How to remove acne mark

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In recent years, I always have small acne on my face. First it grows on my forehead, then it grows on my lower face. Now it's much better. It's growing all the time. That kind of smallpox is not very obvious, sometimes also grow some small red acne. And then immediately for treatment, the situation is slightly better, today let me tell you how to remove acne.

How to remove acne mark

Method 1: oily skin always likes to wash face every day, thinking that it can reduce the secretion of oil, which is wrong, sooner or later each time; wash face with warm water, summer is the same, so that the skin can be pure and white.

Method 2: pay attention to the daily diet, usually eat some light food, drink more water, this is conducive to the elimination of toxins in the body, but also conducive to the elimination of acne. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to develop good work and rest rules to ensure adequate sleep time.

Method 3: take an egg, open it and put it in a bowl, then separate the protein from the yolk, and keep the protein part. Then add appropriate amount of edible pearl powder, adjust it into a thick paste, and then apply it on the face, apply it for 15 ~ 20 minutes, then use it 2 ~ 3 times a week.

matters needing attention

Should often wash face with warm water sulfur soap, wash several times a day, in order to reduce the greasy skin. With less greasy skin, the chance of dust and other dirty things falling on the skin to be adhered is also reduced, which can effectively prevent the blockage of sebaceous gland mouth and secondary bacterial infection. Don't use oil cosmetics, don't use ointment, don't squeeze acne. Feel comfortable. Eat more fruits and vegetables