How to return a responsibility to have sores on the head

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Because people's life pressure is relatively high now, and the body itself has this or that kind of deficiency, as long as we don't pay attention to it a little bit in life, or reach a limit of our own endurance, the body itself will have all kinds of big or small problems. Sometimes if we don't pay attention to small problems, it will become big problems. For example, we just get angry and get a few pimples on our head, and we will be happy If we don't pay attention to hygiene, if we scratch or break a knot in one's heart, or if it turns into a sore, what should we do? And what are the causes of these sores? Let's take a look.

How to return a responsibility to have sores on the head

First: first of all, the phenomenon of long sores on the head is generally caused by some virus infection. Because of the working environment, for example, people working in the workplace full of smoke and dust every day are easy to cause this disease, because smoke and dust contain irritating substances, which fall on our heads, will stimulate and corrode our scalp, as long as there are small wounds on the scalp It's easy to get infected.

Second: secondly, there are many kinds of shampoo products on the market. Some shampoo products contain chemical substances. Long time use of these shampoo products containing chemical substances will not only damage our hair, but also stimulate our scalp and damage the protective substance of the scalp. The scalp is more and more fragile, and it is easy to be infected with long sores.

Third: in the end, people who are easily inflamed are also prone to head sores, because people who are easily inflamed show that the spleen and stomach are not good, and people who are not good in the spleen and stomach are also associated with the kidney, and the kidney mainly controls the water of our body. If the water is less, generally speaking, the thicker the water is, the thicker the things will be, and we will have pimples, and if we have pimples, combing our hair is right Scalp traction, friction, scratching these behaviors caused by scalp injury infection, which will cause sores.

matters needing attention

In daily life, we should be careful to use shampoo with chemical substances. When combing hair, we should be gentle and don't hurt the scalp. When the scalp is injured, we should not perm and dye the hair. We should keep the scalp clean and wash the hair frequently. Eat less spicy food. Have a good mood every day, reduce the fire.