Abortion who will save me, health care is very important!

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Today we are going to introduce one of the common situations, Although it should be very clear in our hearts that pregnant women should eat more fruits to supplement vitamins and other nutrients during pregnancy, pregnant women should also pay attention to fruits and follow taboos. Pregnant women should remember not to eat taboo fruits during pregnancy. Let's share who will help me with abortion. Health care is very important!.

Abortion who will save me, health care is very important!

First, women should try to avoid cold food. Women after surgery, should be appropriate to limit fat intake, but also try to avoid stimulating food, such as: spicy, acid and so on. Because, this kind of food can cause the patient's sexual organs to be stimulated, affecting the postoperative recovery. Moreover, women should also try to avoid all kinds of seafood and other cold food.

Second: should not eat cold food: female friends in abortion surgery, gastrointestinal function will be affected, so in the preoperative proposal not to eat too cold food, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach, resulting in indigestion. In addition, cold drinks and iced drinks should also be banned, and cold foods such as pears, cucumbers, balsam pear, snails and turtles should also be avoided.

Third: do not eat greasy food: because the gastric tension and peristalsis function of women after operation will be weakened, it is necessary to prohibit eating big oil food before operation, such as fat meat, vegetable oil, fried peanuts, so as to avoid increasing gastrointestinal burden and causing indigestion.

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After abortion, there will be weak gastric tension and intestinal peristalsis. If women eat greasy food, such as fat meat, animal fat food and so on, they are prone to indigestion and affect their health. In addition, eating high-fat greasy food can also cause a decline in women's appetite, affecting the supplement of protein, sugar, vitamins and other nutrients.