After cervical polyp operation

I am 31 years old this year. Last year, because of the sudden change of leucorrhea secretion, I had a gynecological examination. As a result, I was found to have a very small uterine polyp. After treatment, I have basically recovered. Now I would like to share with you the problems after the

Can mammary gland hyperplasia be good after pregnancy

Generally speaking, when the symptoms of breast hyperplasia after pregnancy are mild, only mild premenstrual breast pain, scattered in small granular nodules in the breast, and its condition does not affect work and life, the breast can be lifted with a bra to relieve breast pain, without taking any

Where is impotence premature ejaculation treated better

In daily life, impotence makes a lot of people's family life have broken down, and even because the sexual life is not harmonious and disputes, to bring serious harm to men, perplexing many male friends, impotence premature ejaculation where to treat better? Do you have any experience with these

Is long-term take contraceptive harmful

These two days, I heard some people asking whether taking contraceptives for a long time is harmful. I have a better understanding of this aspect. Today, I'd like to briefly talk about whether taking contraceptives for a long time is harmful. Is long-term take contraceptive harmful After taking

Physical therapy for sexual dysfunction

Every time I have sex with my wife, I will ejaculate very soon. Most of the time, it will be finished in less than five minutes. My wife is not satisfied every time. I feel that my sexual ability is much worse. I used to be able to do it for more than ten minutes at a time, but now it's only five

What medicine does male urethritis take best

Suffering from urethritis is very uncomfortable, some time ago I suffered from urethritis, just do not know what happened, until always want to go to the toilet, to the toilet is also very uncomfortable, pain is very hot feeling. Tell us what treatment to use when suffering from urethritis! What

How does dysmenorrhea leg ache return a responsibility?

Many people have symptoms of leg pain. If patients feel unwell, they have to go to the hospital for treatment immediately. However, the causes of leg pain are different. Some female friends have no symptoms of leg pain at ordinary times, but they have symptoms of leg pain during menstruation, which

How does uterine prolapse return to normal?

Uterine prolapse, in the eyes of many people, is only the "patent" of middle-aged and elderly women who have given birth many times. Generally, it's difficult to get good treatment by taking medicine. Taking medicine is just to alleviate the disease. In fact, it's not. According to experts, it's not

How does cervical erosion recuperate

Since I gave birth to a child, I filled in gynecological problems. Two years ago, I got vaginitis, but now I have cervical erosion. I feel a little pain every time I live in the same room with my husband. Now I went to see the doctor and took some medicine in the treatment. Now I'm getting better

Where to treat impotence

Recently, the sex life is not very harmonious. I always ejaculate without meeting my wife. When I had sex with my girlfriend, my time was very short. When I was a child, I had the habit of masturbating. I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said it was the symptom of impotence. In order

How to treat andrology

I always have a lot of diseases in andrology. Often when this disease is cured, that disease appears again. Ran a lot of andrology hospital, some diseases are cured. But recently, prostatitis appeared again, and the disease had existed before, and was cured later, but it was stubborn and often

Drinking black soybean milk leads to less menstruation

Menstruation is the physiological shedding and bleeding of endometrium, which is a unique physiological phenomenon of women. This change is cyclical, usually once a month, so it is called "menstruation". However, many women have the problem of less menstruation, which is a kind of menstrual disease

How should be unable to erect treated

Erectile dysfunction is what we call impotence, or a very short time, in the vagina will slowly become soft, thus affecting sexual life, so how to treat erectile dysfunction? Let's share it. How should be unable to erect treated First: erectile dysfunction, may be usually caused by excessive

The harm of female condyloma acuminatum

In daily life, the constitution of the elderly is relatively weaker than that of the young, and their own immunity is also relatively low, so it is easy to suffer from bacterial infection and lead to the occurrence of diseases, so the elderly patients with condyloma acuminatum not only actively

Why do men have condyloma acuminatum

For some of the more secret diseases, people often choose to hide their illness, or even avoid medical treatment. Condyloma acuminatum is in this line. Concealing the disease and avoiding medical treatment is a very dangerous behavior. After all, this kind of disease affects not only ourselves, but

How to use vinegar to treat condyloma acuminatum

Condyloma acuminatum is a kind of sexually transmitted disease, recently my friend suffered from condyloma acuminatum, this disease went to the hospital for treatment, now the condition has improved, for condyloma acuminatum this disease must be treated as soon as possible, below I will tell you

How is acuteness wet wart caused reason

As we all know, condyloma acuminatum is a highly infectious venereal disease. The main reason why many people reach the terminal stage of condyloma acuminatum, which is on the verge of despair, is that they don't know its early symptoms, and they don't know how to diagnose it. In addition, they are

How is prepuce chapped treated

Male glans belongs to a relatively hidden organ, if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life, then it is easy to make the internal secretion of prepuce can not be cleaned up in time, for a long time, it will cause infection and inflammation because of fungi, at this time, patients

What are the hazards of frequent flying

When boys are lonely, they usually use flying to meet their own needs. I believe many people want to know what the harm of flying is. Next, I would like to share with you the hazards of frequent flying. What are the hazards of frequent flying First, masturbation is a serious physical and mental

How to treat mammary gland hyperplasia

Usually, when I have menstruation, my breast will have swelling and pain. I always have this situation is normal, and I didn't pay attention to it. During this period, when I don't have menstruation, there will be swelling and pain. I feel something wrong. I went to the hospital to have a breast