Yin deficiency hypertension symptoms?

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In traditional Chinese medicine, yin deficiency refers to a pathological phenomenon, which refers to the loss of blood essence or semen. According to the definition of traditional Chinese medicine, blood essence and body fluid are negative. If there is a lack of blood essence and body fluid, it is called Yin deficiency. Yin deficiency fire is a kind of deficiency fire, the body Yin deficiency, but the fire is exuberant, that is to say, yin deficiency yang hyperactivity, will produce a lot of weak symptoms. We often feel toothache or throat pain, and even feel dry mouth are caused by Yin deficiency fire, so let's take a look at Yin deficiency hypertension symptoms?.

Yin deficiency hypertension symptoms?

Symptom 1: the symptoms of irritability in patients with Yin deficiency and excessive fire are mostly due to yin deficiency and heat, while Yin deficiency requires rest. Conversely, the symptoms are: irritability, inexplicable anger, anger, dreaminess, etc. Therefore, it is suggested that patients should keep a good attitude and keep a good mood in order to alleviate the disease.

Symptom 2: afternoon hot flashes in patients with Yin deficiency and excessive fire. Usually in the afternoon or evening fever, often hands and feet will feel very hot, tongue dry taste. Sometimes accompanied by symptoms of oral ulcer. These symptoms are caused by Yin deficiency. So patients need to take good care of the body.

Symptom 3: the onset period of patients with Yin deficiency and fire is a slow process, patients usually need to pay special attention to the following aspects: 1. Don't overwork, ensure adequate sleep; 2. The diet should be light and rich in vitamins; 3. Avoid eating spicy food, so as not to aggravate the condition after stimulation.

matters needing attention

Let's share with you some heat clearing and fire extinguishing foods: cucumber, mung bean, bitter cabbage, barley, banana, lotus root, pear, agaric, millet, yam, spinach and so on. They all have heat clearing and fire extinguishing effects on the body. As long as we usually pay attention to a reasonable diet, we can quickly recuperate and recover.