What's the use of color changing myopia glasses?

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People with myopia often need to wear glasses, which can correct their eyesight. In order to protect the eyes from strong light, many people will choose to wear myopia color change film. So what is the use of specific color change myopia glasses?

What's the use of color changing myopia glasses?

The so-called color changing glasses are made of color changing glass. Glass that changes its color under the irradiation of light of appropriate wavelength, and restores its original color when the light source is removed. Also known as photochromic glass or photochromic glass. When the lens is illuminated by ultraviolet and short wave visible light, the color of the lens becomes darker and the light transmittance decreases; In the room or dark place, the light transmittance of the lens is improved, and the color is faded and the brightness is restored. The Photochromism of the lens is automatic and reversible. Color changing glasses can adjust the light transmittance by changing the color of lenses, so that the eyes can adapt to the changes of ambient light, reduce visual fatigue and protect the eyes.

In general, color changing myopia glasses can not only bring convenience and beauty, but also effectively resist ultraviolet and glare, and can protect eyes. The reason for color changing is that when making lenses, light sensitive substances are added, such as silver chloride, Australian silver halide (collectively referred to as silver halide), and a small amount of copper oxide catalyst. Whenever exposed to strong light, silver halide will decompose into many black silver particles, which are evenly distributed in the lens. Therefore, the lens appears dim and blocks the passage of light. At this time, the lens will become colored, which can well prevent the light and protect the eyes. When back to a darker place, promoted by copper oxide catalyst, silver reacts with halogen to form silver halide, and the lens becomes transparent again.

For very young children, if myopia is not suitable for wearing color changing myopia glasses, healthy preschool children, stereo vision is not mature, so it is not suitable for wearing sunglasses, especially the inferior Red Sunglasses sold on the market now, which do great harm to children's eyes. For very young children, if they are short-sighted, they are not suitable to wear color changing myopia glasses, because their eye structure is not fully developed and not mature enough. Therefore, children are not suitable to wear color changing myopia glasses, so I hope parents can urge their children not to wear color changing myopia glasses.

matters needing attention

Wearing color changing glasses for a long time will make the eyes in a state of protection for a long time, which will reduce the ability of the eyes to adapt to strong light, resulting in the decline of the ability of the eyes themselves. At the same time, the permanent wearing of color changing glasses will cause the pupil of the eyes to always be in a state of expansion, which is very harmful to the eyes.