How is lung cancer terminal headache treated

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My grandfather is over sixty years old. He has lung cancer and is in advanced stage. Recently, he always has a headache. My family watched my grandfather in agony. I asked many doctors how to treat advanced lung cancer headache, the doctor gave me a lot of programs, and are very detailed. Now let me talk to you about how to treat advanced lung cancer headache.

How is lung cancer terminal headache treated

First: it is suggested to go to the hospital for examination to see if there is brain metastasis. Brain metastasis is a common occurrence of lung cancer. Lung cancer patients with brain metastasis often have unexplained headache, vomiting, visual impairment, personality and temper changes. Brain metastases are common in small cell lung cancer and adenocarcinoma type lung cancer. Although many asymptomatic brain metastases have been found due to the widespread application of brain CT, which has won time for treatment, many lung cancer patients still die of brain metastases.

Second, the prognosis of different types of lung cancer is very different. For lung cancer patients with cough, hemoptysis and other symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine has many prescriptions for nourishing yin and moistening the lung, relieving cough and hemostasis, and for food therapy, such as almond, jellyfish, lily, water chestnut, etc., while lotus root, lotus seed, persimmon, Yali, yam, Baihe, Auricularia auricula, etc. all have the functions of relieving cough and hemostasis. According to folk prescription, lung cancer patients can also eat gecko, turtle paste, turtle meat, glutinous rice and other nourishing food. In addition, we should choose milk, eggs, lean meat, animal liver, bean products, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. We can try our best to increase the patient's food intake and frequency.  

Third: there are many manifestations of brain metastases from lung cancer, so when the above signs appear, we should go to the hospital for detailed examination. At present, CT and MRI can make an early diagnosis of brain metastases, especially MRI. Disease analysis: headache, can we use the method of traditional Chinese medicine to improve? Suggestions: use wild chrysanthemum one jin, angelica three Liang, mung bean shell half Jin, three into the pillow case, sleep every night when the pillow.

matters needing attention

Different patients have different treatment effects. We should choose treatment according to the actual situation of patients, and go to the regular hospital for a comprehensive examination, so as to consult the doctor to choose the treatment method. I suggest that the family members of lung cancer patients should not be in a hurry, causing great pressure on the patients. To maintain an optimistic attitude to encourage patients, give patients great confidence.