Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia in the elderly

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia in the elderly? How to treat senile iron deficiency anemia? The 65 year old in his family only recently had some uncomfortable symptoms, that is, the family suspected anemia. Listen to a neighbor's medical college student say it is likely to be iron

What are the symptoms of avian influenza?

Avian influenza is a disease that can be contracted by poultry as well as humans. So the symptoms of avian influenza can be the symptoms of poultry, or the symptoms of people infected with avian influenza. Generally speaking, avian influenza is very similar to a cold after its onset. It is mainly

Hepatic cavernous hemangioma

Hepatic cavernous hemangioma is a common benign tumor of the liver. In addition to skin and mucosa, the liver is the best site of cavernous hemangioma, which can be single or multiple, pedicled or non pedicled. It is more common on the surface of the liver. Its volume ranges from the tip of a needle

Symptoms of pneumonia in infants after 40 days?

Infant pneumonia, for the newborn infants, is a great danger of disease, severe infant pneumonia may endanger the life of the baby. Therefore, in order to discover the situation of infant pneumonia in time, careful parents should also pay attention to their children's mental state. A month of baby

What reason is Yang Wei premature ejaculation?

Impotence and premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction disease among male friends. Men should receive treatment as soon as possible after they have symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation. In life, many men regard rapid ejaculation as a manifestation of impotence and premature

How does endocrine disorder symptom treat?

At present, endocrine disorders are more common. In addition to external factors and endocrine factors, some patients can be considered to be caused by deficiency of Qi and blood. In addition to western medicine, the treatment should be Yiqi Buxue Yangxue. How does endocrine disorder symptom treat

How should Chinese medicine treat early rectal cancer

In the early stage of rectal cancer, if you find it and send it to the hospital in time, there are many ways to treat it. Brother Wang next door is a rectal cancer patient. Now he is using traditional Chinese medicine to treat it. Let's introduce how to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat

Does darling anus sinusitis symptom?

Anal sinusitis, also known as anal cryptitis, is often the source of anorectal infection. It is easy to be ignored because of its mild symptoms. Anal sinusitis (anal crypt inflammation) can affect the health of the whole body, known as rectal neurasthenia, which may be the result of stimulating

Does old people myocardial infarction need to do an operation?

Myocardial infarction is a kind of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, which is caused by coronary artery intima thickening, plaque combined with bleeding, ulcer, calcification, etc. on the basis of coronary atherosclerosis, which makes vascular intima rough and uneven, platelets easy to

Is genital herpes difficult to treat

If a woman accidentally suffers from genital herpes, she should try her best to do a good job in the nursing of genital herpes after treatment, so as to reduce the harm of genital herpes to patients. Hearing this, female patients should want to know what the nursing work of genital herpes is. Today

What's the matter with warm hands and feet

In our daily life, there are often some people with cold hands and feet, especially in winter, which has a lot to do with our physical fitness. There are many reasons for cold hands and feet, such as poor blood circulation, kidney deficiency, anemia, liver function damage. Cold hands and feet are

My aunt was diagnosed with hyperplasia of mammary glands by our local municipal hospital last month. The doctor told us that there was no good treatment. We had to take medicine and observe for a period of time. Our family were very sad. After treatment for a period of time, we feel much better now

How about painless gastroscopy

Chronic atrophic gastritis in antrum and foot of stomach is mild to moderate, and intestinal metaplasia is mild. Erosive gastritis. Immediately for treatment, and now significantly improved, let's share do painless gastroscopy OK. How about painless gastroscopy Examination 1: gastroscopy: the most

Symptoms of food poisoning in infants?

Food poisoning usually occurs in summer and autumn, and the incidence rate of children is high. It is a disease mainly caused by bacterial contamination of food, which is mainly caused by acute gastroenteritis. The most common contamination was Salmonella, mainly meat; The food poisoning caused by

Symptoms of heart disease?

At the early stage of the development of heart disease, a series of adverse reaction symptoms will appear, including poor diet, loss of appetite, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dyspnea or feeling that the air is not fresh and other problems, which are all the precursors of heart disease. Some

Drink strong tea, how is urethritis committed to return a responsibility

Drinking strong tea, urethritis is actually a very simple thing to do, that is to give up strong tea, urethritis is a disease that bacteria invade the urethra and cause inflammation of urethral mucosa. Urethritis is generally divided into acute and chronic two kinds, the specific symptoms include

What are the causes of premature birth

For every expectant mother, she must be afraid of premature delivery, because premature delivery will not only threaten the health of the baby, premature infants are prone to jaundice, because the lung development is not complete, if there is dyspnea, improper treatment may cause neonatal death, but

What's the matter with the brown discharge?

It's a very painful thing to have brown secretions below. Women will discharge secretions in the vagina after puberty. Under normal circumstances, the color of secretions is transparent or white. If there are brown secretions on underwear, let's take a look at the following. What's the matter with

My sister got condyloma acuminatum, vulva has a lot of caviar size meat, in the middle grow cauliflower like fat, fingers into the vagina, feel also have small meat, in order to prevent you from this situation, I'd like to introduce women's treatment of condyloma acuminatum. Female treatment of

What medicine does loose stool take?

Loose stools have a serious impact on our lives. It's very annoying that loose stools will continue to go to the toilet, especially in front of colleagues. Many people don't know what's going on. I believe you can see the following. What medicine does loose stool take? First, loose stools may be