How does darling allergy do

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Many babies in the first few months of life, not enough to adapt to the external environment, it is easy to lead to allergies, and we share solutions to baby allergies.

How does darling allergy do

Method 1: once children suffer from skin allergy symptoms, we must remember not to scratch the itchy place, which often aggravates skin inflammation, secondary and infection of other diseases, and bleeding, scab, desquamation and other conditions will appear after scratching, which will make people unable to sleep all night, seriously affect the quality of sleep, and then affect work, study and life.

Method two: there are also a lot of allergic substances in the air environment, such as pollen, mold, dust, trees, tobacco, smoke, perfume, gasoline, paint, insecticides, cleaners, drugs, pets, carpets, etc. And because these substances are mixed in the air, it is difficult to avoid, so patients try not to go out, usually at home can use oxygen level air purifier to purify these allergens, to keep the indoor air fresh.

Method 3: avoid over stimulating food in diet, such as eating too salty and spicy food may cause certain skin irritation, therefore, stimulating food must be "taboo".

matters needing attention

If you find that your baby is allergic in life, don't let your baby go out, and pay attention to give your baby more water. When you go out, you should also wear a mask as much as possible. If it's serious, you should take desensitization treatment.