In the process of treatment, active review is also an essential step. To stabilize and cure the disease, active review is the key. After hyperthyroidism, in addition to active review, we should also go to the hospital to check the autoimmune diseases. It is very necessary to review TSH, T4 and T3 at

What are the symptoms of acclimatization

Because of the situation of work, I have been working from the north to the south for a period of time, and I found out what the symptoms of acclimatization are. Now I will share with you the problem of what the symptoms of acclimatization are. What are the symptoms of acclimatization Symptom 1:

Parkinson's disease is a common mental disease. The reason why young people suffer from Parkinson's disease is probably due to their bad living habits, like staying up late, eating heavy taste, high salt content, stimulating food, high life pressure and depression. However, most of this disease

Is ichthyosis intractable

I'm 40 years old this year. I've been suffering from ichthyosis for a long time. My skin is itchy, I look terrible and I feel sad. After treatment, I've improved. Is ichthyosis intractable? Now let's take a look at it! Is ichthyosis intractable Treatment 1: Shengxue Runfu drink: the prescriptions

How about Rhinoplasty

My nose is naturally not good-looking, flat bridge of the nose, good have a big nose, I feel quite not ugly, thought of rhinoplasty, chose a big hospital to do rhinoplasty. How about augmentation rhinoplasty? Do you want to discuss it together? So let's share how about nose augmentation medical

What symptom does hyperthyroidism crisis have

Colleagues got hyperthyroidism, has not been treated well, eating a lot, but the body is obviously thin, often inexplicably lost his temper, he is also very painful. After a long time of illness, he began to pay attention to his life and eating habits. He shared his experience and hoped that

Can polycystic ovary be operated on

At present, the infertility caused by polycystic ovary is more and more, the androgen in women's body is higher and higher, causing irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, then ovulation is also a problem, which makes pregnant women very anxious. For patients with this disease should be

Latent symptoms of condyloma acuminatum

My wife is not around, I am very lonely, want to find a woman to have sex, I went to have a relationship with a woman who does not know the name, not long after that, my penis grew some red things, my penis is festering, go to the hospital to check is condyloma acuminatum. Today, let me share with

Symptoms of Sprite mercury poisoning

Mercury is a chemical element, commonly known as mercury, is a highly toxic silver white liquid metal, easy to evaporate at room temperature. It will not be biodegraded out of the body, so it can accumulate in the organism. When people eat mercury contaminated food, Mercury will reach the highest

Tetanus symptoms

Tetanus is a kind of modern disease. We should pay special attention to the fact that we don't have to worry too much about the symptoms of wound tetanus. It is only in modern times that this disease is called tetanus. This disease refers to an acute infection caused by Clostridium tetanus that

The meaning of ectopic pregnancy

Now many women are suffering from ectopic pregnancy, on the one hand, it is due to eating contraceptives, on the other hand, it is due to multiple abortions, and some other reasons. My cousin has had two ectopic pregnancies. Let's talk about what ectopic pregnancy means! The meaning of ectopic

What is the best drug for liver cancer

Drugs play an important role in the treatment of liver cancer, my grandfather in the treatment of liver cancer, has not left the role of various drugs. Let's take a look at the best drug for liver cancer. What is the best drug for liver cancer Drug 1: chemotherapy drugs: if patients with advanced

What medicine does the symptom of blood fat tall take good

Hyperlipidemia is a common disease, which will bring great pain to people. What is the best medicine for people with hyperlipidemia? There are many drugs to reduce blood lipid, but the short-term effect of these drugs is very significant. If we do not pay attention to the correct diet, we will stay

What's going on at the edge of the red eye

Summer and autumn is the season of red eye disease, the incidence is more urgent, easy to pass through a variety of ways to infect other people, infectious. Got red eye disease, eyes will have severe pain, fear of light, tears and other severe irritation symptoms, as well as watery secretions;

Symptoms of benign tumors in the stomach

We all know that there are two kinds of gastric tumors, benign and malignant. Generally, benign tumors have little effect on the physical condition of patients, but we should not be careless, because benign tumors may also become malignant. Once suffering from malignant tumor, it is not an easy

I don't think it's surprising that there's a disease, Thalassemia is a common type of anemia, but people who know it should be very familiar with it. In order to avoid aggravation of the disease and not affect the treatment effect, thalassemia is usually required to do well in daily life health care

How does a lot of people get red dots

Small red spots on hands is a kind of stubborn disease, which is difficult to cure in treatment and will recur repeatedly. Many people with sensitive skin have congenital, which may be postnatal. Congenital skin is almost flawless when they are young, and it is easy to have many spots when they grow

When I get up in the morning, there is always blood in my nose. Some time ago, because my nose was uncomfortable, I went to the hospital to check out a small nasal polyp. Now after a period of time, I always have a headache these days. I went to a big hospital to check. The result is nasopharyngeal

What reason is menstruation postpones 5 days not to come

Now many women may have the phenomenon of menstruation delay, in fact, menstruation delay may be the precursor of gynecological inflammation, so we need to pay attention to menstruation delay, here to talk about the reasons for this situation, hope to help you. What reason is menstruation postpones

How to treat children's leukoplakia

My friend's child had white spots on his head and his hair turned white. Later he was hospitalized. Now his condition is stable. Let's talk about how to treat children's leukoplakia. How to treat children's leukoplakia First: this disease is a refractory disease, the biggest feature is the spread