What medicine to take for hemorrhagic proctitis

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Hemorrhagic proctitis seriously affects the health of patients, once found hemorrhagic proctitis, we should not easily ignore. To find the disease, timely treatment measures, this is the key to disease rehabilitation. The course of chronic enteritis and irritable bowel syndrome is long, so it is difficult to treat. Western medicine mainly uses antibiotics to treat the disease. According to the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine, we can treat different causes from different angles. So, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge about what medicine to take for hemorrhagic proctitis.

What medicine to take for hemorrhagic proctitis

Medicine 1: Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning: changweisukang formula, which has the effect of killing bacteria, expelling turbid Qi, detoxifying elements, clearing intestinal tract, restoring Qi, effectively improving intestinal microcirculation, restoring intestinal function, enhancing immunity, and enhancing disease resistance.

Drug 2: spleen deficiency diarrhea, can be given Buzhong Yiqi Pills or ginseng Jianpi pills. Kidney yang deficiency, diarrhea, Fugui Bawei pill, or Fuzi Lizhong pill. The liver Qi passes through the spleen for diarrhea. Take Tongxie Yaofang or Xiaoyao pills.

Drug 3: Zhixieling granules. Indications: for loose stools caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach, reduced diet, abdominal distension after eating, languid speech and enteritis. Usage and dosage: take orally, 12g each time, half for children under six years old or follow the doctor's advice, 3 times a day.

matters needing attention

In the early stage of diarrhea, rice soup can be added with a little sugar salt or boiled water and sugar for oral dehydration. For patients with mild and moderate dehydration, but generally no vomiting and abdominal distention, only oral rehydration salt can be taken.