Is genital herpes difficult to treat

If a woman accidentally suffers from genital herpes, she should try her best to do a good job in the nursing of genital herpes after treatment, so as to reduce the harm of genital herpes to patients. Hearing this, female patients should want to know what the nursing work of genital herpes is. Today

My aunt was diagnosed with hyperplasia of mammary glands by our local municipal hospital last month. The doctor told us that there was no good treatment. We had to take medicine and observe for a period of time. Our family were very sad. After treatment for a period of time, we feel much better now

What's the matter with the brown discharge?

It's a very painful thing to have brown secretions below. Women will discharge secretions in the vagina after puberty. Under normal circumstances, the color of secretions is transparent or white. If there are brown secretions on underwear, let's take a look at the following. What's the matter with

My sister got condyloma acuminatum, vulva has a lot of caviar size meat, in the middle grow cauliflower like fat, fingers into the vagina, feel also have small meat, in order to prevent you from this situation, I'd like to introduce women's treatment of condyloma acuminatum. Female treatment of

Where is gonorrhea treated

For gonorrhea, the infectivity and harmfulness of the disease can basically be juxtaposed with syphilis. Patients suffering from gonorrhea are very painful and seriously affect their normal life and work, so we must pay attention to it. To tell you the truth, I'm gonorrhea too. After finding out

Can polycystic ovary syndrome have sex

Every time menstruation is irregular, it takes a long time to procrastinate. After menstruation, the ovulation period is not accurate. Sometimes there are 4 to 5 follicles in the ovary. After checking, we know it's polycystic ovary syndrome. After treatment, the condition has been controlled to a

Is cervical hypertrophy a disease

I feel uncomfortable, lower body leucorrhea more, find out cervical hypertrophy, after the doctor's timely treatment, now the condition is gradually improving. Is cervical hypertrophy a disease? Let me tell you. Is cervical hypertrophy a disease First: cervical hypertrophy is a kind of chronic

Cost of treatment of tubal obstruction

The causes of tubal obstruction are mostly related to local inflammation, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, appendicitis and other pathogens caused by ascending, or abortion and other uterine operations complicated by salpingitis. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate inflammation

Can sex apathy cause infertility

I always wanted to have a child, but I didn't get pregnant all the time. Later, I went to the hospital to have an examination to find out that I had infertility. The doctor said that the treatment was ok now, and I tried to take medicine. Now it's a lot better. Can I be infertile if I'm indifferent

Price of infertility treatment

I've been married for several years. I've been suffering from infertility. I'm not in good health, and I'm always thinking about it in my heart. Moreover, my parents have no relationship with us because they don't have children. Now they are cured. Today I'd like to share with you the price of

How to do with accessory milk

Accessory breast is a kind of other breast except normal breast. It usually appears in armpit or groin, which is mainly caused by dysplasia. As soon as a woman gives birth to a child, she begins to have a baby. During the period of confinement, she should give her child reasonable feeding. Of

Can oviduct obstruction cause infertility

My sister is suffering from infertility, now my sister is in the hospital to buy medicine treatment, but the effect is not good, my sister has no children, sometimes that is to say his abdominal pain, very uncomfortable. The doctor prescribed the medicine on the same day, and now we are taking the

Does chronic cervicitis need treatment

My wife's first aunt did leucorrhea culture, found mycoplasma infection, sticky texture, and a large number of white blood cells, personal found abnormal leucorrhea for more than half a year, recently in the hospital inspection said that cervicitis is serious, the day the doctor to prescribe

There are many reasons for habitual abortion, many habitual abortion people will have abortion in less than 20 weeks after pregnancy or earlier, so how to cure the problem of habitual abortion infertility, let me share with you. How to cure habitual abortion infertility First, prevention first

What reason does breast bilge painful have

Most people don't know about breast swelling and pain, but many people will encounter it in their life. Therefore, we need to know, and we don't know when to start. We will feel breast swelling and pain continuously, especially before menstruation. I was very afraid. Later, I went to see the doctor

Can mammary gland hyperplasia massage

Breast is the most concerned part of women, not only because it is the embodiment of women's beauty, but also because it is women's eventful "mound", breast hyperplasia is actually a normal phenomenon, especially for women aged between 30 and 50, there are many causes of breast hyperplasia, but most

How long can male acuteness wet wart be good

Condyloma acuminatum is a common disease. Many men have heard about the harm of condyloma acuminatum. Once suffering from condyloma acuminatum, it will have a great impact. So let's talk about how long male condyloma acuminatum will be good. How long can male acuteness wet wart be good First of all:

Can acuteness wet wart do not treat

Condyloma acuminatum is a kind of disease with strong sexual transmission ability. The harm of condyloma acuminatum to patients is also relatively serious. My friend suffers from condyloma acuminatum. Recently, he went to the hospital for surgery. It's OK not to treat condyloma acuminatum. I'll tell

Does uterine fibroid eat orange

The formation of uterine fibroids is related to long-term large amount of estrogen stimulation. High fat food promotes the production and release of some hormones, so the incidence of uterine fibroids in obese women is significantly increased. So uterine fibroids eat orange? What does uterine myoma

Condyloma acuminatum is a disease that directly endangers the health of patients, and it is also a kind of venereal disease. When people hear that someone has a venereal disease, they will keep away from it, because venereal disease is highly infectious. If you don't pay attention to it in your