Can pubic louse turn syphilis

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My unit a dormitory friend got syphilis, every day watching her take a lot of medicine, special pain, living together inevitably have some physical contact. Today, let me share with you whether pubic lice can turn syphilis.

Can pubic louse turn syphilis

First: about how long the incubation period of syphilis, at least a few months, more than half a year, this can not be generalized. Latent syphilis refers to the patients who have been diagnosed with syphilis. In a certain period, there are no abnormal findings in skin, mucous membrane, any organ system and cerebrospinal fluid examination. Physical examination and chest X-ray are lack of clinical manifestations of syphilis, and cerebrospinal fluid examination is normal.

Second: only syphilis seropositive, or have a clear history of syphilis infection, never had any clinical manifestations. Latent syphilis. Latent period of syphilis: the diagnosis of latent syphilis should be based on the history of primary and secondary syphilis, the contact history with syphilis and the infant history of congenital syphilis. Previous Syphilis Serological Test negative results and history of disease or contact can help determine the duration of latent syphilis.

Third: the incubation period of early syphilis is less than 2 years of infection time, late syphilis is more than 2 years of infection time, and the incubation period of syphilis is not clear. Syphilis latent period does not appear symptoms because of the body's own strong immunity, or because of treatment and make Treponema temporarily suppressed, in the latent period of syphilis, Treponema pallidum still intermittently appear in the blood, syphilis latent period of pregnant women can infect the fetus in the uterus. It can also be infected by blood donation.

matters needing attention

If syphilis patients are found, they must be forced to undergo isolation treatment, and their clothes and supplies, such as towels, clothes, razors, tableware and bedding, should be strictly disinfected under the guidance of medical staff. The prevention of syphilis is common.