Early symptoms of kidney disease?

Kidney disease is a kind of urinary system disease which seriously endangers human health. It is easy to recur and difficult to cure. Especially when the development of kidney disease to renal failure, systemic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease and hematopoiesis

Is vitiligo contagious

A friend suffering from vitiligo, feeling quite serious, white spots have spread a large area. When going to the hospital to check and consult the treatment method, the doctor said that her current situation should be treated. Next, I will tell you whether vitiligo is infectious Is vitiligo

What reason is the ache below girl navel

It seems that the condition of girl's navel pain is not particularly strange, navel pain is not very common, generally abdominal pain, so let's understand what is navel pain and what causes it. From a medical point of view, can cause the cause of pain around the navel really can not be less, what is

Does child caries affect tooth change?

Does child caries affect tooth change? Whether deciduous teeth or permanent teeth can have dental caries, lesions are generally very slow, first enamel caries, crown caries parts of the color into gray, tooth surface is not smooth, easy to have tartar accumulation. Caries in children is likely to

What to eat to treat cerebral insufficiency

Insufficient blood supply to the brain, for a long time, leads to brain fatigue and cerebral hypoxia. Brain fatigue aggravates the insufficiency of blood supply to the brain, forming a vicious circle. Therefore, the above symptoms should be treated from the aspects of improving blood supply to the

What should gestational diabetes pay attention to

Gestational diabetes found during pregnancy is very serious, in order to their own and fetal health, we must pay great attention to diet, next I will share with you what gestational diabetes need to pay attention to. What should gestational diabetes pay attention to First, we should pay attention to

What does the medicine that treats inflammation of Department of gynaecology have?

Gynecological disease is a common and frequently occurring disease in our life, and it is also a problem that most female friends will encounter. Gynecological disease not only has a high attack rate, but also is easy to attack repeatedly. In addition to the fact that women usually do not pay

Pesticide poisoning symptom treatment?

Half a year ago, I went to the farm with my uncle to get pesticides for vegetables. I dug a canal nearby, and my father was spraying medicine nearby. When I got up, I found my uncle lying in the field with narrowed pupils. I was a doctor, and I knew it was pesticide poisoning at first sight. So I

What reason is acne on the face

Every time when menstruation comes, I will become some endocrine disorders, and some acne will appear frequently on my face. Because of the acne on my face, I started my way of acne elimination. Many of my friends have acne on their faces. Many people want to know why they have acne on their faces

The harm of acral psoriasis

I got psoriasis two months ago. A few days ago, I went to a regular hospital for examination. After treatment, my condition has been controlled. Today, let me share with you the harm of lower extremity psoriasis. The harm of acral psoriasis First: psoriasis will bring other harm to the body, one of

Can AIDS urethral mouth ache

I gave my first time to my boyfriend. I always thought he was very nice, but I didn't expect him to be so naughty and flirtatious. I broke up with him recently, but after breaking up, I found that my urethra would sting when I urinated. I was very afraid that I had AIDS. Now let's talk about whether

Adult mycoplasma infection symptoms?

As we all know, mycoplasma infection is a sexually transmitted disease. Most of the mycoplasma can exist in healthy carriers, so the detection rate is higher in the patients detected, but in the promiscuous, homosexual, prostitute and patients. Adult mycoplasma infection symptoms? Now let me tell

How to do on eyelid slack sunken

Our eyelids are the most delicate part of all the skin on our face. If wrinkles appear on our face, the first fine line must appear around our eyes! With the growth of age, the collagen in the skin is gradually lost, the skin aging, it will be more and more difficult to store water, the water is

How does hemangioma baby treat

My cousin's baby had hemangioma on her face when she was born. Fortunately, it is not very serious. As our living environment is getting worse and worse, there are more and more diseases, and even newborns will be affected. It is obvious that there are more and more children with infantile

How should otitis media be treated efficiently

I worked as a lifeguard for 2 months in this summer vacation, and my ears were soaked out of otitis media. There was no condition for treatment at that time. After school, taking anti-inflammatory drugs has improved. After medication, the symptoms have obviously improved. I'm so happy. Now let me

What should we pay attention to after refrigerated milk

Nowadays, every woman is superman. She has to have a baby and go to work. She can't feed every day when she has to go to work. Many people like to squeeze the milk out and put it in the refrigerator. What should we pay attention to when the milk is refrigerated? Now let's introduce it. I hope it can

What disease is the symptom after bone operation?

Do this kind of operation is a kind of operation that the femoral head in the human body is used when there is a lesion, and the situation causing necrosis of the femoral head is also very much, sometimes it may be caused by long-term wear and tear, at the same time, it may also be caused by

Symptoms of chronic intestinal adhesion

Intestinal adhesion is a kind of digestive disease, which is also a common and frequently occurring disease in life. It is mainly caused by unhealthy eating habits, and also has a direct relationship with postoperative infection and tobacco and alcohol stimulation. In addition, chronic

Does pneumonic meeting have giddy symptom

With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more kinds of diseases in people's lives, and many diseases begin to become common, such as pneumonia. Pneumonia in the beginning of this disease, and will not cause great harm to the human body, but it also seriously affects the

What does the diagnosis of psoriasis need to pay attention to

Among the skin diseases, psoriasis is the most grinding. This kind of disease generally makes patients feel itchy. Its symptoms are like Ding Chunqiu who has been attacked by xuzhu. If the patient's condition develops seriously, the pain is absolutely unbearable. So we need to learn more ways to