Can ginger apply face pore coarseness

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In life, many women's pores are very large, and it's easy to eat makeup when they make up. Now there are many folk prescriptions for the treatment of coarse pores. I'd like to explain to you whether ginger face dressing can treat coarse pores.

Can ginger apply face pore coarseness

First of all, the effect is not obvious. Rough skin is mainly due to excessive secretion of sebum leading to large pores. Pores are usually due to hormone secretion disorder, excessive pressure and environmental pollution, cleaning work is not done well and other reasons. In addition, with the growth of age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, and there is a lack of supporting structure around the hair follicle, which will make the pores become bulky and ugly; the skin environment of external oil and internal dryness will lead to the appearance of bulky pores. Usually should pay more attention to the daily care of the skin.

Then eat more fruits and vegetables, the food as light as possible; eat less spicy, stimulating, fried, smoked food. The more important thing is to keep a relaxed attitude, because endocrine status is closely related to mood. A good mood and regular life are beneficial to the harmony of body and skin, and the skin is easier to approach the perfect state of water oil balance.

Finally, the essence of tea control oil is used to extract the essence of tea tree oil, which can be absorbed easily by the skin, deeply bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, collocation with witch hazel and hyaluronic acid. It can also effectively lock the surface cells of water into the skin, so that the skin surface can restore its moisturizing activity, inhibit the secretion of skin oil and the balance of skin and oil.

matters needing attention

People with large pores should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in their life instead of stimulating food. They should pay attention to keeping a good sleep. Apply the cold towel in the refrigerator on their face, apply the oily skin on their whole face, apply the mixed skin on the T-zone, and apply the dry skin once in the evening for about 1-2 minutes.