What symptom does kidney fire have

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We all know that kidney fire is a common disease, which makes us unable to work and study normally and seriously affects people's mood. Our bodies have experienced the symptoms of body heat, such as hand foot heart heat, chest upset heat and skin burning heat. Sometimes when we sleep at night, our bodies will be dry and hot. Most of the time, although we feel very hot, our body temperature doesn't rise and our body doesn't get hot. What symptom does kidney fire tell everybody.

What symptom does kidney fire have

First, there is water and fire in the kidney. They maintain a relative balance. Both sides are neither humble nor overbearing. Water keeps fire, fire warms water, and live a sweet and happy life. Therefore, if the kidney fire is flourishing, we can imagine that there must be less water in the kidney, that is, the kidney Yin is insufficient. Lack of water can't keep fire, which leads to the rash action of fire. This kind of situation is caused by the relative hyperactivity of kidney yang due to deficiency of kidney yin, which is called deficiency of kidney yin and hyperactivity of fire in traditional Chinese medicine.

Second: due to the deficiency of kidney yang, it is forced out by Yin cold. The more deficiency Yang is, the more warm Kidney Yang is needed, that is, eliminating Yin and returning to Yang. Therefore, the treatment of kidney fire is either nourishing yin or yang.

Third: if you can't tell whether you should nourish yin or yang, it doesn't matter. All patients with kidney fire can be treated with the method of igniting fire and returning to the source. Experts give an empirical formula for various types of kidney fire. Indications, contraindications, precautions, etc. Please watch this program.

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It's winter now, and many people are on fire. How can we prevent the occurrence of kidney fire? There is a good prescription in the classic of traditional Chinese medicine "yifangjijie", which can replace tea. It has a good effect on nourishing kidney yin and clearing heart fire. Indications, contraindications, precautions, etc. Please watch this program.