Abortion is used as a remedial measure for contraceptive failure. If this phenomenon is serious, it is necessary to carry out surgical treatment and correct treatment. Because abortion is the artificial termination of normal pregnancy, the endocrine function of the body declines, and there is no

A few days of medical abortion is good

I had painless abortion in March this year, and I didn't have a medical abortion in September. Now I'm pregnant for 40 days. After medication, my symptoms have obviously improved. I'm so happy. Now let me talk about how good it is to have a medical abortion for a few days. A few days of medical

Pictures of symptoms of cervical erosion

Since I gave birth to my baby, I have filled in gynecological problems. Two years ago, I got vaginitis. Now I have cervical erosion. I feel a little pain every time I share a room with my husband. Now I went to see the doctor and took some medicine in the treatment. During this period, the doctor

Influence of cervical hypertrophy on pregnancy

I don't know what the reason is. I've been good all the time. I don't have any other symptoms, but suddenly there is inflammation. It's still very serious. I went to the hospital for examination and said it's cervical hypertrophy. After treatment, it has improved. Does cervical hypertrophy affect

My sister has been suffering from vas deferens blockage for several years, but it hasn't been cured. Because her sister can't bear children, she is not angry at home. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce how to treat infertility. How to treat infertility Treatment 1: promote

Clinically, condyloma acuminatum is a common sexually transmitted disease, patients need to do a detailed understanding of the disease. The main route of transmission of this disease is sexual intercourse, which is a disease symptom of patients infected with human papillomavirus during sexual

Two years ago, a relative of my family had breast cancer and had breast surgery. After the surgery, I began to consult the doctor about breast postoperative maintenance. Now, let's share the breast postoperative care. Postoperative breast care First of all, we should make a diet plan and establish a

How to prevent and treat condyloma acuminatum

Got condyloma acuminatum, now everywhere below, I really have no face to see people! In order to prevent this situation, I will introduce how to prevent and treat condyloma acuminatum. How to prevent and treat condyloma acuminatum First of all: Patients with condyloma acuminatum need to change their

Multiple uterine fibroids generally do not need surgery? Not too big

When it comes to hysteromyoma, there are many women who do not know the truth, they will feel particularly panic. In fact, hysteromyoma is a common gynecological benign tumor, which will not be transformed into malignant tumor in general. Multiple uterine fibroids generally do not need surgery? Now

Tips to prevent recurrence of genital herpes

I have herpes for 4 years, now I want to have children, the recurrence rate is very high, and then I immediately treated it, the situation is a little better, let me learn the tips to prevent genital herpes recurrence with you today. Tips to prevent recurrence of genital herpes First: never have

Is vaginal mouth flesh uterine prolapse

I am only 26 years old and not married. Recently, my body has some problems, that is, some small soft warts grow in the pudenda. After finding out this problem, the doctor treated me in time. Now my condition is getting better. Today, let me share with you whether there is meat in the vaginal

How to treat cervical erosion thoroughly

This year, 29 years old, has suffered from cervical erosion since she was accidentally pregnant three years ago and had an abortion in a school hospital. In the past three years, Hong Hong has taken many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and tried a lot of external

How should genital herpes be treated without relapse

My brother used to work in an entertainment city. Because of the complex environment, he inevitably came into contact with a lot of people who are not very good. He has been infected with genital herpes for three years, and the doctor is still very good. He has been diagnosed and treated in time

How much do people need

My husband and I have been using safe period contraception. This time we accidentally miscalculated and got pregnant. We don't want to have children too early. We plan to have abortion. After medication, the symptoms have obviously improved. I'm so happy. Now let me talk about how much it costs to

The best treatment of premature ejaculation hospital

I am suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation. Recently, I can't have sex with my wife, and I shot early. My wife is very dissatisfied. Today, let me learn from you the best hospital for treating premature ejaculation. The best treatment of premature ejaculation hospital First: Patients

With more and more entertainment methods in modern society, some white-collar workers will go to Diba bar to relax themselves after work. Under the anesthesia of alcohol, they are easy to indulge, so one night stand is born. Unclean sex life can easily lead to symptoms of condyloma acuminatum

What should women pay attention to when they put medicine in vagina

Since some women got gynecological diseases, they will be unhappy every day, and even don't know how to treat them. Some gynecological diseases will be treated with drugs in the vagina. In fact, drugs also have certain effects on vaginitis, but women must pay attention to some problems when they use

How does inside of small labia ache to return a responsibility?

Women's pudenda is very weak, once the care is improper, often appear all kinds of symptoms. Among them, the pain is more unbearable, especially in urination and love. Because of pain, it often affects the quality of sexual life, and then affects the relationship between husband and wife. Let's take

Can the boy friend of inverted nipple dislike it

The nipple is small, most of the time it is sunken, that is, it will stand up when it comes to cold things, only for a while, what's the situation? Medication has relieved my bad symptoms. For inverted nipples, will boyfriends dislike it? Let me tell you. Can the boy friend of inverted nipple

A good way to treat premature ejaculation

I am premature ejaculation patients, I love time is short, 1 minute ejaculation, sometimes not easy to erect, erection hardness is not enough. My girlfriend is very dissatisfied, and I am also very distressed. But through the treatment, now the condition also has a certain control, for the treatment