How much does cure keloid probably cost

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When my son just learned to walk, he accidentally fell down. The corner of his eye was knocked on a stone and a lot of blood came out. He went to the hospital and the doctor said that it might leave a scar. Now the damaged part is good and scab left a scar. Looking at the scar on his face, it's so ugly. Now the situation is stable. How much is the treatment for keloids? Let's talk about how much it costs to treat keloids.

How much does cure keloid probably cost

Influence cost 1: the cost of scar repair is not a certain number, which is related to many factors. Only after considering some relevant factors can we finally determine the cost of neck scar repair.

Second, the cost of scar repair is mainly related to three factors. First, it is related to the selected hospital, the price specified by different hospitals will be different, and the cost of choosing a regular hospital will be relatively reasonable; second, it is related to the selected experts, and there will be a gap between the experts and the general doctors; third, it is related to their own situation, and the doctors will analyze it according to the specific situation.

Impact cost 3: how much does scar repair cost has a lot to do with the size of the scar. At present, most people will choose to take skin grafts from other parts of the body after removing the scar. It's hard to say the cost, at least about 5000.

matters needing attention

It is suggested that you should pay attention to: itching and pain are the main symptoms, and even scratch can lead to surface ulceration. After a considerable period of time, the hyperemia was relieved, the surface color became lighter, the scar became soft and flat gradually, and the itching pain was relieved and disappeared. The length of this proliferative period varied with different people and different parts of the lesion. Generally speaking, the growth period of children and young adults is longer than that of the elderly over 50 years old; the hypertrophic period of scars with rich blood supply such as face is longer than that of scars with poor blood supply such as extremities and anterior tibial region is shorter.