How does pregnant woman always fart to return a responsibility

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Now I feel very embarrassed, because I don't know what's the matter with myself. Since I was pregnant, I would feel that I would often fart, and when I often fart, it doesn't taste good. But every time I fart, I would feel very relaxed and comfortable. Even when I sleep at night, I always fart. Let's have a look Let's look at the following.

How does pregnant woman always fart to return a responsibility

First: many pregnant women will have a big increase in appetite when they are pregnant, especially the female friends in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy. Their appetite will be especially good. If they eat and drink at this time, it will lead to the phenomenon that they often fart. two

Second: when pregnant, although the appetite is very good, appetite, but in this period of time must be good control of their diet life, do not have the phenomenon of eating and drinking, so for their own intestines and stomach is very bad, serious words will affect their digestive system.

Third: it is suggested that you should pay attention to the amount of food you eat when you eat. You can choose to eat less and more meals to eat for yourself. This is a good way to avoid this phenomenon. At the same time, you should avoid eating some indigestible food, which will lead to indigestion.

matters needing attention

During pregnancy is the need to pay more attention to their diet light, eat light and easy to digest food, some spicy food during pregnancy is not to eat, eat after the fetus will cause very serious harm and consequences.