Which hospital the curative effect of body odor is better

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In my daily life, I don't have any bad habits, but recently I've been troubled by body odor. Today, let me share with you the curative effect of body odor in which hospital.

Which hospital the curative effect of body odor is better

Treatment method 1, patients with body odor should pay attention to the usual skin health, and in the usual time to do frequent bathing, frequent washing clothes, mainly to keep the skin clean and dry, prevent the secretion of sweat, pay attention to the bath, it is best not to directly use soap to smear the armpit, and must use water to clean the armpit, otherwise the odor may be more obvious. Don't wash your armpits with soap or white water. You can also try jiazhengwang or xishilan spray axillary effect is good.

The second treatment method is the defect of conventional treatment. The surgical treatment of axillary osmidrosis has little trauma, but it can only remove sweat glands. Eccrine glands can not be completely removed, so it is easy to repeat. External medicine treatment of axillary osmidrosis, many are to cover up odor with incense, not from the cause of axillary osmidrosis, can only relieve symptoms. Or some patients have no effect.

Treatment 3, body odor diet can also be: 1. Ginger amount. Usage: mash the juice and apply it to the affected area frequently. 2. Proper amount of garlic juice and ginger juice. Usage: apply to the affected area. 3. Appropriate amount of tea. Usage: decoct and wash the part with water and take a bath. If you can't, you're going to have surgery

matters needing attention

Sweat gland is not the case, the smaller sweat gland gland is large, the gland is leaf saccate, the excretion tube opens near the hair root, distributed in the armpit, perineum, nipple and umbilicus, does not participate in temperature regulation, its secretion after decomposition by Staphylococcus and other microorganisms will give off a pungent odor, which is similar to the odor secreted by Fox, is axillary odor. It can be seen that the origin of axillary osmidrosis is the sweat glands scattered in the armpit and other parts of the human body.