What symptom does virus wart relapse have

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Many people have heard of viral warts, but they don't know about it. They think it's far away from us. In fact, in life, we should always pay attention to our personal hygiene and health, and actively prevent the occurrence of diseases. Understanding the early symptoms of viral warts, we can find it in time, early treatment and prevention. So now I'll share with you the symptoms of viral warts recurrence.

What symptom does virus wart relapse have

Symptom 1: at the beginning, the symptoms are not very obvious, generally manifested as light red papules, like small pimples, with obvious protrusion. If you have had unclean sex life before or have been in contact with patients with condyloma acuminatum, you should go to the hospital for examination to see if this is the precursor of condyloma acuminatum.

Symptom two: early treatment is not timely, then it will become serious. When the red papules and small pimples will be significantly larger, increased, there are different forms. The most common types of condyloma acuminatum are cauliflower like, papilloma like and chicken like.

Symptom 3: in severe light red papules and small pimples will become cauliflower like warts, some warts will show superposition. Warts without treatment or after friction will occur erosion, some will have odor, secretions increase.

matters needing attention

At ordinary times, people must pay attention to personal hygiene and sexual hygiene, develop good living habits, take proper physical exercise, improve their overall quality, and prevent contact with infectious goods and people.