheek Zhang acne, I have the feeling that I may be dependent dermatitis, I feel that this acne is not ordinary acne, finally went to a big hospital for treatment, now has improved a lot. Today, I'd like to share with you how to get rid of acne, which we all want to know. How to get rid of acne

All these years, I have been ridiculed by friends around me, because my chest development is not very good, my figure is flat, and I laugh that I am an airport. Moreover, I feel that I don't look good in clothes, and I don't have any femininity. Some time ago, I had liposuction and breast

People with acne are very particular about their diet! As a girl, her face is full of pimples and marks. In the face of her own face, I dare not summon up the courage to find someone. Doudou has been bothering me, and I feel inferior. Let's talk about what people with acne eat. What does the person

Every time before and after menstruation, there will be a lot of acne, but every time the acne is difficult to disappear by itself, very worried about this problem, after finding out this problem, the doctor gave me timely treatment, now the condition is slowly improving, today let me share with you

The acne on my face has been growing for many years, I still have a lot, used a lot of skin care products, took a lot of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, but it has never been good, through the treatment of the hospital, now the condition is stable, let me introduce how to treat

With the continuous popularity of micro plastic surgery, people's acceptance of micro plastic surgery is becoming stronger and stronger. From the initial doubt and opposition to the present pursuit, it shows that micro plastic technology has been recognized by most people. In the field of micro

After growing acne, if you don't adjust your living habits and treat it in time, the situation will be more serious. There are a lot of acne on my face now, and sometimes I'm embarrassed to go out. Let's tell you what you should pay attention to when you grow acne! Precautions for acne First: after

I've had chickenpox on my face for a long time. The whole face is full of acne, and when I touch it, it will come out of the water. It looks very disgusting. These days, I've left acne scars all over my face. I'm really scared. Let's talk about how to treat chickenpox scar. How to treat varicella

I am now over puberty, but a lot of acne and other things appear on my face. I haven't seen it well after a long time. Patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible. Now I will tell you about how to treat acne. How to treat whelk? Method 1: now the relatively easy to use small

Since I was young, I love to be beautiful. I buy clothes and cosmetics for myself before I earn money at work. When I have a child, I spend more money on my own body. As the child grows up, I have wrinkles on my face, and the crow's feet under my eyes are particularly obvious. Because it's hard to

Usually, my classmates always laugh at me for being a big pie face. I also feel very low self-esteem for this. I went to the hospital with my family on my back to have a face reduction operation. My friends praised me for being beautiful at the first sight. So, how much is the price of thin face

My chest has always been relatively small. I don't know if it didn't develop well during puberty. It's flat and I can't wear clothes. My friends sometimes make fun of me. Recently, my boyfriend always thinks that my chest is small and says that he likes big breasts. If he feels it, I secretly went

We all know that obesity is divided into congenital and postnatal. Congenital obesity is usually caused by genetic factors or some congenital diseases. Acquired factors are mainly caused by eating too much, less exercise and unreasonable diet structure. Generally, congenital obesity is incurable

I'm still very young, only in my 20s. I still have a lot of acne on my face. I've tried to buy skin care products, but it still has no effect. I'm not happy to see so many acne. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I will tell you about the treatment of hospital

Two months ago, I had a few more acne on my face. Within a week, it suddenly developed rapidly, quickly became very painful and deteriorated rapidly. Now it's very serious, ugly, painful and itchy. Today, let me tell you how to remove the acne on my nose. How does the whelk of nose remove Method 1:

The sweat hair on the body is relatively heavy, especially on the lower leg. We often take depilatory cream to remove the sweat hair on the lower leg. The more depilatory the hair on the lower leg is, the longer and the blacker it is. There is no treatment. What should we do if we encounter this