Have mildly mould sex vaginitis symptom?

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As women, especially those who have married and had children. Most of them have gynecological inflammation disease, now gynecological inflammation is a common disease. Gynecological inflammation can also be divided into many kinds, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, urethritis, vaginitis, vulvitis and so on. Now we mainly talk about vaginitis. Vaginitis can be divided into senile vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis, mycotic vaginitis, zero disease vaginitis, amebic vaginitis and so on. So what are the symptoms of mycotic vaginitis.

Have mildly mould sex vaginitis symptom?

For mycotic vaginitis, we should first go to the hospital for regular examination, to determine the condition before the next step of treatment. The inspection is generally to take samples of leucorrhea and observe whether hyphae can be found under the microscope. Leucorrhea can also be cultured to determine the condition.

For patients, we can also make self diagnosis first, and the characteristics of mycotic vaginitis are obvious. First of all, it can cause extreme pruritus of vulva, especially uncomfortable. We can also judge according to our own leucorrhea, the leucorrhea of patients with mycotic vaginitis is generally manifested as bean curd residue. And the vaginal mucosa will also be red and swollen, the situation will be serious to form a shallow ulcer.

Because the symptoms of mycotic vaginitis is more obvious, it also has a certain impact on our life and work, so we should actively treat it. Patients with general vulvar pruritus sometimes light and sometimes heavy. Serious patients may also lead to urination pain, sexual pain and so on.

matters needing attention

We should pay attention to regular life in our daily life. Don't stay up all night and put too much pressure on yourself. The patient's underwear is best boiled with boiling water for about an hour, because the mold resistance to heat is not strong. In addition, we should also maintain a good attitude and wish you an early recovery.