Early symptoms of drug abortion infection?

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I've always been worried about unexpected pregnancy, because in our eyes of minors, unexpected pregnancy is a very heavy word. If it's really an unexpected pregnancy, then I have to bear it by myself. These secrets may never be known for a lifetime, which can be regarded as the pain in my heart. After my unexpected pregnancy, I chose a relatively fast way, that is, taking medicine to abort, I know it's very convenient, just take the medicine, but I'm worried about infection. I don't know what are the symptoms of infection after drug abortion? Let's talk about it.

Early symptoms of drug abortion infection?

After taking the medicine, women will have bleeding at the beginning. Of course, if the drug flow is not clean, it will lead to lochia not stopping. In addition to this, it will also lead to various inflammation, pruritus, gynecological diseases, etc. if there are residues in the body, it also needs curettage.

The malpractice of drug abortion itself is also many, so many regular hospitals do not recommend female drug abortion. Of course, it is also a very dangerous thing to take medicine and abortion. It will seriously lead to female infertility, infect the embryonic tissue in the female body, and the fetus may not be completely removed.

And simple abnormalities will also appear fever, abdominal pain, leucorrhea become more, serious cases will lead to stench, so consider women have these cases, should go to the hospital in time for review, in addition to these will occur menstrual disharmony, menstrual time is long.

matters needing attention

If women feel uncomfortable after taking medicine, they should go to the hospital in time as far as possible, because the normal drug flow can be cleaned up in half a month. If it is abnormal, they need to go to the hospital for curettage.