What reason is lung blister

Now people's living standard is getting higher and higher, and they often eat foods rich in high protein and high blood fat. If this is the case in the long run, coupled with the work and rest time and irregular diet, some lung diseases will often appear. What is worrying is that the air quality is

What reason is easy exhaustion

Modern women sometimes feel muscle soreness, slow response, although they will also have a full sleep, but still back to the body tired, this is why? There may be the following reasons. What reason is easy exhaustion First, there is a big reason for this: lack of vitamins or minerals. Due to women's

Often dry mouth how to do?

There are some people, which are called Yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity in traditional Chinese medicine, or people with excessive heat. This kind of people have less Yin fluid in their bodies due to a series of reasons, so their Yang Qi is relatively large. However, it should be noted that the

What are the symptoms of aortic atherosclerosis

Aortic atherosclerosis in life can not be more normal, but many people do not understand, in fact, aortic atherosclerosis is symptomatic. Atherosclerosis is very common, and especially harmful to life and health. In the human artery or middle artery, the content of cholesterol and some fat in the

What disease can have disgusting symptom

With the development of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, people pay more attention to their health. Nausea is one of the common symptoms. Early pregnancy nausea, vomiting also can not spit out of the feeling is really uncomfortable. I was two and a half months on the symptoms of

Autologous fat breast where good

After breast augmentation, I feel that the chest is much bigger, and still very elastic. The whole person seems attractive. No wonder so many people choose autologous fat breast augmentation. Let's talk about the advantages of autologous fat breast augmentation! Autologous fat breast where good

What disease can cause low fever

Grandfather doesn't speak these days. It's a little different in peacetime. Later, when I touched his head, I found that he has a low fever recently. No wonder people have no spirit. But this low fever has been going on for a week, and we are all a little worried. Today, let me talk with you about

Initial symptoms of gout?

In daily life, because many people also change their habits and our bad living habits, there may be some gout, but because the symptoms of patients in the early stage may be very atypical, it is often easy to be ignored by patients. Generally speaking, when the patient has ventilation, we must pay

How is bowel wind to return a responsibility?

Intestinal wind is a kind of hematochezia, so the patient's diet should be reasonable. Do not overeat, refers to the exogenous, serum and color fresh, more in front of the feces, arrogant bowel gas from the bloody stool. Clinical findings are mostly empirical, commonly used to cool blood and

How does blister come about after having a fever?

If your child suddenly has a high fever, mental illness, mouth blisters, drools, and refuses to eat, if the patient feels unwell, he should go to the hospital immediately for diagnosis and treatment, and be careful. It may be herpangina. Today, let me learn how to have blisters after fever with

What reason is gum always long bubble

Is it true that some people will have oral ulcers like me, but some people will be cured if they are not treated, and the probability of getting oral ulcers is still very small, while some people's oral ulcers have not been cured, so what causes oral ulcers? Now I will share what I know with you

How much does vitiligo treatment cost

My colleague's uncle got vitiligo, but because the family condition is not very good, let my colleague help to inquire about the cost of vitiligo treatment, through the following introduction, let's understand it together. How much does vitiligo treatment cost First of all, many patients in the face

How to diagnose and treat genital herpes

Some time ago, I didn't pay much attention to my personal life. As a result, I felt a little uncomfortable all the time. After struggling for a long time, I went to the hospital for an examination and learned that genital herpes was the cause. Fortunately, I found that there was no serious infection

What symptom does serious pharyngitis have?

The symptoms of pharyngitis are mainly due to the incomplete treatment of acute pharyngitis, as well as the frequent, chronic, various nasal diseases, nasal obstruction, long-term oral breathing, and physical and chemical factors, which lead to problems and bring a lot of harm to the body of

What symptom is after natural abortion?

It is very common for female friends to have spontaneous abortion carelessly during pregnancy. There are many factors leading to this situation, but do you know what should be done after spontaneous abortion? Don't just get used to the simple ways you know how to deal with it. Now let me share with

Can AIDS be transmitted in asymptomatic period?

AIDS is a very harmful infectious disease. If you suspect that you are infected with AIDS after high-risk behavior, like all infectious diseases, the transmission of HIV needs to have three conditions at the same time: source of infection, route of transmission and susceptible person. The

What symptom does pregnancy have?

It's normal for women to have all kinds of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy. Some people have a smaller reaction, only occasionally have nausea or vomiting, while others have a big reaction, such as nausea, chest tightness and vomiting. The size of pregnancy reaction is related to the

Tea tree mushroom poisoning symptoms?

This type of patients generally appear 10 minutes to 2 hours after eating mushrooms. Mild symptoms were weakness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and watery diarrhea. The symptoms subsided quickly and the prognosis was good. However, in case of poisoning, severe vomiting and diarrhea may result in

Psoriasis should not eat what

Psoriasis 8 years, the condition is light, only the head lesions, in the local once used traditional Chinese medicine, oral Chinese medicine, topical Chinese medicine ointment. Now much better, here to share with you psoriasis should not eat what, hope to help more people. Psoriasis should not eat

What is the cause of cough?

Cough is a very common disease, it belongs to one of the symptoms of lung diseases, the causes of cough are very many and complex, long-term dry cough in the throat belongs to allergic cough in medicine, that is, people often say allergic bronchitis. How is throat long-term dry cough to return a