Does hot cough eat clear throat grain good

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In life, many babies will have a hot cough in the summer, and it is difficult to do well for a long time. I would like to share with you the adaptability of people with hot cough to qinghouyan granules.

Does hot cough eat clear throat grain good

First of all, heat cough is caused by exogenous pathogenic wind and heat invading the lung, or pathogenic wind and cold invading the interior to dissipate heat; or improper diet, smoking and drinking, endogenous heat, burning lung and stomach, burning fluid and phlegm; or emotional stimulation, liver disorder, qi stagnation and fire, Qi and fire invading the lung along the meridian; or long-term lung disease, persistent, yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity, resulting in heat burning body fluid, lung failure to clear, Lung Qi up and blocking the airway Cough. Hot cough caused by exogenous wind heat is very common in summer and autumn, and rarely occurs in spring and winter.

Then clear throat particles, nourishing Yin, clearing throat, detoxification. It is used for sore throat caused by acute tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

Finally, cough is a kind of conditioned reflex of trachea or bronchus. It is necessary to add some antihistamine drugs and antibiotics. This treatment method is better, thorough treatment.

matters needing attention

People with hot cough should drink more water in life, and wear masks when going out to avoid the spread of droplets, eat light and digestible food, avoid greasy food or stimulating food, such as too sweet, too salty and too spicy food.