Does chronic cervicitis need treatment

My wife's first aunt did leucorrhea culture, found mycoplasma infection, sticky texture, and a large number of white blood cells, personal found abnormal leucorrhea for more than half a year, recently in the hospital inspection said that cervicitis is serious, the day the doctor to prescribe

What kind of symptom does premature ejaculation have

Premature ejaculation as a common symptom, premature ejaculation is now more common ejaculation dysfunction phenomenon. I believe we are not unfamiliar with, in the weekdays must make love to their own body more care and maintenance, usually when men lose the ability to control ejaculation during

What special performance does psoriasis symptom have

Actually got psoriasis, these three years, ah, everywhere looking for medical treatment, physical and mental have, for patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, but through treatment, now the condition also has a certain control, for psoriasis symptoms what special

Hyperthyroidism is a common clinical abnormal disease of the body caused by abnormal thyroxine secretion. Hyperthyroidism is caused by excessive thyroxine secretion. In addition, patients have nerve excitement, increased appetite, increased food intake, increased frequency of defecation, enhanced

There are many reasons for habitual abortion, many habitual abortion people will have abortion in less than 20 weeks after pregnancy or earlier, so how to cure the problem of habitual abortion infertility, let me share with you. How to cure habitual abortion infertility First, prevention first

What reason is insomnia at night?

In recent years, with the increasing pressure of people's life, we must pay attention to the medication, more and more young people suffer from insomnia and dreaminess. And insomnia and dreaminess is not only can't sleep so simple, but will bring harm to the body, will also affect the quality of

Last week, I suddenly found this piece of white after taking a bath. I don't know why. Worried about vitiligo, so went to the hospital to see, the result is vitiligo, after treatment has improved, to share under the face of long vitiligo how to treat. How to treat vitiligo on the face First: there

How does thoracic descending aorta stricture cause?

When thoracic aortic stenosis occurs, the increase of blood pressure is due to the increase of vascular volume above the stenosis and plasma renin activity. Plasma renin activity measurement refers to the measurement of plasma renin activity. Renin angiotensin system mainly includes renin

What does eat dispel whelk

Acne is a multifactorial disease, its pathogenesis is mainly related to sex hormone levels, sebaceous gland secretion, inflammation and other factors. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to you what to eat to eliminate acne. What does eat dispel whelk First: Houttuynia

Can acute urticaria eat egg

Can acute urticaria eat egg? Urticaria is a common skin disease in life, according to the incidence can be divided into acute, subacute and chronic three types, in the process of treatment, acute urticaria is more common, now we will introduce the acute urticaria patients in the diet should pay

How does nephrotic syndrome do repeatedly

My grandmother had a history of nephritis, and I had nephritis when I was 12 years old. In recent days, I feel sick, and my urine is bloody. Through treatment, my condition is stable now. In order to prevent the same disease, let me introduce how to do nephrotic syndrome repeatedly. How does

How does old person thalassemia treat

Thalassemia can be said to be a more serious disease in anemia, which may be caused by severe anemia or spleen deficiency. The regulation of the spirit of this kind of anemia is more important. A friend of mine used to have thalassemia. He had a very unreasonable diet and improper work and rest. He

Early symptoms of colorectal cancer?

It should be said that colorectal cancer is a common malignant tumor disease. It is harmful to the health of body and mind. Even affect the quality of life, of course, for cancer diseases, if early detection, early intervention and treatment can play a good therapeutic effect, so for many people, of

What reason does breast bilge painful have

Most people don't know about breast swelling and pain, but many people will encounter it in their life. Therefore, we need to know, and we don't know when to start. We will feel breast swelling and pain continuously, especially before menstruation. I was very afraid. Later, I went to see the doctor

My child has epilepsy for a long time, and now he will be at school age. If I don't control it, I'm afraid the school students will laugh at him. After taking medicine for two days in the hospital, I feel that it has improved obviously. Now I'll share with you how much it costs to treat sheep

Can mammary gland hyperplasia massage

Breast is the most concerned part of women, not only because it is the embodiment of women's beauty, but also because it is women's eventful "mound", breast hyperplasia is actually a normal phenomenon, especially for women aged between 30 and 50, there are many causes of breast hyperplasia, but most

How long can male acuteness wet wart be good

Condyloma acuminatum is a common disease. Many men have heard about the harm of condyloma acuminatum. Once suffering from condyloma acuminatum, it will have a great impact. So let's talk about how long male condyloma acuminatum will be good. How long can male acuteness wet wart be good First of all:

Treatment of nevus of Ota

I had a mole on my face since I was a child. I was once diagnosed with nevus of Ota, and I went to the hospital for treatment. I also learned some knowledge about this from the doctor. Today, I'd like to learn some pictures about the treatment of nevus of Ota. Treatment of nevus of Ota First:

Effect of chemotherapy on the survival of pancreatic cancer

I have a very bad appetite. I eat very little. I feel tired all over. I feel like I have a serious illness. Moreover, I have significantly reduced my weight. I have checked that it is pancreatic cancer. Now my condition has been controlled to a certain extent. I will tell you about the impact of

What is the reason why the elderly suffer from epilepsy

There are three to four episodes of epilepsy in a year. A day or two before the onset of epilepsy, there will be dense red spots on the whole face and neck. When the onset of epilepsy, the body sucks livestock, the corners of the mouth will spit out white foam, the teeth will bite tightly, lose