Treatment of advanced gastric cancer

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Some time ago, a friend of mine checked out gastric cancer, and it is already advanced, but the doctor said that if you want to treat it, there are still some methods, and the effect of treatment will be better. Then I asked the doctor, if it is advanced gastric cancer, what are the treatment methods? Let me tell you about the treatment of advanced gastric cancer.

Treatment of advanced gastric cancer

Method 1: patients who are sensitive or sensitive to radiotherapy and other suitable conditions are suitable for radiotherapy. Radiotherapy includes radical radiotherapy, palliative radiotherapy and symptomatic radiotherapy. Radiotherapy can be used as a part of comprehensive treatment. Radiotherapy includes external irradiation and intracavitary irradiation. Radioisotope (nuclide) is also used to treat cancer. Although the effect of radiotherapy is better, but the side effects are relatively large, and not every patient is suitable for use.

Method 2: chemotherapy is mainly used for malignant tumors which are sensitive to chemotherapy. It is mainly used for some cancers in the middle and advanced stages. There are also some malignant tumors such as leukemia and multiple myeloma. They often cooperate with surgery, radiotherapy, biological therapy and traditional Chinese medicine to form a planned comprehensive treatment. Chemotherapy can cure some malignant tumors. If the cancer is in the advanced stage, many people will choose the chemical method. Generally speaking, the side effects of chemotherapy are relatively large.

Three ways to improve the body's ability to respond to radiation and chemotherapy are to reduce the side effects. The combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, including the combination of surgery and traditional Chinese medicine, can improve the curative effect and quality of life of some cancer patients. The emerging treatment method can resist malignant tumor by mobilizing the innate immune resistance of the body. Cytokines and their related immunocompetent cells are one of the promising biological therapy methods, which are still under exploration. If radiation therapy and chemical therapy have certain side effects, but can choose the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the effect is more obvious.

matters needing attention

Usually to quit smoking and drinking, regular life, reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, mood is also very important. In addition, diet does not eat stimulating, hard food, the general principle: non stimulating, low fiber, easy to digest, with enough nutrition diet: eat less, eat more, relax when eating, keep a happy mood. If you get gastric cancer, you must be optimistic to face life. In the process of treatment, never eat heavy food or spicy food. Pay attention not to let your stomach get cold.