Gastric cancer is a common cause

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Grandfather had gastric cancer for a year, because he didn't find it in time at that time, so now his condition is more serious, so the doctor let grandfather do the operation. Because the old man is old, the doctor specially explained a lot of things, especially the diet, easy to get gastric cancer, the reason has become people's concern.

Gastric cancer is a common cause

Reason 1: gastric cancer is caused by deficiency of vital energy, improper diet and emotional disorder. It is a malignant disease with qi stagnation, phlegm dampness and blood stasis in the stomach, and the main clinical manifestations are abdominal fullness or pain, numbness, emaciation, black stool and mass.

These are the causes of gastric cancer, gastric mucosal irritation, erosion, and so on.  

Reason three: the incidence rate of gastric cancer is higher in patients with severe mental trauma and sulking. Those who are slow, inflexible, indifferent or irritable have a lower risk, while those who are optimistic, optimistic and lively have the lowest risk.

matters needing attention

For patients with gastric cancer, we should have a positive and optimistic attitude to the treatment of this disease, actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, can achieve better treatment effect, in the diet can eat some good food for the body, in daily life should develop good living habits and reasonable diet, work and rest, reasonable arrangement of work and life, active Examination and treatment of precancerous lesions.