Where does excuse me birthmark go to treat good

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My little niece was just born more than a month ago. When I went to see her, I found a red birthmark on her neck. Now the child is five months old, and the birthmark is getting bigger and bigger. It seems that we must take her to do laser to remove the birthmark. Otherwise, when she grows up, the birthmark will be very ugly. Let's share with you where to treat the birthmark on the skin.

Where does excuse me birthmark go to treat good

First of all: if you want to treat birthmarks, you'd better choose a regular beauty hospital. Ordinary birthmarks, which are caused by skin pigment, can be removed by laser treatment. Laser can effectively remove the birthmarks on our skin. At the same time, the effect is very good, without leaving scars, and there will be no other side effects.

Secondly: choose laser to remove the birthmark. It's better to go to the hospital with better reputation. After removing the birthmark by laser, there may be slight burning sensation and skin reddening, but please don't worry. This is a normal phenomenon. There is also must pay attention to the removal of birthmark parts of the clean, avoid contact with water, can not have friction, otherwise easy to cause infection.

Finally: after the removal of birthmark, the removal of birthmark parts will not immediately be the same color with the skin next to you, it has a process of pigment precipitation dispersion, may appear a period of light traces, do not worry, you can first apply some non-alcoholic skin care products, such as sunscreen, to protect your skin.

matters needing attention

After removing the birthmark, you can supplement some glucose. The body's activity function is inseparable from glucose, and it can provide energy for wound healing. It is a good choice, so you can drink some glucose. During the treatment, it is best not to clean the affected area first, and then clean it after it is ready.