Initial symptoms of condyloma acuminatum

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There is condyloma at the root of thigh and penis. Now apply the ointment prescribed by the hospital, but it will recur after a period of time. Slowly improved after treatment, do you want to know the initial symptoms of condyloma acuminatum? Today let me talk about the initial symptoms of condyloma acuminatum.

Initial symptoms of condyloma acuminatum

First, genitalia and perianal are the most common sites. In men, it is more common in prepuce, frenulum, coronal groove, glans, urethral orifice, penile body, perianal, rectal and scrotum. In women, it is more common in labia major and minor, posterior syndesmosis, vestibule, clitoris, cervix and perianal. Occasionally can be seen in the pudendal and perianal parts, such as armpit, umbilical fossa, oral cavity, breast and toe, etc. Female vaginitis and male prepuce is too long to promote the occurrence of condyloma acuminatum.

Second, the lesions begin with small reddish papules, then gradually increase, single or cluster distribution, moist and soft, uneven surface, papillary, chicken crown or vegetable like protrusion. Red or dirty grey. The root often has a pedicle, and is prone to erosion and exudation, and easy to bleed when touched. Purulent secretions are often accumulated between the cracks of skin lesions, which can cause stench and secondary infection due to scratching. This disease often does not have conscious symptom, partial patient can appear foreign body feeling, ache, itch feeling or sexual intercourse ache. Condyloma acuminatum in rectum can cause pain, bloody stool and severe feeling.

Third: due to the initial stage of condyloma acuminatum is not itchy, rash is not obvious, most patients generally asymptomatic. The size and shape of the damage were different. It can be only a few, or most of the needle like lesions. It can grow into a large tumor like substance in the vulva and anus, with a sense of oppression and stench. Sometimes small condyloma can cause pain and itching in the vulva, and the patient has hematuria and dysuria. Rectal condyloma acuminatum can appear pain, bloody stool, and rectal large condyloma can cause a sense of urgency.

matters needing attention

The prevalence of condyloma acuminatum and some of the living habits of patients themselves are inseparable. Smoking and drinking are the main causes of many kinds of venereal diseases.