What symptom is cold cold cold

Should be cold cold this kind of appearance or very common, about cold cold is what presumably I don't say, everybody knows. Cold cold is also what we usually call wind cold. It is a common cold caused by the alternation of cold and heat in the external environment, or due to overwork, blowing and

What does varicocele eat good?

If men have varicocele, they must pay attention to their diet. It's better to have a balanced diet when they eat. They should eat more vegetables and fruits and foods with more vitamins. They need to supplement vitamin E properly. They should have lean meat, eggs and milk in their diet. Actually

What disease causes infertility

My classmate is 29 years old this year. He has been married for 7 years because he has infertility and has no children. In recent years, he has been to several hospitals for treatment. Fortunately, his condition has stabilized this year. After treatment for a period of time, he has recovered now. I

What are the early symptoms of periodic paralysis?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of periodic paralysis is due to external causes, loss of vital energy caused by limb impotence and weakness. For patients with severe periodic paralysis, respiratory muscles, myocardium and diaphragm can be involved, and some patients will

How does instep symmetrical oedema return a responsibility?

In life, people often find their feet or legs inexplicably swollen. On weekdays, we must protect and maintain our bodies, especially for people about 40 years old. In fact, most of the swelling is caused by kidney or heart disease. Sometimes liver disease ascites, protein deficiency caused by

Can tongue of lung cancer have a symptom?

In daily life, if you take some medicine or food, you will often change the color of tongue coating, but these are not disease coating. Generally speaking, the color of dyed moss is gorgeous and superficial, but the sick moss is not easy to fade, so we can use this to distinguish. Tongue diagnosis

How does genital herpes calculate cure

Recently, I feel that the egg is itchy and painful, and it's hard to die. I've also grown a lot of disgusting bags. I went to the hospital for examination and said yes. After finding out this problem, the doctor gave me timely treatment. Now my condition is getting better. Let me learn how to cure

What are the manifestations of vitiligo

A few years ago, I once found two small pieces of white spots in the anus. When I found them, they were only the size of nails. I went to the hospital in time for examination and treatment, and was diagnosed as vitiligo. Because I was in the early stage of the disease, I now recover very well, and

How does cold old sleep to return a responsibility?

A cold is something that often happens around us. No one has a cold all his life. However, although a cold is a minor disease, sometimes it can be cured without treatment, daily diet care is still very necessary. The following experience is mainly shared with you: what's the matter with a cold

How does left femoral head ache return a responsibility?

When I was young, my waist was not very good after I accidentally fell down the stairs. I often felt backache and backache. Two days ago, I stumbled and directly dropped the lumbar disc. At first, I just used some wound ointment, but the effect was not significant. Later, I went to the hospital and

How does prostate gland do

For male friends, the prostate is one of the most important physiological organs, which has a great impact on the health of male friends. It may even bring great pressure on the life, work and study of male friends. So we must develop good habits of daily life to prevent the occurrence of various

True and false things always make people confused, so is venereal disease. Venereal disease is a kind of venereal disease, which does great harm to human body. However, venereal disease can be divided into true and false. So, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge about the treatment of

How to treat follicular leukoplakia

Hairy leukoplakia is a common disease in our life, is a kind of oral viral leukoplakia, if the serious hairy leukoplakia is very serious, has been plagued our life, friends don't worry too much about this problem, now medical developed, we can early prevention, so, how to prevent hairy leukoplakia

What symptom does pancreatic cancer have?

Pancreatic cancer is a malignant tumor of exocrine gland of pancreas, which is rare. Most of the patients are between 40 and 70 years old, and male is more than female. About 90% of pathological cases had ras gene point mutation. Today, we will introduce the clinicopathological relationship of

What does the remedial method of haemorrhoid have

Hemorrhoids is a very serious disease, for patients, the impact is very big, serious can not sit, at the same time can not be very good stool. In addition, it is easy to relapse. Now let's take a look at its treatment. From the non-surgical treatment, the disease is not very serious, mainly for

What symptom is perforation of eardrum

Once the human ear disease occurs, it will affect the hearing of all of us. Even once the disease occurs, it will bring harm to the daily life of patients. In clinical practice, diseases such as perforation of eardrum are actually common diseases. Once the disease occurs, if the patients do not

How is early pregnancy haemorrhage to return a responsibility?

Pregnant women in order to avoid the impact of the fetus, in order to avoid this kind of occurrence, female friends must take precautions. Everything is done with care. But some women in early pregnancy will appear bleeding. So how is early pregnancy haemorrhage to return a responsibility? What

I have been suffering from epilepsy for more than a year. When I have seizures, my hands and feet will twitch and my consciousness is fuzzy. I don't know what I am doing. Until I find TCM treatment, it has been effectively controlled. So the following is to share the most advanced technology in the

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis in children

Children with chronic cough often have some potential diseases, the more common are congenital or secondary immune function defects, ciliary dyskinesia, airway malformations, asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis, proliferative body inflammation, postnasal drip or severe pneumonia (severe

What cold symptom is soreness of hand and foot?

The main symptoms of common cold are low fever, sore throat, runny nose and cough. But many patients in the cold will also feel the whole body ache, limb weakness phenomenon. This is a lot of cold patients have had the experience, patients will obviously feel more fatigue. Some patients also had