Can esophagus cancer folk prescription cure

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After eating some coarse food, you will get more sore throat, and as long as you eat some overheated food, you will feel the throat is dry and tight according to the sore throat. Now your condition has been controlled to a certain extent. For the problem of whether the folk prescription can cure esophageal cancer, let me tell you.

Can esophagus cancer folk prescription cure

First: [prescription 1] in case of dysphagia, wheezing and coughing symptoms, in addition to taking two doses, you can also take 18 grams of Poria cocos, 12 grams of almonds and 3 grams of cortex mori, and take them with water decoction. This prescription is very effective for sore throat, asthmatic cough and dysphagia.

Second: [prescription 2] borax 60g, Mengshi 45g, Huo nitrate 30g, Naosha, meibing tablet and shangchenxiang 9g each. Apply the medicine to grind the fine flour, sift through 100 meshes, and store it in the bottle. Take about 1g of water for swallowing. Do not take it with boiling water. Take it every 30 minutes. When the swelling subsides, the phlegm and saliva are all vomited, and the water is enough, take it once every 3 hours, and stop taking it three times. Pay attention not to take more often. This prescription is suitable for all kinds of advanced esophageal cancer, when the esophagus is suddenly blocked, dripping water can not swallow.

Third: [prescription 3] 18 g of Beishashen, 9 g of Danshen, 12 g of Danggui, 6 g of Chuanbei, 9 g of almond, 9 g of guaweipi, 4.5 g of Amomum shell, 9 g of peach kernel, 4.5 g of safflower, 9 g of lotus leaf stalk, 9 g of chutoufu, 9 g of Yujin, 6 g of Jilin ginseng, 150 g of Shengdi, 60 g of Fuling and 60 g of banxiaqu. Thick fried juice, add about 500 grams of white honey, refining honey cream. Take 1 spoonful each time, twice a day, with warm boiled water.

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There are many methods for the treatment of esophageal cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine is mild. It pays attention to overall planning and internal conditioning. It is also a good method. The above introduces some prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine, which can be used to treat esophageal cancer.