How does glans piece small pimple return a responsibility

A man's glans long pimples may be the symptoms of balanitis, balanitis is a male friend more common male disease, for balanitis this disease, is caused by bacterial virus infection, is due to male friends do not pay attention to personal hygiene or dirty sexual intercourse by infection, for male

What does senile psoriasis diet treatment have

Psoriasis is easy to occur in the elderly, often appear itching, red spots, dandruff, although it is difficult to heal, but patient treatment, or can be improved, the following to explore the elderly psoriasis diet treatment. What does senile psoriasis diet treatment have First: Patients with

In order to love beauty, many female friends like to try all kinds of skin care products and cosmetics, but when we don't pay attention, our skin will have allergic reactions, and our face is red and itchy. It's really annoying. Let's take a look at what to do when we have skin allergy. How does

Acute cystitis has a sudden onset, often after overwork, cold, long-term urination, and sexual life. The course of disease generally lasts for 1-2 weeks and subsides spontaneously or after treatment. It is characterized by "acute" onset, "severe inflammatory reaction" and "shallow" lesion site

How is eczema caused

Some time ago, I felt that there was a small itch near my liver door, and some red spots grew. I thought it was skin allergy, so I went to scratch. However, after a few days, these small points not only did not get better, but also more and more, and began to flow, more itchy, it is really very

How does the ache of mammary needle prick return a responsibility

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that breast pain is mainly caused by liver qi stagnation and hyperplasia of mammary glands under phlegm coagulation. And then there's mastitis. Chinese medicine how to treat breast pain, corresponding to different symptoms, of course, there are many methods

Sleep neck pillow is a lot of people have experienced, after the pillow is really uncomfortable people shudder. After the pillow, not only the neck is particularly uncomfortable, but also very delay, work and school pillow is very uncomfortable. Children with stiff neck symptoms? Now let me tell you

What does tuberculosis eat good faster

Tuberculosis patients need to eat well and have a good rest. Therefore, people often say that tuberculosis is a disease of wealth that can be eaten but not done. Now let's talk about tuberculosis. What's better to eat? It's faster. What does tuberculosis eat good faster First, we should pay

Many people don't know what to pay attention to after acupuncture, but this is a very important issue that can't be ignored. Let me introduce to you what to pay attention to after acupuncture. I hope you can have a long knowledge and pay attention to it. Let's share my experience with you. What's

Nowadays, the weather is changing greatly, and it is also a high incidence period of dengue fever. Many regions in China have been suffering from dengue fever. We must pay attention, especially the elderly and children at home. What are the early symptoms of dengue fever? Now let me tell you

Is infertility caused by obesity easy to treat

My brother-in-law and sister have lived together for many years, and have never had any children. Now they are married, but they are still not happy. I went to the hospital to check that my sister is suffering from impotence, so the doctor let her go to the hospital for treatment. After treatment

Cost of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of early hand vitiligo

I have a person with vitiligo, he said that this disease is difficult to treat, his white spots in the calf, he treated for a long time, but no effect, for patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, now I will tell you about the cost of TCM treatment of early hand vitiligo

The free rate of fat (triglyceride) from fat cells is quite slow even during exercise. In the process of dissociation, exercise or the body in a state of lack of energy will stimulate the secretion of a hormone responsive lipolytic enzyme, which will decompose fat and produce three fatty acid

We are unfamiliar with vasculitis. A lot of people don't know about this disease, and they don't know what its symptoms are. If they don't know about the symptoms of vasculitis, they can't find and treat it in time, and they will miss the best time for treatment, which will bring serious

Blood stasis constitution is how to return a responsibility

Generally, the damp heat constitution is also the most common one for all of us, because the spring and autumn seasons in the four seasons of the year are particularly easy to cause people's damp heat constitution, but people with this constitution must pay attention to soothing the liver and

Decreased sleep quality

For teenagers and the elderly, teenagers often play computer games and affect their sleep quality, especially the downward trend. The sleep quality of the elderly is one of the reasons for the decline of sleep because of the aging of some hormones in the body. Decreased sleep quality First, the

How to measure blood pressure? Sitting posture and mood are very important

Now many people are prone to high blood pressure, or low blood pressure. For such a situation, if many people often have to run to the hospital, it will be more troublesome. So it's best to prepare a sphygmomanometer. So how to measure blood pressure correctly? Now I will teach you, I hope you can

Price of facial plastic surgery

A few years ago, I saw a lot of people go for plastic surgery. I wanted to do it myself, but I didn't. But recently, under the guidance of the doctor, I had a beauty surgery, and I felt the effect was very good. Since I had plastic surgery, I feel much better. Today, I'd like to talk about the price

As we all know, hair will grow in the vulva or armpit of adult women. This is also a very common situation, and it is also a common physiological phenomenon. In general, through the growth of hair in all aspects, it can effectively promote perspiration, which is also good for people's health, And in

Coronary heart disease is a kind of ischemic heart disease, it is mainly because of coronary artery stenosis, poor blood flow, resulting in insufficient blood supply caused by myocardial dysfunction. A research report points out that coronary heart disease is one of the diseases with the highest