How to prevent mammary gland hyperplasia

Whether there is a direct relationship between breast hyperplasia and breast cancer is still uncertain. Some experts believe that cystic breast hyperplasia in the development of proliferative tissue necrosis, the body by this chronic stimulation, will appear canceration is difficult to say. Diet is

What medicine does trichomonal vaginitis take good?

Vaginitis disease is a disease that women easily get, especially trichomonal vaginitis disease will make women more uncomfortable, in got such a disease through what drug treatment is the most critical, the following to understand. What medicine does trichomonal vaginitis take good? Case 1: oral

How to treat erectile dysfunction

Recently, I always want to go to the toilet. Once, sexual intercourse didn't get hard. The hospital said that it was sexual dysfunction. Now it's finally cured. Today, I'd like to share with you how to treat erectile dysfunction. How to treat erectile dysfunction Treatment 1: increase the frequency

How is male infertility to return a responsibility

My husband and I have been pregnant for more than a year, but we are still not pregnant. A few days ago, I went to the hospital to test the follicles, and the results showed that I had impotence. What's the matter with male infertility? Today, let me learn from you about male infertility. How is

Male treatment of mycotic vaginitis

The common vaginitis is mycotic vaginitis, which is caused by Candida albicans infection in the vagina. Mycotic vaginitis can be transmitted through sexual life, and the chance of sexual partners getting sick at the same time is 15%. Today, let me learn about male treatment of mycotic vaginitis

Treatment of condyloma acuminatum with photoelectric method

I had condyloma acuminatum before. I had laser surgery three months ago, but now the wart has not grown again. Let's share the photoelectric treatment of condyloma acuminatum. Treatment of condyloma acuminatum with photoelectric method Method 1: cryotherapy, using liquid nitrogen at - 196 ℃ to

What does female vulva pruritus eat good?

Vulvar pruritus is a common gynecological disease of female friends, but more attention to their own body, not to check, eventually developed into a more serious disease. But for patients with vulvar pruritus, we must pay more attention to the diet. If the unreasonable diet will aggravate the

Can condyloma acuminatum be cured

I don't know what to do now. I've been treated three times, twice by electrocautery and once by laser. But this month is long again. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to you whether condyloma acuminatum can be cured. Can condyloma acuminatum be cured Treatment one:

Treatment of balanitis

Suffering from balanitis, the doctor prescribed medicine, as if some of the erythema back, has not faded well, and then added some lotion, now good. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I will tell you about the treatment of balanitis. Treatment of balanitis Method

What are the symptoms of uterine polyps

Because of long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation, cervical polyps is a distinct example. What are the symptoms of cervical polyps? Let's take a look together. Below, cervical polyps are generally caused by chronic cervicitis, and new diseases will appear. Over time, cervical polyps are

What reason can appear sex apathy

Regular sex is good for health, but with the marriage life becoming more and more dull, the frequency of couples' sex life will also be affected. Among them, a large part of the reason is that women have a cold sex. According to a survey released by American gender experts, the incidence of female

Is cervical cyst moxibustion OK

Some women may have leucorrhea odor, yellowing, smelling and other symptoms, which are some symptoms of gynecological inflammation, cervical canal cyst is one of them, I am a patient with cervical cyst, after a variety of treatment has a certain effect, the following is for you to popularize science

Surgical treatment of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion symptoms, with the rapid development of society and China's reform and opening up, people's thinking is more and more open, premarital sex has become inevitable, unclean sex life and abortion lead to women's body suffered a great degree of damage, of which cervical erosion is a more

Changji oral condyloma acuminatum which good

In daily life, condyloma acuminatum does great harm to the human body. Condyloma acuminatum makes patients suffer from physical and psychological torture. The key to the treatment of condyloma acuminatum is early treatment. The earlier treatment, the more conducive to the control of the spread of

What's the matter with Yin blowing?

Recently, my vagina often breathes and sometimes makes noise. Yesterday, I went out to play with my friends. When we had the most fun, we suddenly breathed and made a big noise. I was embarrassed. Later, a friend told me that it was called "Yin blowing". Yin blowing is not only a symptom of

How long does woman acuteness wet wart incubation period

Now in the society, many men have extremely loose moral requirements for themselves, especially in their sexual life. In this way, they will easily be infected with some infectious diseases. Condyloma acuminatum is one of them. It will have a great impact on the body and mind of patients. Therefore

Condyloma acuminatum institute which good

Pseudocondyloma acuminatum generally occurs in the perineum of patients, belongs to a benign tumor lesions, condyloma acuminatum is not a very serious disease, when patients with condyloma acuminatum, if mild can relieve, if more serious can be treated. Today let me share with you which good

Treatment of salpingitis in laying hens

I got married in April last year, and I haven't had a baby until now. I went to have a physical examination at the end of this year, and the result showed that one side of the fallopian tube was blocked, but later it gradually improved. Do you want to know about the treatment of salpingitis in

Does pregnant woman cervical polyp want caesarean section

If you want to do cervical polyp surgery, you must pay attention to have a full sleep before surgery, to have a good rest, and then be sure to keep the following clean. Before the operation, he should not eat too much food, not too anxious. Generally speaking, cervical polyps, he is not a tumor

What does the reason that infects acuteness wet wart have

I got condyloma acuminatum, relapsed several times, this time want to try with Chinese medicine, after treatment has improved, so what is the reason for infection of condyloma acuminatum? Now let's take a look at it! What does the reason that infects acuteness wet wart have Reason 1: there are many