How does female stomach spasm return a responsibility

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The female stomach spasm this kind of symptom is quite common in the life, everybody meets this kind of symptom also need not worry too much. The sudden stomach spasm is very uncomfortable. One summer, because I drank a cup of cold boiled water, my stomach began to feel pain and sweat. This was caused by a cold stomach after drinking a cup of cold boiled water. Because of fear, I kept going to the hospital for treatment and hung a few bottles of water. With vomiting, the pain stopped gradually. Let's share some experience.

How does female stomach spasm return a responsibility

First: because the first gastric spasm, so at a loss, then no matter how much, let the patient lie flat in bed, fill a bottle of hot water, apply in the stomach, so the pain should be reduced.

Second: it's best to take preventive measures. It's also helpful to do more foot therapy at ordinary times. Bubble your feet and press the acupoints of Zusanli and Sanyinjiao. If you don't know these acupoints, you can buy a map of acupoints or ask some TCM doctors.

Third: stomach disease mainly depends on feeding. You should pay attention to eating. You can't avoid eating when it doesn't hurt. If it's cold and spicy, you should try to eat less. It's better not to eat more mild food, more pasta, less rice and hard rice. Stomach disease can only be cured for at least one year.

matters needing attention

After stomach spasm, to prevent abdominal cold and eat easy to digest food. Also pay attention not to eat bananas, pineapples and other fruits or foods that have a burden on the stomach on an empty stomach. Some patients feel that they can be cured by taking some medicine. This is a wrong idea, because there are many reasons for these symptoms. We must go to a regular hospital for all-round examination, and treat them according to their own causes under the doctor's advice. Only by actively cooperating with the treatment, can the body recover as soon as possible.