How does inflammation inside ear do?

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The ear discomfort is basically inflammation. This kind of situation will cause special pain, and the treatment method has no good effect. I had this kind of disease in the past, and later it was cured by folk prescription. Now let's share it.

How does inflammation inside ear do?

Method 1: take an egg yolk, put it in a pot (do not use an iron pot) and stir fry it. After a while, the oil will come out and filter out. Prevent scorching when frying. After cooling, take oil ear drops, 3 drops each time, twice a day.

Methods 2. Five earthworms were dissected and washed. About 10 grams of white sugar was put in. After 30 minutes, the clear solution was filtered out with clean gauze and ear drops were given, 4 drops each time, 3 times a day.

Method 3, raw garlic 2, towel gourd 1, a total of mash, bag squeeze juice, ear drops, 3-4 drops each time, 3 times a day, this method is more effective, generally a few days will be good.

matters needing attention

When you have ear inflammation, you should pay attention not to use utensils to dig out your ears, and you can't get water in your ears. You should strengthen your constitution to prevent colds.