Is flat wart dietotherapy OK

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Flat wart is caused by HPV infection, more in patients with low resistance when the disease, to thoroughly cure must kill the virus HPV completely, while improving their own immunity, pay attention to diet, let's talk about flat wart diet can it.

Is flat wart dietotherapy OK

First: take a section of fresh Vitex negundo and heat it on the fire until the juice comes out. Use the spilled juice to drop on the wart body. Pay attention to the appropriate temperature. In addition, only drop on the wart body to avoid scalding normal skin. This method is not suitable for delicate skin of face and hands.

Second: the onion is spicy. The juice can fight against flat warts with poison. If the wart is big, you can smash the onion and apply it on the affected area. If the wart is small, you can wipe it with fresh slices. The advantages are less pain and the raw materials are easy to get. The disadvantages are that the use time is relatively long. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 months to get better.

Third: apply fresh banana peel on wart 2.3 times a day. Banana is mild and almost painless. Raw materials are easy to find, but it takes a long time. Generally, it takes one month to get effect, and continue to use until it falls off.

matters needing attention

The method that deals with flat wart majority uses is to destroy wart body itself, let its burst, scab, fall off later. In order to achieve the effect, you may unconsciously add some ingredients that are good but bad for your body, especially the facial flat wart. You should be careful not to use external liquid cream indiscriminately, so as not to leave scars.