What symptom is diffuse psoriasis

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I always know that my skin is easy to be allergic, so I always take care of it. Recently, I found a lot of papules on my body. At first, I just thought I was allergic. After going to the hospital, I learned that I had psoriasis. Now let's talk about the symptoms of psoriasis in the diffusion period.

What symptom is diffuse psoriasis

First, the head symptoms of psoriasis are clear boundary of skin lesions, covered with thick scaly erythema. Sometimes the fusion appears as a piece, even full of scalp. The symptom of head psoriasis is that the surface of scales becomes dirty yellow or grayish yellow due to the mixture of skin and dust. But after peeling off, it is still silvery white during the period. The hair on the lesion is in bunches because of the thick scales, just like a bunch of brushes, so it is called bunches, but the hair is normal.

Second: Patients with psoriasis on the head have thick scales and clear skin lesions. Sometimes it will merge into a piece, even full of scalp. The scale surface is dirty yellow or grayish yellow due to the mixing of skin and dust. However, after peeling off, the symptoms of scalp psoriasis are still silvery white, and the hair in the lesion becomes bundles because of the thick scales. The hair in the lesion and the thick scales will gather to form stumps, which is similar to the common brush head.

Third: many patients with psoriasis in the early stage of the onset are from the scalp. Patients with psoriasis on the head begin to have a lot of chaff on their scalp. They often wash their hair and are still covered with white scurf. After a long time, they gradually form large or thick scales. When they touch them with their hands, they feel thickened and infiltrated. In this case, people should not only have simple dandruff, but also go to the hospital to check and find out the cause for treatment.

matters needing attention

Therefore, as mentioned above, in fact, many people do not know about psoriasis. Once they find the disease, they must go to the regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible. They must not delay their own illness and blindly use drugs, so as to achieve the best treatment effect and reduce the impact on life.