What reason is still painful after gastric cancer operation?

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Gastric cancer surgery can save the lives of patients. Proper postoperative nursing is helpful to the recovery of patients and the prevention of recurrence of gastric cancer. Gastric cancer is a very serious disease. If it is early gastric cancer, it can also be treated. Not all gastric cancer can be cured. If it is found as early as possible, some surgical treatment can still restore health, But after the operation, we should pay attention to some details, pay attention to the diet, can speed up the recovery. So what should be paid attention to after gastric cancer surgery? Now let's take a look.

What reason is still painful after gastric cancer operation?

Don't rush to intense activities after meals, you should have more rest. Avoid drinking water when eating, eat slowly to avoid affecting digestion, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction. Keeping a good and optimistic mood is helpful to the recovery of human body constitution and better resistance to the recurrence of cancer.

After total gastrectomy, there will be anastomotic leakage, the probability of which is relatively high. We should pay more attention to the patient's physical condition after operation. If we find abdominal pain, fever and other symptoms, we should tell the doctor in time, it may be the symptoms of anastomotic leakage after operation. Listen to the doctor's advice and request.

Patients should continue to take treatment according to their own condition, to see if the doctor has a special explanation, how long to check and review, in taking some auxiliary treatment methods, such as traditional Chinese medicine treatment, radiochemical treatment, etc., traditional Chinese medicine treatment is an important method to take treatment after surgery, it can promote the recovery of the disease.

matters needing attention

Diet should be light, avoid cold, hard, and pepper, wine and other spicy food; At the same time, eat more vegetables and fruits, don't eat some sweet food, and don't exercise after meals. You should stay in bed for half an hour or an hour.