What harm does hemal sex headache have

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In recent months, I have always felt that I have a bad headache. Every time I have a good pain for a period of time, it will affect my daily life. I can't walk, feel dizzy, and can't see clearly. I went to the hospital to see the doctor and said that it may be vascular headache. Vascular headache often occurs and is extremely painful. It not only brings a lot of inconvenience to patients in their life, work and study, At the same time, it brings great harm to the body. Experts say that if vascular headache is not treated for a long time, it may cause death if it develops. Now let's take an inventory of the harm of vascular headache.

What harm does hemal sex headache have

First: vascular headache damages people's brain nerves. When vascular headache attacks, the rich capillaries in the human brain will contract suddenly. This contraction will cause less capacity in the cerebral vessels, and people's blood pressure will continue to rise, resulting in the imbalance of blood pressure in the human brain. People suffering from headache and dizziness often suffer from insomnia, and the quality of sleep is often low. Every day because of lack of sleep, no spirit during the day, work greatly affected.

Second: vascular headache seriously affects human health, people will not have a headache for no reason, normal people in fatigue, tension, cold will also have a headache, but only for a while, should soon return to normal. If not only does not recover, but also frequent attacks, unbearable pain, is a disease. Cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and hypertension caused by vascular headache are common in clinic.

Third, vascular headache seriously affects people's life. Everyone's ability to endure pain is limited. If a person suffers from vascular headache for a long time, his personality will change. People who often suffer from vascular headache tend to be very irritable. Because of long-term treatment, their life will be seriously affected, and their psychology will become more fragile and lose confidence in their health, Eventually lead to mental disorders or schizophrenia.

matters needing attention

Patients must go to a large hospital for regular treatment, must actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, patients usually in life must prevent the invasion of cold, cold weather or climate change, should pay attention to keep warm, wear a hat or headscarf when going out, usually do not sleep when the wind or rain. Usually, we must drink more water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.