What's the matter with Yin blowing? How to treat it?

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Yin blowing is a common phenomenon, many married women who have had children will have Yin blowing disease, Yin blowing is the vaginal gas discharge, symptoms such as farting, they can't control, serious when there is a cough sound, continuous, this phenomenon is Yin blowing. How is Yin blow to return a responsibility, how to treat? Let's talk about it.

What's the matter with Yin blowing? How to treat it?

Women's vaginal blowing is mostly caused by the relaxation of the vagina after the birth of the baby. The baby comes out through the vagina, causing the gap of the vagina to increase. It may also tear the perineum, and then make the air enter. When you get up or turn over, the air comes out, which is the so-called vaginal blowing. However, this kind of vaginal blowing will soon recover with the confinement.

Another kind is caused by diseases, such as congenital rectovaginal fistula, because there is an abnormal channel between the rectum and vagina. When the anus exhausts, a small part of the gas enters the vagina through the fistula, and then is discharged from the body, resulting in vaginal blowing. The acquired rectovaginal fistula is caused by birth injury or vaginal operation and should be treated in time.

Vaginitis infection leads to the breeding of many anaerobic bacteria in the vagina, which will produce a lot of gas. If the body position changes or increases abdominal pressure, it will produce Yin blowing. If such problems occur, we should go to the hospital for examination. To keep the vagina clean, you can use a small amount of vaginal care solution to clean the vulva. Don't have unclean sex life, and to control the sex life, reduce the possibility of infection with all kinds of bacteria.

matters needing attention

To understand the types of Yin blow, and then combined with their own situation. Take your seat according to the number, and strive for a good treatment. Adjust from the diet, eat dangshen, angelica, tangerine peel, Huaishan and other nourishing yin food. Often drink soup, can play the role of health, which is very beneficial to the body. In addition, we should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the bowel movement smooth.