How does meal vomit suddenly return a responsibility

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A few days ago, friends had a dinner together. Many delicious dishes are our favorite. There are a lot of spicy food, such as spicy pot, maoxuewang and so on. Of course, there are some light dishes, such as baby food, old vinegar peanuts and so on. They are all delicious dishes. But when eating, a few people always eat spicy dishes, and the result is very good After a meal there is a very obvious hiccup, there are two people also vomit it, then if the meal hiccup vomiting is how to return a responsibility? I'd like to talk about the reasons for this situation and hope to help you.

How does meal vomit suddenly return a responsibility

First: usually after dinner, the symptoms of hiccups and vomiting are mostly caused by poor digestion and chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Especially after eating spicy food, will make gastrointestinal acute inflammatory reaction. There will be vomiting, hiccups.

Second: it is suggested that if there is chronic inflammation of gastrointestinal tract, try not to be attracted by the temptation on the tip of the tongue, for the sake of their own health, don't eat spicy food, and eat less cold food, otherwise it will cause discomfort.

Third: if it is easy to burp and vomiting after meals, it is generally caused by gastrointestinal discomfort. It is recommended to eat more light and digestible food. For example, eat more vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes and apples and other warm food to eat more.

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Generally, after meals, the symptoms of hiccups and vomiting, in daily life is to do some taboos, if the gastrointestinal function is weak, do not eat so stimulating food, otherwise it will aggravate gastrointestinal disease.