What are the symptoms of coal poisoning

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In our northern people's lives, many people use coal briquettes for heating in winter. There are many reasons. They will be poisoned by carbon monoxide released by this substance. Because most of us are afraid of the cold in winter at this time, we will make the home environment very closed, which makes it difficult for the air to circulate and the fresh air can't get in. This will cause gas poisoning. Sometimes it's just a slight headache and discomfort, and sometimes it will have serious consequences, Let's take a look at the symptoms of gas poisoning.

What are the symptoms of coal poisoning

Then there is the most serious symptom of gas poisoning, that is, the inhalation of carbon monoxide is too much to breathe. At this time, the person is in a deep coma, and the blood pressure may also drop. If the rescue is timely, it may be relieved, but if the treatment is delayed, limb paralysis may occur.

There is also the gas poisoning time is a little longer. At this time, in addition to the previous symptoms of dizziness and headache, the limbs have no strength, and sometimes there may be symptoms of collapse. If the treatment is not timely at this time, there may be coma, which will be serious, and it must be treated immediately.

For example, we usually have gas poisoning. If we find it in time, the poisoning time is short, it's not too severe. At this time, the poisoning is lighter, and there will only be a little headache and dizziness. The pain in the temple is severe, and sometimes there will be nausea and vomiting. The body has no strength.

matters needing attention

In the north where we use coal briquettes for heating, we must pay attention to the quality of coal briquettes. In addition, we must pay attention to the air circulation at home. Don't close the windows so tightly. Even in the cold winter, it can reduce the chance of poisoning. In addition, we must go to the hospital to treat the existing poisoning.