Where can acuteness wet wart cure

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I had laser surgery for condyloma acuminatum in September, but it recurred this month. Patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible. Now I'll tell you about where can condyloma acuminatum be cured.

Where can acuteness wet wart cure

Method 1: at present, there are mainly western medicine treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, western medicine laser, cryosurgery and other surgical treatment relatively effective, but it is difficult to start from the virus treatment, not the root cause. I can use ganciclovir and interferon for a period of time after local treatment.

Method 2: condyloma acuminatum treatment is divided into two steps: 1. Remove wart 2. Prevent recurrence. It's easy to remove the wart. Surgery and other physical therapy can remove the wart on the surface, and the most important thing is to prevent recurrence. There are auxiliary antiviral or immune enhancing western medicine on the market, but long-term use has certain side effects.

Method 3: there are local drug therapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy and electrocautery therapy. Patients should find the appropriate treatment under the guidance of doctors. At the same time, we should develop good health habits.

matters needing attention

Suffering from Condyloma Acuminatum should also pay attention to their diet, condyloma acuminatum for the body is a great influence, and its illness and low immunity is a certain relationship, eat more nutritious things, appropriate physical exercise, improve their disease resistance is also Condyloma Acuminatum Patients should do.