Forehead rhytidectomy price

Wrinkles on the forehead is very ugly, now I have done forehead rhytidectomy, the effect is still better, after the injection of hyaluronic acid, at first did not feel, now in the recovery stage, feel that the facial features three-dimensional up, forehead wrinkles disappeared, share with you about

Is the effect of electric wave skin lifting good

Maybe it's because I'm old and I don't pay attention to maintenance, so I feel that my skin is very bad, and it feels very rough, and there is no moisture, and there are wrinkles. I really want to do radio wave skin lift. Today, let me tell you about the effect of radio wave skin lift. Is the effect

What sequela does open double eyelid have

All along, my eyelids are relatively thin, and the eyes themselves are not big. In addition, the single eyelid is even more narrow. Recently, my eyelids are flabby and inflexible, so I want to open my double eyelids. Now let's learn the sequelae of double eyelid surgery. What sequela does open

What are the precautions before embedding double eyelids

Last week, I met two colleagues from other departments when I clocked out from work. I found that they both went to do double eyelid embedding. She asked me to think about it. Do you want to do it or not, because I'm also single eyelid. The effect of them is good. I'm going to do one too. I don't

What does eat dispel whelk

Acne is a multifactorial disease, its pathogenesis is mainly related to sex hormone levels, sebaceous gland secretion, inflammation and other factors. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to you what to eat to eliminate acne. What does eat dispel whelk First: Houttuynia

Treatment of nevus of Ota

I had a mole on my face since I was a child. I was once diagnosed with nevus of Ota, and I went to the hospital for treatment. I also learned some knowledge about this from the doctor. Today, I'd like to learn some pictures about the treatment of nevus of Ota. Treatment of nevus of Ota First:

How to improve double eyelid? Time to keep

Generally speaking, there are many people who do double eyelids. Basically, there are more young people. There are two ways to do double eyelids. One is embedding thread, and the other is cutting. How to improve the double eyelids? Now let me tell you something. How to improve double eyelid? Time to

How to eliminate pouch the most effective

In my daily life, I pay more attention to maintenance problems. Due to the recent work pressure, staying up late for a long time has led to my bags under the eyes becoming very big. My friends recommended several ways to eliminate the bags under the eyes. After using them, the bags under the eyes

How to effectively remove acne marks

I used to have acne on my face, but it's rare. Since I was pregnant for three months, I have a lot of acne on my face. After finding out this problem, the doctor gave me timely treatment. Now my condition is getting better. Let's share how to effectively remove the acne mark of youth. How to

With the gradual increase of people's pursuit of beauty, liposuction has become more and more concerned. Recently, many patients have come to consult about how much for liposuction. Let me share with you. Cost of liposuction and plastic surgery First: the price of liposuction is also related to the

How does acne face recuperate

I have oily skin and occasionally have acne, but I don't have acne on my face like others. It's a few days long today, several days long again and again, and then it was treated immediately. The situation is a little better. Let's talk about how to recuperate acne face. How does acne face recuperate

What reason is forehead spot caused?

I used to have no spots on my face. Recently, I don't know what happened. There are spots on my face, especially melasma on my forehead. After a summer, it's more obvious. I'm very distressed and ugly. So what is the cause of forehead spot? Let me introduce you some knowledge about forehead spots

How to remove acne scar acne

I really don't want to worry about acne any more. Now I'm in the period of acne. There are small red acne and some white acne. If some red acne is bigger, it will feel tingling. For patients with this disease, we should treat them as soon as possible. Now I'll tell you about how to remove acne

How much is freckle cost

Every girl doesn't want to be a "spot girl" because her skin is white and flawless. Before a friend was deeply troubled by long spots, after treatment, the recovery is not bad, let me share with you how much is the cost of freckle. How much is freckle cost First, the cost of different hospitals is

Because I've heard that hyaluronic acid has obvious wrinkle removal effect, I injected hyaluronic acid on my face several times, because my skin became more and more relaxed, and then it really improved a lot, the skin became obviously tight, and the side effect of hyaluronic acid was very small, so

How many years can augmentation rhinoplasty prosthesis be placed

My nose is too flat, which makes my appearance ugly, and even affects my job search. On impulse, I had a rhinoplasty operation. How many years can I have a rhinoplasty prosthesis? You know what? Today, let me share with you how many years the augmentation rhinoplasty prosthesis can be placed. How

For acne, it is always a long way to treat acne. The acne is very annoying. It is hard to cure all kinds of cleansing cream and mask. It is not good enough to cure, but it is always repeated. Let's introduce the same treatment for acne. A good way to cure acne First: acne patients to eat less

Meet the wrong person at the right time and the right person at the wrong time. I don't know whether I met the wrong person at the right time or the right person at the wrong time. Anyway, I just like him, but he doesn't like me because my face is full of acne. In order to prevent this situation

The way to thin a man's face

In our daily life, not as much as female friends want to lose face, even a lot of male friends want to have a sharp chin. My friend recommended several ways to lose face, and the effect is quite good after using them. Today, I recommend the way to lose face to all men. The way to thin a man's face

How much does a Korean double eyelid cost

Because I was a girl with single eyelid when I was a child. When I saw other people's big double eyelids, I was very envious. I thought other people's eyes were very beautiful. At the same time, I was very self abased. Over the years, I dreamed of becoming double eyelids. I had double eyelid