Treatment cost of irregular menstruation

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Because I am about to take the exam, I am very anxious. In addition, every time my great aunt comes, I feel very painful. So I went to the hospital to find a doctor to give me some medicine to delay my menstruation, so it won't affect my exam. Next, I'll talk about the treatment cost of irregular menstruation.

Treatment cost of irregular menstruation

First, the cost of treatment has a lot to do with the severity of the disease. Irregular menstruation due to different causes, the severity of the disease is different, the cost of treatment is also different.

Second, the cost of treatment varies with the hospital chosen. This is related to the specific level of hospital and technical level. Different levels, different costs of technical materials, treatment of irregular menstruation costs will also be different.

Third: Third, the cost of different treatments is different. At present, there are many methods to treat irregular menstruation, because the treatment methods are different, so the cost is different. Patients need to use what method of treatment, according to the patient's constitution and the severity of the disease to decide.

matters needing attention

Eat some walnuts, cashew nuts, dried beans and other foods rich in vitamin B group between meals. This is very effective for women with irregular menstruation.