What symptom does tonsil oedema have?

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In daily life, some patients even have some symptoms of tonsillar enlargement, but because they don't understand the disease, they don't find it, and they don't take timely treatment, which will delay the disease. Actually, the tonsils are caused by a bacterial infection. What symptom does tonsil oedema have? Let's talk about it

What symptom does tonsil oedema have?

Ear symptoms: due to hypertrophy of tonsil and accumulation of inflammatory secretions in nasopharynx, the pharyngeal orifice of eustachian tube is blocked, which can be complicated with non suppurative or suppurative otitis media, leading to hearing loss, tinnitus and ear tightness.

Nasal symptoms: tonsil hypertrophy often complicated with rhinitis, sinusitis. Children with nasal congestion, runny nose, mouth breathing, salivation, speech with occlusive nasal, sleep snoring and other symptoms. Because inflammation is not good, secretions stimulate the respiratory tract mucosa, often cause throat, trachea and bronchitis, so the patient can appear throat discomfort, voice changes, cough and spitting, asthma, low fever and other symptoms.

Adenoid facial features: due to long-term open mouth breathing, affecting the development of children's facial bones, the maxilla is long and narrow, and the high arch of hard palate becomes narrow. The results showed that the teeth protruded, the dentition was irregular, the bite was bad, the mandible was drooping, the lip was thick, the upper lip was upturned, the lower lip was hanging, the outer canthus was pulled down, and the nasolabial groove was shallow. Add mental depression, facial expression rigid, dull, that is the so-called "adenoid face.".

matters needing attention

When suffering from tonsillitis, we should pay attention not to despise, to timely treatment, to prevent tonsillitis did not get timely treatment, resulting in complications such as rhinitis, especially children, once suffering from this disease, parents should take their children for professional treatment.