Can acne be cured

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Acne is very common in our daily life, the disease seriously affects the image of patients, so we need to pay attention to the scientific treatment of acne disease, the correct scientific treatment is very important, so in order to effectively help patients with acne disease better to treat the disease, the next small series to talk about acne can be treated.

Can acne be cured

Method 1: Traditional Chinese medicine mask is mainly used for facial care. We all know that acne is due to inflammation of the skin, so has been unable to go down. Traditional Chinese medicine mask can reduce inflammation and sterilization, and on the other hand, it can replenish the nutrition required in the body. Of course, the efficacy of different Chinese medicine facial mask must be different. Here, it is suggested that the majority of patients' friends, Chinese herbal mask must be used under the guidance of doctors, and can not be self applied to aggravate the condition.

Method 2: Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning needle for different types of acne, doctors generally use different traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. For different parts of acne, the direction of TCM conditioning will also change. For example, if the face is long papules, corn shaped, this acne caused by lung heat is completely different from acne caused by blood heat. In short, Chinese medicine conditioning belongs to a kind of medicine for oral use, which may take effect more slowly, but it is the root cause, so Chinese medicine conditioning is essential in the treatment of acne.

Method 3: scraping treatment scraping treatment is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment of acne. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acne is caused by dysfunction of internal organs. Such as lung heat caused by acne and stomach heat caused by acne can be treated with scraping method, but due to different causes, scraping parts are not the same. Scraping methods are generally divided into direct scraping and indirect scraping. Among them, direct scraping refers to scrubbing the skin of the scraped part with a hot towel, then evenly applying scraping medium, directly contacting the patient's skin with scraping tools, and scraping repeatedly at specific parts of the body surface until scraping marks occur under the skin. Indirect scraping refers to putting a thin cloth on the part of the patient to be scraped, and then indirectly scraping on the cloth with scraping tools. This method has the effect of protecting the skin. It is mainly used for children, people with high fever or central nervous system infection who begin to have convulsions, old and weak patients and some patients with skin diseases.

matters needing attention

I hope that in the future when there is acne disease, we can consider the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, but we must pay attention to, we must adhere to good treatment in order to get early relief.