Frequent urination all day makes my life a mess. I'm in a bad mood. I'm not happy with my work. Even my family is not harmonious. Check is prostatitis, has been in treatment until now, the effect improved significantly. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce how to treat

Now male friends impotence situation is not uncommon, so male friends don't have to feel lose face and don't go to the regular hospital treatment, impotence this disease to the patient's body and mind bring very serious damage, so usually male friends must pay attention to and prevent impotence

Breast pain sometimes can be benign, sometimes can be malignant, so we must pay attention to the breast is an important part of women, but also very sensitive, every woman in life will encounter breast pain this problem, if you do not find out the reason is not easy to treat. Now let's take a look

When I went shopping with my friends, I ran into a lot of small advertisements on the way. When I had a rest on the way, I flipped through them. As a result, I found some problems about men. Out of curiosity, I got to know about them. Today, let me talk about how to treat redundant prepuce in

In daily life, balanitis is a common male disease, when found suffering from balanitis, we must actively seek medical treatment, only in this way can we get rid of the trouble of balanitis as soon as possible, many people will choose to go to the hospital for detailed treatment, so we come to the

When many women look at their bodies, they will find some problems, so they are very worried and worried. The following is to introduce how to do pudendal long keloids, hope to be able to help female friends with this situation. How does pudendal ministry grow keloid to do First: consider condyloma

In addition to a lot of male infertility, it also leads to the loss of self-confidence. Therefore, for impotence patients active treatment is essential. In the treatment at the same time, with some food therapy effect will play to the best. So, what food does impotence eat better? What can impotence

Recently, a friend always said that his genitalia is inflamed, which is very painful. He also has a lot of pain when he can't urinate. I don't know how many times he goes to the toilet every day. Last week, he accompanied him to a special hospital for examination. The doctor said that he was

Foreskin has been very long, all erection will cover the glans, I want to do cutting surgery, and then immediately for treatment, the situation is a little better, let's share the treatment of phimosis correction need how much money. How much does cure phimosis correction need First of all: if found

My friend suffers from the disease of redundant prepuce. Recently, he went to the hospital for surgical treatment. The harm of redundant prepuce to patients is relatively serious. Patients with redundant prepuce must receive treatment as soon as possible. Do you want to know whether redundant

Over the years, the high incidence of condyloma acuminatum infection rate, so that we have to panic, in the face of condyloma acuminatum so great harm, today let me talk about the symptoms of condyloma acuminatum on the tongue. Symptoms of condyloma acuminatum on the tongue Symptom 1: the symptoms

Recently, the community organized women to have a physical examination. During the physical examination, it was found that I had genital herpes. Usually, I didn't pay much attention to it. I didn't feel too uncomfortable. I got this disease. It seems that my husband has done something bad outside

Gong Han is a problem that many women always have, which seriously affects women's physical and mental health. Gong Han refers to women's lack of kidney yang and the loss of warm uterus, which leads to women's abdominal distension, pain, leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, pulse

AIDS is a relatively common sexually transmitted disease. Generally speaking, AIDS can be transmitted not only through sexual intercourse, but also through blood and between mother and child. Therefore, for the problem of whether aids can be transmitted through the eyes, please see the analysis

In life, we will find that not only menopausal women will have amenorrhea, these years, many young women will also have amenorrhea problems, especially when amenorrhea occurs, it will affect other organs of the body, and even serious women have certain obstacles to childbirth, so what causes

Infidelity often happens, so do you have sex preservation skills? Generally, in a sex scene, men are in the active position, but in fact, men occasionally hope that women can take the initiative and give him a little surprise. So how do men like to show women in a sex scene? Let me introduce it to

How does glans discharge pus to return a responsibility? If it is diagnosed as glans suppurative disease, it is best to find out what is the cause of glans suppurative, and then according to the specific cause of glans suppurative to carry out some targeted treatment, so that the effect will be more

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the most common diseases in men. Once it is diagnosed, it has a great impact on the health of the patients and the life of the husband and wife. But a lot of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia, with the pressure of life in the past will not bear

Derailed men have a great chance of impotence, men sometimes just can't control themselves, a careless impulse derailed, some people derailed, completely out, but most of them are in a dilemma, increased psychological pressure, eventually leading to impotence, today let me talk about impotence

Menstrual period postpones namely menstruation postpones, female menstrual cycle is 28 ~ 30 days commonly. It is still in the normal range to advance or delay for about 7 days, and the length of the cycle varies from person to person. But if more than 7 days have not menstruation, that is delayed