How to improve the curative effect of psoriasis

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My brother is a psoriasis patient. He has been ill for half a year. He has been taking medication all the time. The effect is pretty good. He has almost recovered. We are also very particular about food. Let me introduce how to improve the curative effect of psoriasis.

How to improve the curative effect of psoriasis

First, psoriasis patients with poor sleep and reduce the function of the self-healing system. The number of T cells in the body, which are responsible for dealing with viruses and tumors, will decrease and the risk of illness will increase. But is it enough to sleep for 8 hours? Not necessarily. Just wake up in the morning and feel refreshed.

Second, psoriasis patients often massage can make the body relaxed, reduce stress hormones, such as adrenocortical hormone, damage to the immune system. University of Miami research found that 45 minutes of massage every day, one month after the increase in the number of immune cells, immune function has improved significantly. Supplement vitamins and minerals every day. Experts pointed out that the number and vitality of the body's weapons against foreign invasion, including interferon and various immune cells, are related to vitamins and minerals.

Third, in order to maintain the human body in an optimal state, especially in today's society, people are facing great pressure. The huge psychological pressure will lead to the increase of hormone components that inhibit the human immune system, so they are vulnerable to cold or other diseases. Strengthening interpersonal relationship can also help patients with psoriasis improve the function of self-healing system. University of Pittsburgh researchers believe that a good social relationship can help fight stress, reduce stress hormones and affect the function of immune cells. Therefore, for patients with psoriasis, the most important thing is to open your heart, accept others more, communicate with others normally, and do not close yourself.

matters needing attention

Psoriasis incidence and diet have a certain relationship, so patients in daily life must pay attention to: avoid alcohol and tobacco and spicy food, try to strive for low-fat diet, eat less fried and sweet and greasy food. In addition, some patients are allergic constitution, take some drugs or seafood and other fishy hair of the wind of the product, there will be allergic reactions or original skin lesions aggravation, such patients can do allergen examination, itching obvious also can take anti allergic drugs.