Symptoms of eczema

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Eczema is a skin disease, which can be divided into chronic and acute. It should be said that all skin diseases will have skin itching. Once the skin itches, you really can't do anything, and you are in a bad mood. Moreover, you can't scratch it directly with your hands, because once you scratch it, it will become more and more itchy, and even the scope of itching will expand. And eczema is like this, and it is easy to recur. If you really have eczema, you have to treat it as soon as possible, and use special ointment to stop itching.

Symptoms of eczema

When eczema attacks, the whole body may itch, the most common of which are legs, hands, limbs, behind the ear, pudenda, elbow fossa, etc., and these parts are easy to touch by hand, so patients often scratch and scratch because of itching, which is more likely to cause wound infection.

Chronic eczema is generally due to acute eczema did not get thorough treatment, and lead to repeated attacks, no cure, slowly evolved into chronic. Generally, pigmentation and thickening of the skin will be found on the skin with long blisters, and the surface of the skin will become rough. These affected areas will itch from time to time. If you scratch them with your hand, the itching will be more serious.

Eczema generally has the difference between acute eczema and chronic eczema. The onset of acute eczema is acute and fast. At the beginning, there are many dense small blisters, small ones, generally red. Slowly, these small blisters will become bigger and bigger, and then merge into a whole piece. The edge is not clear, but the itching is unbearable.

matters needing attention

The cause of eczema is not a very qualitative, because there are too many reasons will cause eczema, such as the environment, air, diet and so on, so in daily life, we should try to avoid all kinds of factors that may cause skin itching, at the same time, if the itching try to avoid stimulation and hand scratch, early treatment is the best choice.